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Hi, friends!

I’m excited to share a new partnership with you! I’m working with Similac to help promote their Sisterhood of Motherhood, which is such an amazing campaign and really hits home with me.

Being a new mom, I’ve enjoyed plenty of encouragement from other parents, but, at the same time, I’ve  experienced my fair share of judgment, which, obviously, doesn’t benefit me or make me feel very good, especially when I’m just trying to do the best I can with my little guy. (And I’m sure I’m not the only one, right?) This is where the Sisterhood of Motherhood comes in. It’s all about encouraging and supporting moms instead of pointing fingers and judging each another’s decisions. No two moms or babies are the same and, really, we’re all in this together. At the end of the day, we all just want happy, healthy babies, so I am especially excited to be part of this wonderful program.

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The Sisterhood of Motherhood wants us to nourish each other the same way we nourish our children””however we chose to do that. And, just like the sister who’s got your back, the Sisterhood of Motherhood is there to help us through the beginning months of motherhood with confidence and zero judgment””the way it should be.

Welcome to the Sisterhood of Motherhoodâ„¢

Please watch the video below””especially the moms out there. It has some great messaging and sums up the Sisterhood of Motherhood really well. And it may or may not have made me cry at the end.

Please help us put an end to the judgment by sharing this video with every parent you know.

The Sisterhood of Motherhood is also a community where you can ask all sorts of questions and get support””from pregnancy to motherhood. You can join in on the conversation and learn from or help other moms just like you on and #SisterhoodUnite on social media.

Question of the Day

Moms: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received from another mom?

This post is sponsored by Similac.



  1. I don’t love this video because the only moms who aren’t obnoxius are the formula feeding moms – very clearly trying to sell formula, but I guess they are a business so I get it. However. I’m not a mom yet and I hate to say it, but the over the top breastfeeding moms I know ARE kind of like the ones in the video. They are constantly bragging about how much breastmilk they produce and how awesome it is for their kid. It’s annoying. I know lots of moms who couldn’t or just didn’t want to breastfeed. It doesn’t mean they love their kid less. It’s a choice you get to make. There are so many starving kids in our country, fighting about how loving caring mothers feed their kids is ridiculous to me.

  2. I chose to use formula for both of my children. I felt rested and ready in the morning to care for them and they are both thriving, healthy and happy at 10 and 7.
    It’s a choice, yes, but it is the choice of the mother. No mother should feel guilted by social pressure – we have enough of that ladies!

  3. I have to say I’m bummed you are promoting Similac. When I went back to work when my baby was 6 months I started supplementing with a bottle of formula during the day since I couldn’t pump enough. No big deal – there are lots of great reasons to use formula (yours included) and there shouldn’t be any shame in it. However, I did do a lot of research on formulas when I started supplementing and I would not use Similac (they add sugar to it!). Plus, maybe I’m cynical but I don’t think Similac really cares about promoting “sisterhood” – I think they care about selling formula.

    1. @Alexandra: I agree with your comment too. It’s such a shame this company and ‘partnership’ is using such a sensitive topic and reaching out to mothers in a vulnerable time, to ultimately promote their brand of formula, which as others have mentioned, is truly not the best/healthiest etc… wouldn’t it be great to have a sisterhood of mothers that supported each other with donating milk to moms that can’t breastfeed, or offering lactation consults to those having trouble etc… sorry, this is all about promoting similac and making a profit. bummer.

  4. Best advice ever, “all that matters is that the baby eats..” I was hysterical with my first because breastfeedung wasn’t happening. My bff saying that to me took the pressure off. Ultimately I breastfed for 15 months but I needed that permission to supplement initially and not feel like a terrible mom. People tend to think that because I breastfed both my girls it was easy and no don’t understand the struggles. I get it and I fully support any mom who feeds her baby in anyway. all that matters is that the baby eats

  5. Best piece of advice was from my friend Beth. She said “don’t take any advice! Just kidding” haha.

    I think she had a point though…you’re going to get a lot of advice as a mom, don’t feel like you need to take it all. She also said the first year is going to be hard! I have her advice card (from my baby shower) on my night stand as a reminder, it makes me smile and laugh, especially after a long day or after receiving criticism from someone about my parenting.

