The Lie + Some Super Slippery Miles

Hi, guys!

I loved reading all of your comments on my 10 Truths and a Lie post. But, jeez Louise, a lot of you guys think I have zero will-power! Haha! The statement about peanut M&Ms was actually not the lie. I really, truly have not touched the bag in days (mostly because I kind of forgot about them)!

The lie was “I like my pillows like I like my pancakes: soft and fluffy,” which a few of you guys guessed correctly. (You know me so well!) I recently bought Mal and me some new pillows, and I just assumed I liked soft and fluffy ones until I actually slept on them. Eh. Not a fan. They’re super uncomfortable, and I even woke up with a little neck and back pain from the lack of support. Boo. After a few days, I went out and bought all new super firm pillows and things are once again right in the world.

The other things you guys thought were lies, but were not:

Parenthood: Mal and I watched two more episodes last night and the show it definitely growing on us. We’ll keep watching!

Sleeping in a bra: I know a lot of you guys cringe at the idea of sleeping in a bra, but I’ve done it for so long, I don’t think I could go without the support. I sleep in soft bras (no underwire or anything like that) and, hey, you gotta keep those babies perky for as long as possible, right?

Not ”˜liking’ cats on Instagram: I save my ”˜likes’ for ALL pug photos and (most) dog photos!

So, I woke up to snow this morning. When I realized this, I actually shouted: “AHH! SNOW!” I had no idea it was suppose to snow this morning, and I definitely felt cold just thinking about my long run, which was scheduled for later in the morning.

photo 2 (15) (800x600)

Pre-run eats: English muffin with Teddie peanut butter and banana + an egg + iced coffee at 6:00 AM.

photo 5 (3) (800x600)

And then half of a pita with more peanut butter + 2 eggs whites (un-pictured) at 9:00 AM about an hour before I started my run.

photo 3 (9) (800x600)

When I headed out to run, it was only 25 degrees and lightly snowing/raining, so I dressed in my warmest running gear: Nike ”˜Shield Max’ Running Jacket, New Balance Windblocker Tights, Janji Running Headband, and New Balance Endurance Touch Gloves. (I also wore a long-sleeve, sweat-wicking top under my jacket.)

For those of you who asked about the built-in facemask on the running jacket, here is a little more info… It attaches just below the hood on the inside of the jacket, so when you want to use it, you just pull it over your head. It took a little getting use to– mostly just how to breathe through it– but I am SO GLAD that I had it today. My chin and cheeks were freeeeeezing at times, and it definitely helped block the wind and keep my face warm.

photo 3 (30) (600x800)

The streets in and around my neighborhood were a mess this morning (insanely slippery with ice-crusted snow and patches of black ice), so there was no way I could run on them without wiping out every few steps. I ended up running over to Southfield with the hope that maybe their sidewalks were plowed and sanded.

photo 2 (16) (800x600)

Unfortunately, they were still covered in icy snow, so I ran in the mostly clear bike lane.

photo 1 (3) (800x600)

I also kept a look out for sanded sidewalks near the apartment complexes. Running there was pretty much the only time I felt “safe” the entire run! Haha!

photo 5 (3) (800x600)

By the end of the end, I was covered in ice and snow! AHH! Snow!

photo 4 (16) (800x600)

Because I was dreading the weather so much, I actually kind of worked myself up about this run. Ok, I was sort of dreading it. Being out in the freezing cold for 90+ minutes? Ugh… not fun. But, in the end, I was TOTALLY fine. Seriously. Totally fine. I wasn’t even cold. And the weather was actually kind of nice– pretty and peaceful. Maybe this winter running thing isn’t so bad after all? Although, the messy roads were a little nerve-wracking at times. I definitely almost wiped-out a few times!

photo 3 (29) (600x800)

photo 2 (2) (800x800)

Back at home, I chugged a protein shake and iced my knees as soon as I walked in the door. After that, I hopped in the shower and then made lunch, which was an egg scramble with sausage, mushrooms, and spinach and half of a roasted sweet potato on the side.

photo 1 (7) (800x600)

A little while later, I snacked on a rice cake with peanut butter and banana.

photo 4 (18) (800x600)

Questions of the Day

What are your PJs of choice? Do you sleep in a bra?

What photos on Instagram do you ALWAYS like?

Running and snow? Love it? Hate it? Any tips/advice for not wiping out?


  1. In the summer I sleep in a tank top and underwear, never a bra! In the winter I wear these fleece pajamas that I got last year from Christmas they are amazing. I wake up 1/2 the nights sweating but I don’t care lol. I alwaysss like bright photos of fruit on Instagram, they’re just so pretty. And running in snow- yuck. Don’t like it, feels like I can’t get a grip on the pavement and it hurts my back and groin, which is kinda weird. Nice job on your run!

  2. I ALWAYS sleep in a bra. It’s a really soft yoga bra, so I don’t ever think about it. The first time I traveled with my best friend she thought it was the weirdest thing ever, but I can’t imagine not doing it!

