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I woke up yesterday morning with the plan of having a lazy Sunday. I ate Eggnog Pancakes in my PJs and then lingered around the house drinking Marylou’s Milky Way iced coffee. Eventually, Mal and I motivated ourselves to take Murphy to the dog park for a “nature walk.”



After the park, we came home and made lunch, which was toasted ham and cheese wraps.


And some holiday M&Ms. I ate the handful below X 527.


After lunch, Mal watched football and played video games while I wandered around the house aimlessly. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to spend my afternoon”¦ and then it came to me: paint the front door.


When I hung our Christmas wreath last week, I noticed how nasty our front door looked””all dinged up and dirty””so I asked Mal if I could paint it. He’s happy whenever I want to paint because he doesn’t have to do it, so he was on board.


And off to Lowe’s I went to buy paint and supplies!


When I returned home, Mal was taping off the windows of the door for me. What a nice guy.


Thanks, Mal!


Then, it was time to paint. I went with “Very Black” from Valspar, which actually has some blue undertones to it, so it’s not a “scary” black (as I described it to Mal) compared to the other shades of black I looked at.




After painting the first coat, I took a break to snack on some peanuts. Lately, Mal and I have been plowing through pistachios, which are pretty expensive, so I opted for a cheaper shelling nut this week. Maybe we’re weirdos, but we both enjoy the activity of shelling nuts before we eat them. Peanuts are fun to eat, but a lot messier than pistachios, so, thankfully, we had a pug to “clean up” after us.


I waited about an hour for the first coat to dry and then did the second coat. I still want to do some touch-ups today, so I’ll show ya the final product this afternoon.



Sweet Potato Skillet with ground beef, spinach, and mushrooms was on the menu last night, but Mal offered to make Shepherd’s Pie for dinner, so I took him up on his offer and then planted my butt on the couch. I love cooking, so I do the majority of it in our house, but it’s so nice when I don’t have to do anything and delicious food just appears in front of me.

Mal made cheesy Shepherd’s Pie with potatoes, ground beef, and peas””and it was awesome!


I ate four servings of it!


Question of the Day

How was your Sunday: lazy or productive?



  1. My Saturday was very busy, so by Sunday I was ready to relax and do nothing!

    I love de-shelling nuts also. It also makes you slow down, which is good for me because I can plow through nuts. However, I recommend always looking at the peanut before you eat it. Once I was talking to my mom while de-shelling and eating peanuts and I ate a rotten one! After I finished rinsing my mouth for like 5 minutes (the taste would not go away!), we looked at the peanut on the other side the shell and it was black and gray. To this day it is the worst thing I have ever eaten. It makes spoiled milk taste like dessert.

  2. Love the black door and love the style of it too, the windows up top are great! Sunday included a 5 mile run, mass and our third child was Baptized. Lots of family present for the special day!

  3. I love the idea that you had peanuts and you actually had to take them out of the shell. It makes take time to eat a whole lot of them in one mouth full. I am starting my weight loss journey it’s good to know you have this blog. Keep up the good job.

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