On-the-Go Power Protein Cookies

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Good morning, friends!

I have a tasty, protein-packed recipe to share with you! I recently partnered with General Mills to develop a recipe for one of their upcoming blogger mailings using their brand new Gluten Free Chexâ„¢ Granola. I created these On-the-Go Power Protein Cookies, which were inspired by a friend,who has a lonnggg commute to work in the morning and wanted something quick, easy, and filling to bring along on the ride.

On-the-Go Power Protein Cookies

The new Gluten Free Chexâ„¢ Granola comes in two delicious flavors (Honey Nut and Mixed Berry Almond) and will start showing up in stores near you!


On-the-Go Protein Power Cookie

Question of the Day

For those of you have a long commute in the morning, what do you eat for breakfast?



  1. Yum!! I love that they’re portable and gluten free. Sometimes I’ll send my husband to work with a slice of frittata in a tupperware, but, I think most of the time he’s happier with a bagel 🙂 These will be awesome for my kids!

  2. Making these tonight! I don’t have the berry granola so I think I’ll add some dried blueberries or craisins. Thanks for the post.

  3. these look great, can’t wait to make them! I have been making oatmeal pumpkin bars for my kids and they hold up great and you can freeze them individually. Anything that can be made ahead of time and frozen makes it so much easier.

  4. These look delicious! I am also impressed that they don’t include soy…so many times I go to buy GF products and they are filled with soy {I can’t have it due to health reasons}.

  5. I have a looong commute in the car (Route 3 – ack) and my go-to breakfast is toasted Ezekial 4:9 bread spread with almond butter and a dab of some sort of jelly. If I crossfitted that morning sometimes I’ll also bring a protein shake. Those cookies look good!

  6. I used to commute three hours round trip, but now I only need to run across town. SO much better. Either way, I bring a tupperware of oatmeal with me and have that when I get to work with some raisins, brown sugar, and almonds mixed in.

    Did you see the insane traffic on 93 from the protesters this morning?!

  7. I typically prep everything in my slow cooker the night before so everything in the morning in just grab and go! I don’t have breakfast–I have random meals in the day ranging from mid morning to late afternoon and I just call them “snack/meal 1, 2, 3” and so forth. 🙂

  8. During the summer I bring a protein shake on me super long commute. During the winter I make a one minute microwave egg and bring it to work and heat it up with toast or a luna bar.

  9. Egg whites with veggies and a piece of fruit but am looking for some new ideas. These look great and remind me of the 2 ingredient banana oatmeal cookies I love so much

  10. YUM! I love Chex so these look fabulous.

    I sit down for a full breakfast every morning before my commute. It makes my day feel like it is officially starting rather than running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

  11. Those look delicious and pretty simple to make. Now I just need a muffin top pan…

    When I had a commute, I would usually have a big breakfast that would tide me over until lunch. I would have a giant green smoothie, scrambled eggs and mushrooms, and a glass of water with some ACV in it. I also have a small bladder though, so sometimes that could be a problem…

  12. I’ve been LOVING eating an Everything Bagel with avocado spread on top. I’ll eat it either when I get to work in the morning after our morning meeting or later in the morning before lunch so I’m not starving 🙂 It’s so good! This morning I brought an avocado with an english muffin, just to lessen the carbs a bit since marathon training is over!

  13. I make crockpot oatmeal on Sunday and then take portions of it with different toppings for the week, or I make quinoa egg bites in a muffin tin and take those. Anything I can make in advance in bulk and then portion on.

  14. I commute two hours every day and it sucks!!! I feel like it’s a huge waist of my time. If I didn’t prep all my food on the weekend I would never eat. I wanted to mention to you that Ive been getting a popup on your site every time I try to comment and it takes me to an app on my phone. It just started within the week. It takes me 6-7 tries before I can actually comment and get it to stop. It’s only happens on your site and not other bloggers and only on my phone. Just letting you know!

  15. These look yummy!! I am sooo making these. Hopefully the hubs will try one and love it and swap out that daily morning doughnut 😉

  16. I do not have a long commute (haha, currently waiting for my baby to come out so I’m off work…whoo!) but I do appreciate a grab and go, especially for my husband who is ALWAYS out the door running in the morning. This would work great for him (and for breastfreeding snacks!).

  17. I am incredibly lucky to have a walkable commute! (Bonus: I see the same dogs in Central Park every morning and know them all by name.) I usually eat breakfast (overnight oats, baked oatmeal with apples and pears, or muesli) and drink a pot of green tea at home. When I want to shake things up or get a bunch done in my classroom before the kids arrive, I throw together a quick smoothie and a handful of almonds for the road. Smoothie requirements: it must include oats and chia seeds to keep me full!

  18. i eat a waffle dry before i leave the house. Of course it means I have no protein and then when I get to work I’m hungry again. I just can’t stomach eggs so early in the morning. I’m going to try and do oatmeal with walnuts and a little milk next week to see if it keeps me fuller.

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