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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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My iPhone is slowly starting to kick the bucket. It’s mostly the home button that causes issues (it takes me about 3-10 tries to get it to work), but my phone is also starting to have some connectivity issues. The cell phone service at our house is terrible, so AT&T gave us a MicroCell awhile back (because we threatened to switch to Verizon), which has made all the difference, but now my phone randomly drops it, which, obviously, is super annoying when you’re trying to talk to someone. (Sorry, Jen!)


Anyway, long story short, my contract is up for renewal, which means I can get a new phone at a reduced price, so now I’m trying to figure out which one I want to buy.


Mal has the Samsung Galaxy S3, which he loves, so I’m seriously considering getting that one, but it’s kind of big, so I’m not sure if it’d be annoying on runs. I also really like the Nokia Lumia 920 because it has a sweet camera, which I know I would use a lot, but it doesn’t have Pandora or WordPress in the app store yet. Boo. And, of course, I’m still thinking about the iPhone 5 because I love all things Apple, but I’ve “been there, done that” with the iPhone, so I kind of want to see what else is out there.


This morning’s breakfast was a Sweet Breakfast Scramble with sweet potato and almond butter in the mix. I also drank a glass of iced decaf Milky Way coffee with boring old almond milk in it. I drank my iced coffee with eggnog all weekend, so I really missed it this morning. I think I need to buy more today. ”˜Tis the season!


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Question of the Day

What type of cell phone do you own? Do you like it?



  1. I have an LG Vortex and it’s kind of old, but I love the size of it! IT’s so perfect to put in my back pocket or hold onto if I’m taking a walk, etc. The only thing I’m not satisfied with is that I often have to reboot everything because the storage space gets filled pretty quickly~but I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong because I’m pretty back with technology! haha

    1. @Amy:

      Really? I have Verizon in this area and I have great service — I don’t think I’ve ever had a dropped call and I’m on my cell all day.

  2. I have the Lumia 900 and love it. Though I am jealous of the new 920 and that I’m not up for renewal and can’t get it. The 920 has Windows 8 and amazing camera/optics. Nokia maps is awesome and amazing. They have their own contracted company that drives around keeping them up to date. (my husband also used to work for Nokia on software, so I think it’s really cool to use what he helped create). The app store does need more apps, and I don’t have a good answer about why they don’t have all the awesome ones that people use on the iphone in the windows store, but a tech person (who tends to know about the different operating systems) should have a good answer. My husband told me, but I forget what the answer was.

  3. love my samsung galaxy s3! it seemed huge at first, but now i feel like an iphone looks like a toy – it is so tiny! the galaxy is SO much easier to use – and the screen is amazing. and you just cannot beat the navigation/maps function on android. it is amazing.

    1. @lindsay:

      Also agree. I love my Samsung Galaxy S3 as well. I was nervous at first because it seemed gigantic compared to my little blackberry curve but it seems normal now and if you get it you and Mal can transfer files by touching phones!! That’s sooo cool!!

  4. I had a droid before getting my Iphone. The Iphone is easier to use. Your best bet is to go to the store and play around with the phones to see which one you like.

  5. I have an HTC and for the most part, I adore it. It’s my first smartphone (HTC Rhyme), and it came with a docking station which has a speaker, which, honestly, was the entire reason I wanted it. I think it’s brilliant, and more phone manufacturers should consider adding one with their phones.
    We have Verizon, as my cousin is a store manager of a store in Colorado, and so his entire family is on it, and then everyone else followed suit (especially since Sprint kept screwing my dad). We really like them. Great coverage!

  6. I just switched from a 3GS to an iPhone 5 and I love it. Better screen resolution, awesome camera, much faster. I also take it for runs and it is lighter in weight than the older model was.

  7. You should check out http://123tellme.com I can’t stand contract or certain restrictions carriers think they can get away with. Anyway check out the video and let me know what you think. You can get the new Nexus 4 for about the same pricee as the phones your looking at and remain contract free.

  8. I had an iphone too, and at the suggestion of my fiance (who knows far more about phones than I could ever care to) went with the HTC One X when I was eligible for an upgrade a month ago..Love it so far but my only advice if you get one is to check your language settings on texting bc it took me 2 weeks and many perplexing auto-corrects to figure out my language was set to English, French, AND Spanish

  9. I went to a social media conference in October a week before the Windows Phone was released and Microsfot sponsored the Friday night party. At the party they had the new Windows phone (and the Surface tablet) available for us to play around with. Lemme just say I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by how fast that phone was! (That said, I’m definitely an Apple girl through and through and will be updating my iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5 when my contrcat is up in August).

  10. Here’s how to reset your home button!

    Open the Weather app.
    Press the power button on the top of the phone and keep holding it until the Power Off bar comes off. Don’t power off.
    Hit the home button and keep it held down until the Power Off bar disappears.

    I don’t know how, but it works!!!

  11. I still have to go with the iPhone, but with Verizon! Apple products are just so user friendly and have had a lot of things made for/adjusted for the iPhone. I know they have the iPhone 4 free with a contract right now.

  12. I just upgraded from the iphone4 to the 5 – was having the same issues as you with the Home button, plus the on/off button didn’t function at all. So far, I love the 5 – it’s lighter and faster. i never considered switching from the iphone b/c I just love it, so I can’t speak to what else is out there but I’m happy with the 5…

  13. I have a Droid Incredible 2, but the rest of my family has the same Samsung as Mal, I believe. And they LOVE it (I love my phone, as well, but I’m not 100% it’s on the market anymore?). My whole family digs android phones in general…iPods are not our thing.

