The Friday 5

Hi friends!

The Friday 5 is BACK!!!

And I’m trying something new and taking The Friday 5 over to Instagram Live! So many people have said that they’ve missed The Friday 5, but after 12+ years of blogging and a lot of changes in my business, you’ve probably noticed that I’m blogging less and “vlogging” more. What can I say, it’s just so much more fun to show up live! Anyway, today, in good ol’ Friday 5 fashion, I’m sharing 5 things that I’m loving lately. You watch the video below or read the post – whatever you prefer!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks for sticking around CNC through all of the ch-ch-changes!

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1. Quilted Pattern Lightweight Pullover

I get compliments on this quilted pullover every time I wear it… and it’s just an Amazon find that was only 30 bucks! I love it and wear it all of the time. I have it in other colors, too – it’s so cute. It’s definitely a staple for this time of year – you can throw it on over a tank or a t-shirt or whatever, and you’re good to go.

2. The Ordinary Skincare

I was actually inspired to purchase this product from the show Big Brother. Janelle was talking about being 40 and how your skin gets when you’re older, and I can totally relate. She was doing a vampire facial mask in the bathroom, and I was super intrigued. After Googling “vampire facial, Big Brother”, I found it online. It’s the AHA BHA Peeling Solution by The Ordinary – it’s a 10-minute exfoliating facial. The best part… it’s only $7 on Ultra. I had to try it!

I’ve had melasma on my forehead that will not go away from hormones and being pregnant with Quinn. I use Beautycounter‘s Overnight Resurfacing Peel pretty much every night and the All Bright C Serum every morning, but since using The Ordinary 2-3x a week, I actually think I’m noticing a significant difference.

Note: Your face will be be bright red, but it feel like it’s ripping off your face in a good way! 😉

3. Succession on HBO

We’ve been watching the show called Succession on HBO. We’re in the second season, I’m totally obsessed with it. It’s about this really wealthy family. The dad is a big media/news guy and he has some health issues, so the the whole show is about him figuring out who is going to take over the company. You start to learn about the characters and they’re all pieces of trash… they’re just terrible people deep down. It will suck you in. So if you have HBO, watch it – it’s so good!

4. Teechino Herbal Coffee

This one’s probably not a surprise, but I just felt like I should give it a full review, so this is Teechino. I’m a serious iced coffee lover, but I don’t do caffeine anymore. It does not agree with my skin or anxiety.

While I drink decaf coffee occasionally, I’ve pretty much switched to this – it’s a chicory herbal coffee, so technically a tea. I use the grounds versus the tea bags because they’re a lot stronger. You brew it just like you would regular coffee, and I pour mine over ice, of course! I really like the vanilla, but it comes in all different flavors. Sometimes I’ll even mix it with a little decaf coffee for that bold, coffee flavor.

You can get it right through the Teechino website. If you use my link, you can get 10% off using the code CARROTSNCAKE10.

5. SFH Pure Protein Powder

I mix this protein powder with my Teechino every morning – it’s just a way to get some extra protein in my diet. This has 23 grams of protein, which is great, and the vanilla mixes so so well. I actually use this instead of any creamer, and it just tastes so good. I think the difference between this protein powder and other protein powders on the market is that the ingredients are super straightforward, it’s not like a paragraph long of ingredients. I’m a huge fan!


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