The best part about getting older

Want to know the best part about getting older?⁠

Caring SO MUCH LESS about what other people think of you.⁠

You can’t change that anyway so, you may as well like (LOVE!!) yourself!

I learned pretty early on in my blogging days that not everyone is going to like me… and it used to bug me so much!⁠

One negative comment would ruin my entire day, and I would be sent into the self-doubt spiral that would often influence the next few moves I made and things I said and wrote.⁠

Now? I let them roll right off my back.⁠

Honestly, those comments say a whole lot more about the person writing them than anyone else.⁠

It’s true what they say, hurt people hurt people.⁠

If someone is saying something unkind or hurtful to me, it’s likely because they’re constantly saying unkind and hurtful things to themselves in their heads.⁠

So instead, I focus on the people who DO like me. The ones who tune in each week, ask great questions, share my posts, and take a moment to send an encouraging word my way.⁠

Those are the people I write for, show up for, and do my best for. I do it for the ones who need and want my help, and I do my best to give them everything I possibly can!⁠

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  1. Happy Birthday Tina! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Also, I thoroughly agree with your sentiments; hurt people truly do hurt people and also, where there is anger, there is always pain underneath. All of this is hard to learn and internalize and it still is a challenge today for me to accept this notion, but I agree in that as I grow older, I think the difficulty lessens and I learn to embrace those who are accepting and make me feel comfortable and at ease and leave behind those who don’t. Thank you for this important reminder and Happy Father’s Day to Mal, I hope he is enjoying his day!

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