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Good morning and happy Earth Day, bloggies! :mrgreen:

I’m actually exercising at Healthworks right now (explanation later today!), so I scheduled this post last night for you to read (and participate in) this morning. Sneaky, right? 😉

Stonyfield Earth Day Giveaway

In honor of Earth Day, I teamed up with Stonyfield to host a prize package giveaway that includes lots of cool products that will help you live a more earth-friendly lifestyle. Check out these goodies!

Here’s what’s in the prize package ($75 value):

  • Stonyfield Farm Yogurt Cookbook
  • Reusable grocery bag
  • Reusable lunch bag
  • Oikos aluminum water bottle
  • Preserve toothbrush (made from recycled yogurt cups)
  • Tire pressure gauge (to ensure proper tire inflation=more efficient mileage)
  • 4 Free 5.3 oz. Oikos coupons
  • 2 Free 16 oz. Oikos coupons
  • $4 in coupons for other Stonyfield products
  • Healthy recipe make over magnet

How to Enter: Pledge for Action

Leave a comment about what one new thing you will do for the next year to decrease the size of your carbon footprint. To give you some ideas, check out Stonyfield’s “Learning What you Can Do” section of their website. Friday night, I will pick one winner via the Random Integer Generator. I will announce the winners on Saturday, so be sure to check back over the weekend. And, of course, feel free to link back to this post and tell your friends and family about the giveaway! :mrgreen:

MixMyGranola Winner

Thanks to everyone who entered the MixMyGranola Giveaway! I love your enthusiasm for this product! 😀

With the help of the the Random Integer Generator, I selected the lucky winner, who will receive a $20 gift certificate to design their very own customized granola.

Here is your random integer: 243

#243 april
I remember the chocolate expresso beans! it made me want to get some!

Congrats, April! Please email me ( to redeem your prize.

*****MixMyGranola has created a special promotion code for CNC readers that gives you $3.00 off your first order. Just enter “CARROT” at the check out!



  1. I’m going to make an effort to shop more at my local city market for all my fruits and veggies to support the local farmers.

  2. I will use public transportation and continue walking to work. I will also try to use reusable shopping bag whenever possible. Since I am a shopoholic this will be BIG!

  3. I will make it more of a point to bring my reusable shopping bags with me to the grocery store. I have a bunch of them that I sometimes forget in my kitchen or my car when I go to the store. Also buying local at the farmer’s market too!

  4. I walk any where I can. My library and grocery stores are about a mile away, so I always walk there unless rushed for time. I walk up to a distance of 2 miles.
    I also save and reuse paper bags, ziplock bags, containers, etc. I save up unwanted paper for doodling or “post-it” or lists.

  5. In the next few years, I plan on eliminating all meat from my diet and becoming Vegan-ish! I also already walk anywhere I can and haven’t bought Zip-locs or plastic bags in years! Plus, I don’t own a car and probably won’t own one for as long as possible!! I walk everywhere I can and I always re-use plastic bags!

  6. With the summer coming up I will be biking/walking to work, class, & the market. I also need to be more consistent about using reusable bags since I have around 50, I just always leave them at home by mistake!

  7. I want to walk to TJs this summer for small things from the store, always use my reusable bags, and unplug my electronics when I leave for a long period of time! thanks

  8. i love the idea of earth day, im going to try and live car free this year, it’s going well so far – if this works im going to try to be carbon neutral next year

  9. I use reusable grocery bags 90% of the time. I use a plastic bpa free reusable water bottle. I also never wash my car! So I am saving the environment from chemicals and saving water…lol

  10. I too use reusable bags all the time. I really get upset when they try and use those plastic bags. I just say that I’ll bag. I will continue using my stainless water bottle and for lunch I carry glass containers. This year I will try and cut down the use of water. I try and brush my teeth with a dry tooth brush. It works just fine.

  11. I will use reusable bags and water bottles whenever possible this year. i will also buy organic, and a lot of the times at farmers’ markets

  12. I am going to try to eliminate meat from my diet atleast 5 days a week, use reusable grocery bags, grow my own vegetables in my garden and buy the rest locally!

  13. I’m going to eat local as much as possible! I’m also going to try to get by with less air conditioning in my apartment this summer…

  14. I will walk/bike to work two days a week as well as try harder to remember my reusable grocery bags more often.

  15. I am using a reusable water bottle, eating more greens and less meat and processed foods, I am changing all the shower heads in our house to the low flow kind and last but not least I am going to use reusable bags. Oh! I forgot one I am also going to try and eat more locally.

  16. I will continue to walk as many places as I can. I will continue to turn out the lights as often as possible and use natural light. I have changed the shower heads and a big change I plan to make is to use a reusable bag for the grocery store. I waste way too many plastic bags with each trip.

  17. Reusable bags, don’t use coffee filters, walk everywhere I can, reusable water bottle or glass, NO PLASTIC OR PAPER DISHES!, I take reusable containers to restaurants for leftovers.

  18. i use cloth shopping bags and a pur filter so i don’t waste plastic bottles. I always reuse tupperware and food containers.

  19. Reusable water bottles and lunch containers, no paper plates, eat less red meat, walk more, use more earth friendly disposable diapers for my son.

  20. Shop the farmers’ market! The farmers market just a few minutes from my house is one of the biggest and best in the country! Check out this website to see if there is an awesome farmers’ market near you.

  21. I am going to visit our Farmers Market (it was so close and I never knew it) and recycle (more than just my newspapers) from now on!! Thanks!!

  22. I have two goals: one, to buy more local food (it’s finally springtime and the Chicago area has great farmer’s markets, so I don’t have any excuse!), and two, to remember my reusable bags when I go shopping!

  23. i will try to eat mostly organic, local foods, less meat, and refrain from using plastic or paper cups/utensils/plates!

  24. I will run to school instead of taking the bus or driving. I am also trying to get my work to switch from styrofoam to paper products in the cafeteria. I will also be turning off my computer and other electronic devices more frequently to save energy and drag my cans and recycleables to the market instead of throwing them out (we don’t have curbside recycling here).

  25. I am going to bring my own water bottle, reuse water bottles, buy yogurt in bigger containers and buy as much in bulk as possible.

  26. I stopped buying bottles of spring water and now filter my water into my reusable sigg bottle. I also joined a csa this year so my fruit and veggies will be local, I can’t wait til it starts!

  27. I will be walking to the local farmer’s market to pick up local produce and instead of buying a bus pass, I’ll get up an earlier to walk to work. My gym will be having outdoor classes, which will be awesome not only because it’ll be beautiful but less power usage for the facility.

  28. I will try to shop and eat local products and also be better about how I pack my lunches! I know it sounds simple but it seems like I waste so much plastic!

  29. I really need to remember to bring my reusable bags! I’m usually already out when I decide to go, so they’re at home. I’m also really looking forward to buying my produce at the Haymarket farmer’s market. The prices are AMAZING!

  30. I am using refillable water bottles. No pesticides at all in my home, just a good old fashion fly swatter! I have been composting my grass clippings for several years! No pesticides in my flower garden!

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