    As long as it isn’t icy and I can see where I’m stepping, I’m fine with going outside. If there is snow piled up and I can’t see where the edge of the sidewalk is, I’ll happily take my run inside.

  3. When I started my long run last Sunday in Wellesley it was ELEVEN degrees out! But, I totally know what you mean about it being totally fine. I actually really enjoyed the run. There were so many other people out there training on those hills – the John Hancock team is massive btw – and you’re right, you totally end up working up a sweat still. My boyfriend and I did notice that my lips had a slight tinge of blue to them, but it didn’t bother me so no worries!

  4. Soft pillows are yuck!!! We bought those really heavy pillows from brooks tone years and years ago. Love them.

    I tried out a new workout place today – you’ve inspired me to check more things out. I haven’t ran on a treadmill in years!!! So today when I walked in and they said we would be running on a treadmill I cringed. I crossfit so I’m used to being out. It was great a lot of fun and made me miss running (too cold in wisconsin to run outside. I can’t do it) the place was called Orange Theory Fitness. If you have ons out there check it out. Great time.

    1. I’ve been meaning to try out Orange Theory! None of their locations are super close to me, but it’s definitely on my list! Glad to hear you liked it! 😄

  5. Hi Tina, I read your posts a lot and love your blog. I have never commented before however, and I feel I really have to today on the topic of running outside in the winter. I lived in Mpls, MN for years, and as long as it was above 0 degrees I ran outside, with the face covering as you did. It works great. And in Mpls, if I set the thermometer higher, I would have never run since it is so crazy cold there. So I love that you got the warm gear and are enjoying cold weather running. But one rule I did abide by, was not running when it was too icy. A muscle tear due to a slip, well, you know… So please consider other options since you have such big plans for this Spring. BTW, You can also find some running shoe brands that have winter versions with better traction. I have a pair of Adidas that are supposed to help. But please be cautious– I so badly want to read all about your run through the suburbs and into Boston this year! Thanks for all the great posts! Jill

  6. I usually just sleep in a tshirt. I used to wear a whole tshirt and pants getup but now I find the pants too constricting. TMI? oh well.

    I will typically always like beautiful pictures of nature. I love trees and water and must like at all times. Also wonderful food if there is good composition.

    I just moved to Chicago two months ago and have run outside just a handful of times. I need to get some more gear that will help me out, especially as temperatures start to dip. That, or just work it out on my building’s treadmill 🙂

  7. You should get a good quality pair of grippers that go on your running sneakers. They just pop on and help a lot with ice, I’ve found. I got mine from a running store (a bit more expensive than some versions but they stay on well and are great!)

  8. OMG – I have such an issue with pillows. My husband makes fun of me because I seem to buy one once a month. I finally found a decent one. It’s firm but also pretty thick, called My Pillow.

    Also – we just got hooked on Parenthood last month and have been watching on Amazon Prime. If you find Season 5 online anywhere – let me know!!

    1. @Tory Vey:
      i do 4 cups of water to one cup of mccann steel cut oats, and then i add 2 table spoons of granulated sugar and 4 tablespoon of brown sugar for every cup of uncooked oatmeal. additions: cut up calimyrna figs and craisins made it higher in fiber.

  9. I never use to sleep with a bra BUT … since breastfeeding, I always wear one. I’ve woken up soaked and to milk stains on my bedsheets (gross)! So I keep the bed dry with a soft, no underwire bra 🙂

  10. I didn’t have time to comment earlier, but I would’ve lost anyway. I was hoping that the cat “liking” comment was the lie because I adore my fur ball cat. 🙂 I am 32 weeks pregnant and my boobs have grown quite a bit, and so I definitely don’t like wearing a bra to sleep. And normally they’re so small I wouldn’t even think to wear one to sleep! Haha. And sorry, no snow/running advice here. I’m in Texas and when it occasionally gets to be in the 20’s, I go to the gym. Mal would definitely call me a wuss! 🙂

  11. I have never ran in the snow but I do love running in the rain. I hear that running in the snow can have its difficulties because of how slippery it gets on the road. My pjs of choice are my hustands pjs. It never fails I find myself going for his instead of mine. They are just so much more comfortable to sleep in.

  12. Yes I sleep in a bra. I started last summer, it was too hot for a PJs, so I wore a yoga-type bra. OMG! It was so comfortable. I wish I did it sooner. So my bras are either extreme support for running/bootcamp and very light support bras. I love UA seamless essential sports bra, because I can adjust the strap.

    Very brave to run on icy snow. Wishing you good luck with your training. I worked with disable riders and spend lots of time in the rain and snow. As a British friend told me, there is “no bad weather, just inappropriate clothing!” If I were to wait for good weather in the UK, I would live inside most of the time hahahah

  13. I sleep in a bra WITHOUT FAIL! Like you I’ve been doing it so long I can’t fall asleep without it. I used to think I was weird until Halle Berry came said in an interview she did the same – and she’s definitely doing something right because hers look fab!

