Racing Versus Running

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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TGIF!!! I am sooo ready for the weekend!

Last Night’s Dinner

Last night’s dinner was inspired by a recipe from Taste of Home for Asian Chicken Pasta Salad, which ended up being a fun twist on regular ol’ pasta salad. Just in time for summer!

IMG_0063 (500x375)

I didn’t have all of the ingredients that the recipe called for, so I improvised with what I had on hand. I nixed the chicken and bamboo shoots because we didn’t have any, and I substituted ground ginger for fresh gingerroot. I still think the recipe turned out really well! Next time, I want to try baked tofu in it!


This morning’s breakfast was sort of boring, but still satisfying: whole wheat Bagel Thin with sunflower butter on one half and Vermont Avalanche Peanut Butter on the other, topped with chia seeds. I finished off breakfast with a dark chocolate Adora disk.

IMG_0065 (500x375)

Racing Versus Running

The Run to Remember is on Sunday, and I’m totally unprepared for it. After my epic month of racing, which included three half marathons in just as many weeks, my goal was to PR at the Run to Remember because I would have time to train for it. I created a half marathon training plan and stuck to it religiously””I was even kicking butt on my speed training””until my knee starting acting up. Since then, I haven’t run very much, so now I’m not sure how to feel about Sunday.

IMG_0002 (480x640)IMG_0056 (480x640)IMG_0018 (478x640)

Should I even try to PR? Would setting that goal disappoint me if I don’t achieve it? Should I just run the race for fun?

If I train for a race, my goal is always to set a new PR (I’m competitive like that), so it’s sort of hard going into Sunday knowing that I might just run the race for fun. I guess I could just enjoy a pressure-free run, right? I’m still undecided, but we’ll see what happens on race day.

Question of the Day

Do you enjoy running races just to run them or do you prefer racing?

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  1. As amazing as it would be to PR, the health of your knee is more important. You don’t want to push yourself too hard & risk injuring your knee even more. I say run just for fun & enjoy it! 🙂

  2. Now I like to run to just run and bond with family and friends who are doing the race too. Though the funny thing is that I can be competitive when it comes to sports but never really with running but other sports 😉

  3. Being the former fat kid in gym class who is totally UN-athletic, I am always proud of myself just for running and finishing a race. That being said, I don’t race as much as you, so I don’t have as many chances to go for a PR.

  4. Not every run or race will be your best. No need to decide now, go out there and do your best and see how you feel. Maybe you feel awesome and it is your day but maybe not. Either way is ok. Take it easy on yourself, be gentle!

  5. I am like you and try to PR every time – especially when I’ve trained hard. I’m running the Run to Remember tomorrow also (just arrived in Boston) and am looking for a pretty big PR. However, I’m not injured. Listen to your body. What’s meant to be will be. I’m so excited to run the streets of Boston! Good luck!

  6. I definitely look forward to running my races with friends and enjoy the experience of getting together to do the race, hanging out afterwards, etc. But I’m not the fastest runner either, maybe that’s why…haha. I think it’s good to meet up with friends and make exercising a more fun activity than it normally would be otherwise.

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