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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning! Happy Monday!

Remember my I Bet You Didn’t Know posts? If you missed them, here are the three I’ve written so far:

I love these kinds of posts because I get to share some fun things with you guys, so with further ado, here’s the next edition of I Bet You Didn’t Know!

I bet you didn’t know”¦

I played the flute from the time I was in 4th grade until the first trimester of my freshman year of college. I actually told my flute story on CNC once in the past, but long story short, I enjoyed drinking beer more than playing the flute.

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In the summer of 2003, a psychic at Old Orchard Beach in Maine told me I’d marry someone from my past and reconnect with them that November. My second first date with Mal was on November 28, 2003. Creepy-crazy, right?

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I’m weirdly obsessed with short nails. As soon as mine start to grow, I immediately cut them off. I just don’t like the feel of long nails.


I’ve never mowed the lawn. Growing up, my grandfather always mowed the lawn at our house and now Mal takes care of it. I know, I should be ashamed.

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In addition to my sister, who you’ve seen on CNC a number of times in the past, I also have a step-sister, half-sister, and a half-brother. Growing up, they lived with my dad, so my sister and I only saw them on the weekends and holidays. Now, they’re all grown up and have their own kids, but we haven’t kept in touch much over the years.

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I finally have my kitchen back in order, so I whipped up My Favorite Pancake for breakfast this morning. I added a tablespoon of ground flaxseed meal to the batter and then topped my pancake with strawberries and sunflower butter. I also drank an iced coffee with almond-coconut milk.

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Weekly Workouts

  • Sunday: Off
  • Monday: 3 miles + CrossFit
  • Tuesday: CrossFit
  • Wednesday: CrossFit
  • Thursday: Run or off
  • Friday: CrossFit
  • Saturday: 5K road race <— I’m hoping to break 24 minutes!

Question of the Day

Have you ever been to a psychic? What’d you think? What did they tell you? 

P.S. I’m totally obsessed with these Coconut Almond Cookies (Paleo-friendly and just 4 ingredients). I already want to bake another batch!



  1. Never been to a psychic but I recently read a very scarily accurate horoscope. It told me that August would be a big life changing month for me and I’m due with our first baby August 25th 🙂 I’m 27 and never mowed the lawn either. You’re not alone on this one.

  2. So when I was little I was curious about psychics. I grew up in a Chritian household and my mom took me to one just to show me that no one knows the future.
    At the time I was around 7 and we were visiting family in California. Anyway, we walked into the psychic’s building thing and she said “Hi sweetie what’s your name?” I looked at her a little puzzled and said “You’re a psychic, you tell me…”
    Let’s just say I never went back to one haha

  3. I’m with you on lawn mowing. I never did it growing up and now my hubs does it. I DID do it once in the backyard (that sound dirty) buuuuut I don’t plan on doing it ever again if I can get away with it!

  4. I was mowing a regular client’s lawn last year and his new neighbor (house had been empty for quite sometime) walked over and asked how much I would charge to mow his lawn, ride only, no trim. It was about 6 inches high and he wanted me to mow it as low as possible. Keep in mind now, this is not the customer that cares about his lawn, he just didn’t have anything to knock it down with. I told him it would look bad but that is what he wanted. So, i told him how much, took me all of about 15 minutes because if he didn’t care how it looked when I was done, I sure as hell didn’t. During the mowing, I’m going along and WHAM!!! out of the chute flies a fiberglass handle off of a claw hammer. I just knew I’d tore something up. I also saw a peice of plate steel about 4″ by 6″ and 1/4 inch thick in a spot I had already mowed. I’m glad I didn’t suck that up. I never found the hammer head but took him the handle and said “I found your hammer” He appoligized and said one of his grandkids must have left it out there. Ruined a brand new set of blades. They costed as much as I charged him to mow it. He asked me again later to mow it and I told him not unless you walk around and pick up everything.

  5. Back in 2002 I had a house next door that was rented to three young guys. Maybe 18 or 19 years old. Meth heads for sure. Within three months they had the cops over to their place at least twenty times. Parties every single night. Noisy as hell until about 3:00 am every day. We(the neighbors) got together and wrote them a letter inviting them to leave ASAP. We told them if we even saw more than two cars at the house we would start calling the cops. It had no effect. A couple of weeks later there was a huge fight in my front yard. Some guys drug deal went bad, one guy was maced, another stabbed. And another had his head smashed in. The next day there was another party starting at about 6:00 pm. ALL of us neighbors called the cops. We did that every day for about 10 days. Then they just up and moved. When the owner got in it, there was almost $60k in damage. They had torn out the stair cases, ripped out cabinets. busted toilets, plugged floor drains and deliberately flooded the house. I was the cranky neighbor. There was one time several of us got together and decided to return the noise favor for these young pricks. I started mowing the lawn at 7:00 am. The neighbor on the other side decided to fire up his Harely. The guy across the street got his car out, opened the doors, and cranked the stereo and while he washed it. All at 7:00 in the morning. We felt better, but it didn’t help either.

  6. I played the flute for the same period of time! I was actually a MAJOR band geek in high school: marching band, symphonic band, flute choir, jazz band, you name it I did it. Then when I got to college I decided to take some time off…and haven’t picked up my flute since. I feel so guilty!

  7. FYI.. my husband won’t let me mow the lawn. He says it relaxes him and he likes to mix it up by getting a fancy with the lines and crap… but I’m wondering if it had anything to do with the last time I mowed I took out one of our sprinkler heads?? Hmmm.. I could be on to something with this one! LOL

  8. I feel in a weird way, we both share a lot in common. I always arrive at least an hour early for anything I am doing and I also freak out if I’m running late; I hate that feeling!. My biggest pet peeve is loud chewing, but really any loud mouth noise. When it’s consistent and just crazy loud, that’s a problem. It drives me nuts! I am the same way about short nails and also have never mowed a lawn and I’m so not ashamed. 🙂

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