The Reason Why I Always Want to Work Out


We had a nice, little Wednesday over here yesterday. It started bright and early with breakfast with my favorite boy. Mal and I take turns doing the “morning shift” (usually on the weekends, but now during the week since he’s off for the summer), so I let him sleep in.


A couple of hours later, “Dada” woke up and helped us with the laundry, which he decided to throw all over Quinn.


It was pretty funny, but we were trying to distract him from a potential tantrum. People, we’ve entered the tantrum phase. I hear they get worse before they get better. Oh, boy.

SAM_2622 (533x800)

Mid-morning, Quinn went down for his morning nap. (He’s mixing it up with either one or two naps nowadays, so we’re just going with it.) I did a little work and then my friend Kerrie picked me up to drive to SoulCycle together. Quinn bought me a gift card for my birthday, so I cashed it in yesterday. Well, the day before, because if you don’t hop on it and reserve a bike ASAP, you’ll probably not get into the class. Those SoulCycle people are obsessed dedicated.

IMG_4414 (800x600)

As always, it was an awesome class, and I loved everything about it… the music, the energy, the camaraderie, and especially the instructor, who was incredibly motivating. (I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard in a spin class before!) She also said something that really resonated with me and it’s the reason why I always want to work out. She said: “Be grateful you have a body that works.” Her words were so simple and so true.

For those of you who have followed my journey with ulcerative colitis, you know how much I struggled to get well. Now that I’m (*knock on wood*) in remission (it still feels weird to type that), I am so, so, so grateful for a body that is healthy enough to allow me to do all of the things I love, especially exercise. So, as cheesy as this might sound, whenever you’re not in the mood to work out, remember to be grateful for a body that works and go sweat. And if that doesn’t work… think about all of the people who don’t have a body that works and would do anything to be in your shoes. Ok, I’m done. I had quite the moment at SoulCycle yesterday and just wanted to share. Plus, people ask me all the time what motivates to me exercise on a regular basis and this is it.

After class, I met up with Mal and Quinn for lunch at sweetgreen, which is one of my favorite restaurants ever. Their food is so fresh and so delicious. I wish I could go there everyday. (Kerrie had an appointment with a client, so she couldn’t stay.)

IMG_4415 (600x800)

I went with the Gucamole Green salad, which was organic mesclun with tomatoes, red onion, avocado, roasted chicken, fresh lime juice, and lime cilantro jalapeño vinaigrette. OMGYUM. I loved it and ate the entire thing.

IMG_4420 (800x600)

To drink, I ordered a cucumber-limeade… I think? I can’t remember exactly what it was, but I really liked it. Actually, I like all of the beverages at sweetgreen.

IMG_4421 (800x600)

My lunch dates = handsome x 2.

IMG_4423 (800x600)After lunch, we checked out all of the nearby shrubbery and flowers because that’s what we do.

IMG_4426 (800x600)


He loves flowers!

IMG_4433 (800x600)

IMG_4430 (800x600)

And then we popped into Wegman’s because Mal had never been there before and wanted to see what it was all about since I’ve raved about it so many times in the past. (He had also never been to sweetgreen, so the nice cashier gave him a free drink!)

IMG_4436 (800x600)

Mal was thoroughly impressed with Wegman’s and we wandered around for a little while before getting distracted by the cookie case. Helllllo!

IMG_4440 (800x600)

Mal got some chocolate chip cookies, which he raved about for a solid 15 minutes after eating them, and I went with a frosted sugar cookie. It was awesome.

IMG_4441 (800x600)

Questions of the Day

What’s your reason for working out?

Would you rather have a chocolate chip cookie or sugar cookie with frosting? 


  1. I work out because it is my me-time! I love being able to just zone out and focus on something other than the craziness of life. I also enjoy having the extra energy that lasts all day from a morning workout!! I would choose chocolate chip over sugar cookies any day!

  2. I work out because I have pcos and know that working out for me isn’t just about losing the post pregnancy pounds but it’s half the battle with pcos (the other half is diet). It helps me stay positive, focused and energetic (which I need as a full time working mom of a 8 month old).

