Summer Smoothie Round-Up

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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.

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After breakfast this morning, I did something I haven’t done in awhile: I went for a run! I know, I’m as surprised as you are! Haha!

I actually have two races coming up on my calendar””the Run for Redemption 5K and the Army 10-Miler””and I’m also thinking about adding a fall half marathon, so I want to keep my running up over the next few months. Hopefully, having these races on my calendar will motivate me to incorporate some more runs into my weekly workouts. Local friends: do you have any recommendations for a small-ish fall half marathon?


I planned to run 3 miles today, but I ended up going for 4.5 miles. Today’s playlist was really awesome, so I just didn’t want to stop.


I finished 4.5 miles in 36:44, which was an average pace of 8:09. It feels good to be back!


After my run, I showered up and then had a serious craving for a smoothie, so I whipped up one of my favorites: Banana Bread Smoothie.

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Summer Smoothie Round-Up

In honor of today’s post-run snack, here’s a smoothie round-up for you. Just click on the pic for the recipe!








Question of the Day

What’s your favorite smoothie recipe? Please share! I love finding new recipes to try!

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  1. I keep my smoothies relatively simple:
    -1 scoop vanilla protein powder
    -1/4-1/2 frozen banana
    -1 tbsp peanut butter

    And i mix it with either water or dairy-free milk and ice. Sometimes I’ll add cocoa powder or spinach too.

  2. Wow. It really seems like all of this strength training is helping with your run times. I’m in my off season from triathlon right now, and I’m wanting to build up base with a lot of strength training with exercises kinda similar to crossfit.

    When I ran the Prague half marathon with one of my friends a few years ago, she had just started crossfit, and she was a slower runner than me before the race. She ended up running a faster time than me even though I was running more than her b/c of her crossfit!!! I just think it is amazing. Obviously, you can’t go without running when training for these races, but I really think people underestimate strength training for decreasing their race times!

  3. My favorite smoothie:
    – 1 banana
    – 200 g fat-free quark
    – 3-4 dl frozen black currants
    – 3 tbsp crushed flax seeds
    – 1 tsp sesame oil
    – handful of cocoa nibs
    – fat-free milk enough to make the smoothie just right

  4. Hi Tina!
    Your run time is so fast! Do you credit crossfit with your speedy miles? I currently run between 9.5 and 10.5 minute miles depending on race length and wondered if you had any tips for speeding up? My goal is to run a 10k in 50 minutes but I’m not sure where to start! Thanks!

  5. I’m not a huge smoothie drinker because they never really satisfy me! But sometimes if I just need a snack to hold me over for an hour or two, I’ll have one. My favourite combo is yogurt, milk, banana (unfrozen!), strawberries, and spinach. Easy but delicious!

  6. A great smoothie!:
    1 Comice Pear
    1 frozen banana (or half)
    1 cup (6 oz) of vanilla flavored greek yogurt
    Splash of milk
    Scoop of ice
    Pumpkin pie spice

    It’s good!

    1. @Madeline Mac: You can also never go wrong with a banana “milk shake.”
      1 unfrozen banana
      1 cup of milk
      Splash of vanilla

      It tastes amazing and it is very simple!

  7. I have been LOVING the Spiru-tein protein powders! Holy creamyness! I tried the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough one with 1 cup Almond Milk, about 1/2 cup water, and a frozen banana. Yummmm!

  8. Made your gingerbread smoothie this morning! It’s DELISH! Thanks for such a great smoothie recipe 🙂

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  10. I totally missed this post the other day, sorry for the late response- but I’m thinking about doing the Seacoast Half this fall. It is a gorgeous course that follows along in Portsmouth and Newcastle, NH…AND this year the proceeds go to Families First Community Health Center. I work as a social worker at the center and can vouch for the amazing services we provide to our Seacoast NH community. Just an idea for a fun fall half.

    Also…we are down a couple of runners for our Reach the Beach NH team that is Sept. 14 & 15th…let me know if you are interested!


  11. I’m very much a “let’s see what kind of yogurt & fruit I have in the house right now” kind of person when it comes to making smoothies. Basically I throw in greek yogurt, some milk, whatever fruit I find, and always a hefty handful of spinach. Yum.

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