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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Guys, it’s snow madness over here!

The governor declared a state of emergency and the National Guard was here in our town helping with snow removal yesterday. The snow banks are so high and parking lots are a total mess. There’s just nowhere to put it! And, not surprisingly, the schools in the area are worried about a number of safety issues related to the snow (i.e. kids waiting for the bus in the street since the sidewalks aren’t clear, potential structural issues because of heavy snow, emergency exits being blocked), so Mal is off for the rest of the week. Crazy, right? Five days in a row. I can’t remember a time either of us missed that much school due to snow. I’m telling ya, it’s snow madness here!

A little recap from the day”¦

Breakfast: Banana oatmeal with Teddie peanut butter and chia seeds + iced coffee.

photo 1 (32) (800x600)

Mid-morning snack: Chocolate-frosted donut. I mostly just ate the chocolate, which is obviously the best part.

photo 2 (24) (800x600)

Workout: KFIT. Heavy thrusters (#95) + cardio sprints on the erg and bike + various strength moves. (The photo below is the parking lot behind KFIT. It’s basically just a huge mountain of snow!)

snow (800x600)

Post-workout: Iced coffee + SFH vanilla Recovery.

photo 5 (14) (600x800)photo 1 (31) (600x800)

Afternoon errands: Target, buying Dad a sub, and closing my bank account from my car loan, which I’ve been meaning to do since the summer. (The bank just happened to be right next door to the sub shop, and I can’t tell you how pumped I was to finally cross that off my list. I’ve moved it from one To Do list to the next for months now!)

photo 2 (22) (800x600)

When we arrived home: Dad on the roof!

snow2 (800x600)

Lunch: Breakfast burrito + garlic cauliflower.

photo 4 (22) (800x600)

Afternoon snack: Valentine’s Day Almond Butter Blondies. <— OMGSOGOOD. I ate half the pan myself!

photo 5 (13) (800x600)

Afternoon activities: Yay, snow! (I eventually helped Mal with the shoveling. I kept offering again and again, but he wouldn’t take my help until he was just OVER IT and finally handed me the shovel.)

snow4 (600x800)

Selfie fun with my little peanut!

photo 4 (21) (800x600)

photo 5 (12) (800x600)

Kisses from Murphy!

photo 3 (32) (800x600)

Who’s that?!?

photo 1 (29) (800x600)

Hi, Dad!

photo 2 (9) (800x600)

photo 1 (8) (800x600)

Quinn’s Happiness Board for the day:

photo 1 (28) (600x800)

Dinner: Annie’s Mac & Cheese + chopped kale, peas, and nutritional yeast.

photo 2 (12) (800x600)

The evening concluded with our heat crapping out. Hey, just what we needed when there’s 10 feet of snow on the ground! Mal and I (and Murphy) had a chilly night, but, thankfully, my office has electric heat, so we moved Quinn in there for the night. Our house was 52 degrees F when we woke up. Is it Spring yet?

Questions of the Day

What crazy thing happened at your high school (not necessarily weather-related, just something fun/interesting)? 



  1. Tina – UGH! Weymouth got nailed. I’m in Southie and it’s just ridiculous. The National Guard sent troops in here to help with removal, too. It’s ridiculous and I feel terrible for the little kids who have to walk to their bus stop – it’s so dangerous!
    Anyway, I ALSO MADE the Almond Butter Blondies from paleomg last night and I, too almost ate half the pan. WHY are they SO good?! Hope your roof is safe… the ice dams are terrible! Stay warm!

  2. omg the Quinn selfies are SO CUTE!!!! And I cannot believe how much snow you all have. That’s just crazy! It probably feels like you’re in northern canada or something! We’ve actually had barely any snow in Chicago – just one day with about 15-18 inches.

  3. Ugh! Good luck with all the snow! I’m in Buffalo and know how you feel! I’m ready for spring!! Quinn is so adorable!

  4. Oh my gosh – so much snow and then no heat!!!! I feel so bad for you all. I do hope your situation gets better soon. With all that snow around, I just pray you guys don’t get hit with a major increase in temperature that would lead to a rapid thaw. That happened to us last year and ended up with water in the basement 🙁 Wishing you all the best, JK

  5. I was supposed to visit Boston for the first time ever next week but had to cancel because of all the snow! Such a bummer but I guess it’s better to see the city for the first time in the spring or summer. I have to admit though – I’m pretty jealous of all the snowfall! I feel like I haven’t gotten a true blizzard in years.

  6. Quinn is adorable! My dad grew up in Acton and we now live in Philly where we aren’t getting any snow! Let’s just say he is jealous….seriously!!

    My high school got “forked”. Yes, someone stuck over 1,000 forks all over the property in the ground! It was actually then featured on MTV! Haha

  7. I feel your pain! We got 7 feet of snow here near buffalo ny the week before thanksgiving. Now we are going to break the record for low temps here. Hoping school is closed for tomorrow because we are off next week. This winter needs to end soon.

  8. Oh no! Sorry about your heat. Ours has been in and out all winter too. At our last home it fizzled when my husband went on travel for 3 months. I had to build fires to stay warm and had 1 space heater. Brrr!! Always an excuse to do more baking. Oven keeps the house warm!

  9. I can’t imagine all of that snow anywhere! You should move to Texas. It was 83 here yesterday!!!!

    Plenty of places to run, too! 🏃

  10. Oh no, hope the heat gets fixed especially with Quinn. We had a rough couple of years with our system a few years back…not fun.

    I really can’t believe we’re about to get hit with more snow, we need to get on our roof ASAP, it was “raining” in our house yesterday 🙁

  11. Babies and mirrors are too funny. I wonder when they start recognizing themselves versus thinking it’s another baby. Either way, our little peanut LOVES it.

    Have you gotten the obligatory baby-in-a-big-snowsuit picture? My mom said she’d dress us up in so many layers our arms would stick straight out..

  12. That’s a crazy amount of snow! Those Almond Butter Blondies look fantastic! Do you mind sharing what brand of almond butter you used? Happy Friday!

  13. Eek, good luck with the snow! We’re on the same “weather belt” as you, here in Nova Scotia, so I always check to see how you’re faring because we get the same storm a day later! All you can do is make the best of it! Perfect conditions for lots of fun snowshoeing, skiing, and snow days (uninterrupted quality time at home!)

  14. These photos are just TOO precious!!
    Boston University has had five snow days so far already, so we haven’t even had a full week of school yet this semester! There still seems to be so much work to do though”” I’ll take any extra time I can get to catch up on work! (Although, we have some Saturday classes now…)
    Stay safe and warm!

  15. I thought we got a lot of snow over here in Everett, but it looks like nothing compared to over there. My co-worker in Hull was basically stuck there for 4 days because there was so much snow. No thank you lol.
    Omggg, Quinn’s photos are just too cute!! 🙂

  16. your dinner is EXACTLY what I make for my 2 year old about twice a week.. so funny!! the nutritional yeast and everything 🙂

    That’s all i’ve got.. just thought I’d share 🙂

  17. Your winter sounds like our winter last year – worst I had seen in my life! I’m glad MN is a little more mild this year… I think you are winning, though; that’s a whole lotta snow! I have to say, your breakfasts make me crave iced coffee so much and I have no idea why!

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