  3. TOTALLY depends on my mood as to which cookie I’d go for 😉 Cookie choosing is a SERIOUS BUSINESS.

    Yours is a great reason for working out. One of my main reasons for working out is for the love of it and for how GOOD it feels. I like how powerful working out can make me feel! And how much exercise can seep into other areas of your life, too, in terms of boosting energy levels and helping with concentration and productivity etc. Fitness can do so much more beyond *just* the physical (which is a fantastic benefit in and of itself!).

  4. I totally agree with you Tina, I’ve worked in healthcare for over 20 years, there is nothing worse than seeing a persons health potential go down the drain due to choices they have made in their life. Obviously some health issues can not be avoided but I do not want to be sidelined by avoidable diseases. Haha long post, have a great day!!

  5. What a great quote from your SoulCycle instructor. I agree that we can forget we are lucky to be able to move around and exercise, because there are many people who would like to and can’t. Thanks for passing that thought on today!

  6. Wegmans Chocolate Chip Cookies (especially the bite sized ones) are my weakness! A few of those with a cup of coffee, and I’m one happy gal!!

  7. I love you’re workout reason. It’s so true. I’ve been trying to get over a knee injury and it really resonates. Also we’ve hit tantrum land too… it’s pretty great. I know the worst thing to do is give in or reward it, but sometimes I just don’t want to hear it.. help!!!

  8. I work out because I want my daughter to grow up to be healthy and fit and for that to happen I need to be the example.
    I have a friend who has a rare disability and she lives in a hospital, likely will forever, and she is only 40. When I don’t want to run or lift or whatever I think of her and how selfish it is to have this healthy body and not use it.

  9. Great message; the final two weeks of my pregnancy (40 weeks today!) I have had relentless sciatic nerve pain. I went from a exercise filled pregnancy, participating in bootcamp up to week 38 to dreading having to walk up/down the stairs. Obviously I get this is only temporary (and for a greater good) but I never had given serious thought into what might happen if my body wasn’t able ‘work’. It truly has made me appreciate how fortunate I have been to have a healthy, active pregnancy and lifestyle that will resume after my baby boy arrives!

  10. I work out because it is my stress reliever, it almost always makes me feel better emotionally and physically. As for the cookie I’ll take a chocolate chip over frosted any day, especially if I can swipe some PB on it.

  11. Completely agree with you- I work out because I’m grateful for my body! My mom has horrible arthritis and isn’t able to do a lot of exercising or her joints swell up painfully. I want to keep active and run as long as possible in case I get arthritis as well. Exercise also makes me happy and makes me a better person (especially around the house..without those endorphins I can be a little snippy!)

    I’ll take a chocolate chip cookie!

  12. Oh my gosh, I just said this to my class yesterday. I teach spinning and recently I’ve heard many people close to me tell me about a friend or family member who has been diagnosed with cancer or another disease. I told my class to be grateful that you are able to come to class and be grateful for your bodies and health. And remember that you don’t HAVE to workout, you GET to workout. That’s been my motivating mantra lately.

  13. I work out for the same reason. My brother was injured in a car accident a year ago and is now in a wheelchair. Every time I don’t want to exercise, I remember how much he would love to be able to move his body and it’s just the motivation I need!

  14. My reason for working out is similar to yours. I started running 7 years ago. At the time my friends Mom was battling cancer and when I would run I would think of her and how I know she would give anything to be healthy…that she would run 100 miles if it meant she could be cancer free. Unfortunately she did pass and I continue to think of her when I workout, especially at times when I want to give up. She is my motivation.

    I make a pretty mean sugar cookie around the holidays with buttercream frosting so I would take one of those over a chocolate chip cookie 🙂

  15. I workout so I feel good, both mind and body. It also makes me feel strong and empowered.

    Chocolate chip cookie over sugar. Except if it’s Christmas, around the holidays I might change my mind!

  16. I broke my femur in college and a doctor botched my leg. Shortly after, part of the bone died. I had a surgeon tell me I wouldn’t be walking within 6 months and wheelchair ridden. Somehow I’ve overcome all the odds and am still walking and running (well when my feet cooperate). Doctors are always amazed that my body somehow healed itself from so much trauma. That is what keeps me active. I’m just grateful everyday I can walk.

  17. The Wegman’s cookie case tricked me into buying $7 worth of cookies last weekend. The coconut macaroons and chocolate dipped chocolate chip are my fave!