  14. I went from iphone 4 to the 5 and LOVE it. Its faster, nice screen and its lighter weight. Plus I love apple! Good luck to you

  15. I would stick with the iPhone.

    You have all those apps, music and more in the Apple eco system and when you switch then you start over again.

    I use an iPhone 4S and if i look at all those other phones I just know i have the right phone. I have small hands and would not want something huge like a galaxy S3.

    I guess playing with some will help you choose I played with a lot of them before i got my current iPhone more then a year ago and I know this is the right phone for me.

  16. I just got the iphone 5 and absolutely love it. Siri is the bomb, the coverage is great and I’ve had great luck with the Nike running app for gps use. It has gotten bad press for the new navigation app, but I really like it. I haven’t gotten lost once. 🙂

  17. I have an LG (not sure of the model) and I like everything about it except for the fact that whenever someone calls me, the volume of their voice is super loud – I have to hold the phone away from my ear! – but it’s fine if I am the one doing the calling. I’m not sure if there’s a way to fix this, but if there is, I haven’t figured it out yet!

  18. I had a 3G and decided I wanted to switch to android, so I got an Evo 4G… and returned it two weeks later for an iPhone 4. It’s about time to upgrade again and I know I’ll be getting the iPhone 5- even with it’s flaws, it is still better than the android phones I’ve used. Once you go iPhone, you can’t go back!

    For your home button- I have problems with mine too, so every once in a while I clean it like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNwr_mxgs9Q and it works much better.

  19. My button on my iphone doesn’t work either and I haven’t got it fixed yet. Do you know about the accessibility feature that adds a ‘home’ button to your screen? That’s what I use. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Assistive Touch and turn on. It will create a home looking button that you can move around to different spots on the phone. If your regular home button doesn’t work well, this will be a lifesaver!!! It works just like the regular home button and if you tap it twice, you’ll get all the running programs on the bottom. I would definitely do this for now. AND, I would definitely go iPhone 5. It’s the MOST versatile! Hope this helps you.

  20. you can download a home button app so it appears as a virtual button on your screen…then you just use the top button to turn the screen on an off.

  21. My iPhone was having the same problems, to the point where I was pressing the home button more than 20 times or more before something happened. I actually took it to a guy who sits in the middle of our mall with his cart & he fixed it for $20!! My phone’s as good as new…check out some of those random carts in the mall before you buy a new phone!

  22. I love my iPhone 4, but it’s beginning to have some problems with the home/power buttons as well. I think Apple is too smart for us and is scheming that their old phones will break at the same time that their new phones come out 😛 Many of my friends have had button issues with their 4’s. I’d still suggest an iPhone 5. I’ve heard nothing but good things so far and Apple sort of runs the show in terms of phones these days.

  23. I have the droid x with verizon and haven’t had any problems. If I were to upgrade I’d probably get the razor or samsung. My only complaint is I don’t get service underground on the T but I see other people talking on their phones.

  24. My contract was just up for renewal and I’ve always had a droid, never thinking twice about even wanting an iPhone. Well, last week, I went to Best Buy – excited to renew my contract and I bought the Samsung Galaxy S3. I came home, downloaded apps, personalized it…..then 3hrs later, I drove back to Best Buy and returned it – and got the new iPhone 5. Let me tell you, I LOVE IT….best decision! Now….let me explain – my entire family and network of friends have iPhones – it just seemed like the best decision….my toddler even has an itouch! I’m just excited to be able to do Facetime with my long distance cousins! So, needless to say, I’d totally recommend the iPhone 5!

  25. To fix your home button in the meantime…

    (scroll all the way down to) ACCESSIBILITY
    (scroll all the way down to the “Physical & Motor” heading) ASSISTIVE TOUCH.
    Slide it ON

    you can move it around on your screen and it will fade out when not needed.


  26. It may be worth having your phone fixed. http://iphonecurt.com/
    This guy is located in Brighton and he is amazing! My iPhone 4 wan’t even able to function as a phone – the sensor was broken- and my lock button broke. I dealt with it for months waiting for my contract to be up but then I took here. Within a half hour, he was able to tell that all my problems were due to a piece that became unplugged (perhaps it’s been dropped a few (hundred) times!). He plugged it back in and it’s as if I have a brand new phone!!

  27. Does Mal’s Samsung Galaxy S3 fit in your Flipbelt? I am curious because I got a Flipbelt (based on your recommendation) for myself as a Christmas present and am considering getting the Samsung Galaxy S3. If you end up with that phone I am interested in hearing about using it for tracking runs.

  28. With our iPhone 4 we had the same issues with the home button. Now with the iPhone 5, that issue is gone. Honestly, we love apple, and we wouldn’t buy anything else.

  29. My husband has the iPhone 4 and is having the same issues you are with the home button. Luckily, he is also due for a new phone in a month. I have the 4S and love it. I had a HTC before and absolutely hated it, but it was an older version of a smart phone so they could be better by now. Good luck on your decision! It can be so hard with so many options and knowing you are stuck with your decision for the next couple of years!

  30. I had the same issues with my iphone 4. Went to the apple store and they told I had to shell out $150 to replace it. Anyways, I got the Galaxy Note 2 after a week of learning how to use the android platform, i got scared and returned it for the iphone 5. Now I have returner’s remorse. If I could do it over i’d get the sIII (note 2 was too big for my small hands).
    iphone 5 isn’t that great there are no big differences from the 4 besides Siri.
    Only thing about apple products is a better resale value. I sold my iphone 4 ( I bought a replacement through Square trade warranty, unlocked it and sold it for $300.

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