  14. good for you for committing to running in such crazy weather! being from CA, i can’t imagine running in the snow! just wondering, do you find it hard to reduce your crossfit hours in order to add to your running time? how do you manage to balance the two?

  15. Parenthood grew on me too. I flew through the episodes on Netflix. Did you guys watch Friday Night Lights? If so, there are a ton of characters from that show that pop up in Parenthood!

  16. i sleep in my pink plaid pj pants and a long-sleeve tee + pullover. it’s brrrr down in the basement where i’m renting!

    i see what you mean about the bra– for someone like me in the IBTC, i need no nighttime support because there’s virtually nothing there to support 😉

    and ditto what you’re saying about running in the cold– it’s so dreadful to start, but once you start moving it’s actually quite nice. plus when your legs are numb from the cold you dont even feel the muscle soreness .. haha

  17. I save all of my likes for babies and puppies (together)! Also growing up in the North running in 25 degrees used to be balmy compared to the negative degrees, now a days anything under 35 feels TOO cold to me:) I totally would have wiped out a few times, ha I’m no good on sand!

  18. I can’t imagine not sleeping in a bra! The few times I’ve done it, my whole world feels off kilter! I also think of if there was an emergency in the middle of the night and I had to bolt I wouldn’t want to be floppin’ in front of the cops or firefighters!

  19. Winter PJs of choice are always flannel bottoms and a long-sleeve shirt. I never sleep in a bra unless I’m staying over someone’s place.

    I always like kitten or puppy photos (or cute animals in general) or pretty scenery on IG.

    I have never-and probably will never-run in the snow. But I also probably will never run a marathon or even a half, so I’m perfectly happy inside on the treadmill. 😀

  20. I love that you are feeling like 25 degrees is “freezing cold.” We’ve had a warm-up in Minnesota this week, and have had highs around 25. People keep exclaiming how beautiful it is outside! 🙂 It’s all about perspective, right?
    Glad you made it through your run without wiping out!

  21. Does the facemask stay up well? I seem to always have a problem with them slipping down. And how are you feeling with your pre-run fuel? I know this sounds so lame, but I still have issues with timing and carb/protein ration. I try to go with the standard knowledge, but some days my body just doesn’t seem to like what I give it pre-run!
    Scrambled eggs/omelet + 1/2 baked sweet potato is one of my go-to’s!

  22. What kind of a bra do you sleep in? I never used to sleep in one, but after wearing one for a year while nursing Harlow, I can’t sleep without one on. I feel “naked”. I’ve been wearing a sports bra to bed and hate it, but I need something, and my normal underwire bras just aren’t going to cut it!

  23. I also hate fluffy pillows that my head just seems to crush into nothing. Also, posts like this inspire me to keep running through the winter, because I have nothing to complain about living in South Texas. We just turn into grumpy winter warlocks when it gets below 50 (I know, I know). But I will look into that face mask! I always joke that I wish it were social appropriate to run in a ski mask and not have people think you’re running away from a robbery.

  24. I’ve slept in a bra (or tanks with built in bra) since high school (I’m 32yo). I don’t like the feeling of them flopping around while I sleep. I even made sure to wear a sports bra when I delivered my baby boy! Its just become a comfort thing for me. Sweats and Tees are my pj of choice!

    I’ve only run in the snow/ice once and it scared me too much so I’m a treadmill runner in the winter. I once did 12 miles on a treadmill, it was crazy but felt great!

  25. I’m the same with pillows! I have tried so many lately. My husband has a feather pillow and loves it, so I bought one thinking that would be the answer…fail, I hated it, it crushes down to nothing. Maybe my head is heavier than his.
    I am so frustrated trying to find a pillow I love.
    I guessed the cats, lol…but knew you must ‘like’ all the pug pics. I’m a min-pin liker and follower. lol, I think I have more animals that I follow than people.

  26. I hear Yak Trax are great for the weather you’re talking about. I haven’t tried them but have been meaning to. They attach right to your regular running shoes and seem to be about $35 a pair.

  27. This has probably been mentioned a billion times, but whenever I have knee pain I foam roll my IT band. It helps soooo much! I think any pain I get from running comes from me being lazy about stretching!

  28. I totally don’t sleep in bras, way too uncomfortable. I hate wearing them in the day lol. Also, for all those who think it will keep them perky there was recently a 15 year french study that was published that showed that consistent bra wearing actually made them more saggy then women who didn’t wear them. But honestly, who knows. And if it makes you feel comfortable it makes you feel comfortable.

  29. Hey Tina, here is a link to a sum of it (I don’t have an original) It even says that for it to be definitive it would need to be a larger group and it’s probably not helpful if you are over 35 but that young women who stopped some improvement. I found it interesting because for me it gives me a reason NOT to wear one since I hate them! But I think it even says if you find them comfortable I don’t know if it makes that big of a difference.

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