    I agree 100% with your motivation-being able to move is such a gift! How could I not?

  18. I live in Rochester, which is the hometown of Wegmans! It’s where I do my every day shopping & just don’t know how people survive without one! So glad Mal got to experience it, the sugar cookies are great, but you should try a cookie cup filled with frosting next time!

  19. I workout to be strong! I can carry all my own luggage, lug all my groceries, move furniture, etc. In a few years… I will be carrying children and all the stuff that comes with them 🙂 I also love that I can walk or run anywhere I need to go without feeling like it’s a huge thing. No elevator? No problem!

  20. I just had a remicade infusion yesterday and am at about 70/80% at the moment. my doctor is not satisfied with me still having some Crohn’s symptoms but I keep seeing how far I have come from my worst and consider myself lucky. And that is why I run and workout, because I can. That simple. I’ve learned to never take health for granted.

  21. Since finding CrossFit, I now workout for ME, and for my mental/emotional health. Yes, it obviously adds to my physical health as well, but the mental aspect is something I never realized until CF. I feel I am much more positive and happy as well. I’m glad I’ve moved on from just caring about aesthetics. And I really want to try sweetgreen; I’ve heard amazing reviews!

  22. Quinn’s hair is getting more and more red! I love it!!!

    I’ve always been active my entire life, but it wasn’t until about 5 years ago when i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism that I really figured out why I loved working out. My body never really stopped “working”, but it got tired and slow and chubby. I lost the motivation, and missed the workout “high”. Once my thyroid was back under control and I got on to a regular schedule, I realized that I work out because I can and I love to move my body. In the past 5 years, my body has carried me on multiple half marathons, hundreds of miles on a bike and just recently my first triathlon. Take that “under-active” thyroid!

  23. If coconut is your thing, those coconut cookies dipped in chocolate will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. So amazing. What a fun day! My niece loves flowers, too. I think it’s the bright colors!

  24. Having suffered from eating disorders for years, not fueling my body, feeling tired and drained and not having a body that “worked” I now appreciate it so much more…I make the most of every workout and feeling so energised…living for the moment!

  25. you must try the whole wheat hazelnut chocolate chip cookies at wegs!!! better yet get the ones half dipped in choc!!

  26. I have ALWAYS wanted to try soul cycle, probably because every celebrity posts a picture of them standing infant of some studio on their instagram ;). I workout because it keeps me happy and strong. It fills me with endorphins like no other, and I honestly just love the feeling of being ‘fit’ and prepared for life!

  27. I workout because it makes my physically FEEL better. I tend to eat cleaner when I’m working out consistently, which helps manage my chronic digestive issues. It keeps me looking and feeling my best.

    As for the cookie debate, it depends on the day, but a frosted sugar cookie is sounding MIGHTY fine right now.

    Margaret @ Happy Healthy PDX

  28. Completely agree! It’s important to be thankful for our health, and whenever I’m out running or even contemplating going out running I think of a quote I saw (on Pinterest I think) that said something like: Run while you can, because someday you may not be able to anymore…

  29. I could not have said it better myself. My aunt just had a bad stroke which she is currently recovering from. She is a young 60 years old, smart, independent woman who exercised regularly prior to her stroke. To see her struggle to use her fork, tie her shoes or walk is heart breaking. It also was a reminder to be grateful for a working body. She is on the mend and I have no doubt that her healthy lifestyle will help with her recovery. Keep moving and hug your loved ones everyday.

  30. So simple and yet really true, we really have to take that time every day to appreciate what our bodies can do. When they’re working properly it’s easy to take it for granted. Finding that balance of the right amount and type of exercise is a great way to make the most of it, and our total health.

  31. Chocolate chip!! Though, I wouldn’t kick the sugar cookie you had out of bed. Your reason is great. Since I got more into running back in March, it’s really been great and I’m just so glad I’m able to do so. My knee has been a bit wonky more recently, so I’m not going crazy with my runs but most days, I feel so much better if I just do something to get my heart rate up and/or get a good stretch in right in the AM. Today, it was an hour walk with my daughter. 🙂

  32. I work out because it makes me feel good (too lame? 😀 ) and I love the mantra “because I can”. Immediate mood booster!
    Adorable pictures of Quinn 🙂

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