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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Hi, guys! I hope you’re having a fabulous Tuesday! :mrgreen:


As expected, today’s WOD was a good one:

For time:

2000 meter run
2000 meter row

Ever since the Boilermaker 15K, I haven’t run very much (that race kicked my butt), so I was psyched to get out there and run today. The run was only 1.25 miles, so I really pushed myself for the entire distance and finished at 8:20, which was an average pace of (holy crap) 6:40. I spent about 10 seconds catching my breath and strapping my feet into the rower before starting the 2000 meter row. The row was tough, and I felt awful for most of it, but I managed to pick up my pace for the final 250 meters. I finished the row in 9:21 and the WOD in 17:41.

Once I finished the WOD, I felt kind of bummed because I realized that I wussed out on the row. I had a nice and steady pace for most of it, but I know I could have pushed myself harder. On the run, I was able to overcome that “uncomfortable” feeling (when you’re completely exhausted and just want to stop) and push past it. I have a lot more experience with running, so I know what my body can handle and how to push through that feeling when I need to. Rowing, however, is still pretty new to me, so as soon as I felt that “uncomfortable” feeling, I babied myself and slowed down instead of toughening up and just doing it. I guess that drive comes with experience? All I know is next time I row at CrossFit, I’m not going to be a wuss!

How do you motivate yourself to push through that “uncomfortable” feeling? Do you think it’s easier to push past it when you’re familiar with the exercise/sport or does it not matter for you?

After CrossFit, I ran a bunch of errands, which included buying Murphy more dog food.


And picking up a couple of boxes of Birthday Cake Oreos for tomorrow’s giveaway on Trading Up Downtown. Yummm”¦ I know you want to win some! Winking smile

IMG_8894 (750x563)


Today’s lunch was an open-face BLT. We only had three slices of bread (leftover from the mini club sandwiches at our party), so Mal got two and I got one.

IMG_8904 (750x563)

On the side: raw veggies.

IMG_8907 (750x563)

With sweet roasted red hummus.

IMG_8898 (750x563)

With lunch, I also finished drinking a protein shake.

IMG_8906 (563x750)

Toward the end of the meal, Mal broke out our jar of Teddie Peanut Butter.

IMG_8908 (563x750)

So I dipped a few celery sticks in it. Delish!

IMG_8910 (750x563)

Of course, the pug wasn’t far from the peanut butter action.

IMG_8911 (563x750)

After lunch, I had a quick phone interview and then Mal and I headed out to tackle our newest house project.

On the drive, we stopped to buy a couple of iced coffees. He got Dunkin’ Donuts; I got Marylou’s (obviously). Thankfully, they’re right across the street from one another, so we didn’t need to travel far. I went with a White Russian iced coffee, which really did taste like a White Russian (minus the booze, of course).

IMG_8917 (563x750)

Are you wondering what our newest house project is all about? We’re re-doing our bathroom this weekend! Woohoo!

Our bathroom is easily the worst/most outdated room in our whole house. The sink alone drives me crazy””no matter how much I scrub it, it just never looks clean. Plus, our toilet is two-toned. The toilet itself is beige and the seat is white. Ugg-ly. Mal and I tried to spruce up our bathroom by painting the walls back in September, but it didn’t really help. So, this time, we’re going all out and replacing the floor, vanity/sink, and toilet.


So, this afternoon, Mal and I checked out the usual home improvement stores (Home Depot & Lowes) and then visited a small tile place that a friend suggested. The folks there were super helpful and let us take samples home to try in our bathroom.

IMG_8956 (563x750)

The contenders:

IMG_8957 (563x750)

The finalists:

IMG_8960 (750x563)

We ended up ordering the tile on the right, which should arrive on Friday. Now that we have the tile picked out, the rest of our decisions will (hopefully) be a piece of cake.


After spending the majority of the afternoon shopping for bathroom stuff, I was absolutely starving. There was no way I could wait until dinner to eat something, so I made a whole wheat wrap with honey, sliced apple, and Brie cheese inside. Holy yum x 10.

IMG_8961 (750x563)

After shoving that snack into my face eating that snack, I’m still hungry, so I’m going to start making dinner. FEED ME!

Enjoy the evening, friends!



  1. I have a hard time pushing past the “uncomfortable” in exercises I’m not as comfortable in. I’ve danced my whole life, so if you ask me to jump into a split, fly up onto a partner’s shoulder or tap my way to town: I’m IN>> however because my body is my money maker, I get nervous trying new things that could jeopardize it. Thankfully I am pushing myself outside that comfort bubble one exercise at a time! I now ADORE rowing!!

  2. Sometimes pushing through that uncomfortable feeling is easier than others for me. Usually for me it’s plank, jump roping, push ups, or something that I know I only have to do until my instructor tells us the next “fun” exercise we are doing. I usually try to concentrate on a spot on the wall, floor or ceiling and just do it. It’s all a mental game… some days you have more “mental stamina” than others. Just do your best to work harder at it the next time.

    I love the tile, can’t wait to see pix once it is completed.

  3. I love the tile you guys picked. That’s an awesome run time! As far as the “uncomfy” feeling, I push past it. I keep telling myself that it’ll be over sooner or later because it won’t last forever. I just need to get to the end of the exercise. Then when I realize its really not so bad, I don’t feel as uncomfortable the next time.

  4. OMG the hubs and I just finished a HUGE bathroom remodel, it cost us double what we expected but the end results are so worth it….. during those few months I had never lived in Home Depot and Lowe’s so much in my entire life!

  5. I think Crossfit has made me a better runner by teaching me how to cope with being uncomfortable for extended periods of time. When I ran before Crossfit, I would just cruise along in my happy zone. Now that I have learned how to be in excruciating pain at times, I feel like I can push myself much harder. I do think there is something to having some experience with the exercise though, I’m kind of like you and still don’t have a good feel for what I can do on a rower.

  6. Love the tile-nice and neutral, and will be likely never look dirty. Are you keeping the walls the same color or trying something new? I am always curious of all the details people choose.

  7. My running coach was just telling me I need to get better at “running when it hurts.” I was pretty weak the other morning. Music is a big motivator for me, as are micro-goals. I say if I can get through three more songs, or to a certain time, I can walk, but a lot of times when I get there, I feel encouraged enough to keep going.

  8. Hi Tina,

    I’m a bookeeper for a constrcution company in Hudson ma very well known, I can get you great deal if you want to have your bathroom done with us!! let me know..

  9. Hi Tina,
    So I rowed for four years in college and while I loved being in the boat I absolutely hated using the machines! I always got upset if the day was to windy or stormy to go out into the water. That being said when I did the machines we were given goals to reach. The best thing to push you while on the machine is doing POWER 10s or POWER 20s at intervals. The Power 10s is when you do ten power strokes at your maximum. Doing the powers up help you meet that goal you have set. Also remember all the power comes from you legs so you should keep your upper body still and controlled and your arms are just guides, that will save you energy. Thats my friendly tip.

  10. Hey Tina, I have a question about the rowing machine. I did it once at Crossfit and once at the gym, and I never really feel like I get a workout from it. My lower back hurts the entire time, so I guess I am just focusing on that pain! The instructor suggested corrections, which I did such as leaning forward more when right before you pull, and giving a second before you row back in but it did not work… Do you think this means my lower back is weak? Where are you supposed to feel the burn of rowing the most?

    1. It could mean that your lower back is weak, but more likely it might be your form. Your legs (quads) should really feel the burn. See if you can chat with your instructor about your form and try checking out some videos on YouTube for proper rowing technique. It’s actually kind of a tough one to get down!

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