  6. Oh man, Tina..super bummed you used Similac/formula company as a platform for this discussion. Having read your blog for many years now – I really think if you knew what’s going on with formula companies, especially in under-developed countries & low income populations, you wouldn’t have partnered with Similac.

    As an RD – I’ve worked with both breastfeeding & formula feeding mothers. Ultimately, we know a formula fed infant will be healthy & grow. However, our interest is 100% with the child & our goal as professionals is to educate & inform mothers of the powerful benefits of breast milk (which many don’t know about!). Once informed, it’s totally their choice (or sometimes not, depending on the situation).

    It is wonderful to have formula as an option. Especially for mother’s who can’t breastfeed for medical reasons. However, formula companies (including Similac) have a bottom line – increase sales & make money. They’re obviously tapping into a very sensitive subject & using it to promote formula. Just as they do by providing “free” samples in the hospital to mothers at a very vulnerable time.

    I very rarely comment on blog posts. However, I really believe it was irresponsible to partner & post this video. This topic could have been discussed without the partnership.

    1. @Rebecca:
      “This topic could have been discussed without the partnership.”
      Absolutely agree. This might be the last I read this blog. Even if this had been sponsored by a diaper company or something… but this is so obviously a marketing campaign to sell formula.

  7. Bravo Tina, I admire you for posting this because I am sure you knew that there would be some haters out there spewing negativity regarding this! I’m a long term reader of your blog and I was very adamant about exclusively breastfeeding when I was pregnant with my daughter. She was born Christmas Day of 2013 and was 9 days late after 26 hours of labor! I ended up suffering from horrible post partum depression and anxiety and then our ceiling collapsed in the apartment we were living due the pipes bursting so we had to move 2 weeks after her birth. I was an absolute mess and could barely eat or sleep myself and ended up switching to formula very quickly (Similac Advance!). My mom was recovering from cancer and we didn’t have a lot of family support at that time. The choice to breastfeed or use formula is a deeply personal one and no one has any right to judge a woman for making the best choice for herself and her family. Breastfeeding is wonderful but guess what, it’s not always the best choice for every woman in every situation. Thank goodness for the option of formula. We are lucky to live in an age where we have the option to feed our babies if breastfeeding doesn’t work out for whatever reason. Thanks again Tina for posting this, I support you 100 percent and think you are doing a great job as a mom! 😄

  8. I also really dislike judgy mothers, in person and often in the Facebook world… However even though I’m sure many people will pounce on me for expressing a view other than Tina’s, I also want to say I’m dissapointed with this choice to “partner” with this formula company. What does partner really mean, anyways? You have every right not to answer this question, but I wonder what amount of money is worth endorsing a company that thinks corn syrup is a healthy ingredient for newborns! Isn’t this a HEALTHY living blog? If you need partnerships to earn a living, why not try to work with companies that you yourself would feed Quinn… (Which I kind of doubt is Similac…)

    I have read your blog for a very long time but I think this is it for me…

    Or… Do you make decisions like this just to stir the pot and create a big debate to pull in more readers? Who knows…

  9. I think every woman/mother needs to take responsibility for themselves. Breastfeeding/formula feeding… whatever works for you, do it, and own it. All you can do is do the absolute very best you can and love your child.

    I agree that Similac is a huge business and wants to make money. And yes, this video will definitely get their point across. But blaming them for women formula feeding their babies feels a bit like blaming McDonalds for someone’s weight problem. The information is out there. Women have to do what is best for them. I don’t think blaming the businesses is the answer.

  10. This is such a great video. I swear, I felt like “those” moms were coming at me from every direction when I had my first child. It was like they tried to suck you in and make you parent your child the same way they did. Now, after having 4 children I can say that I don’t give a crap what any other mom (or dad) says, I’ll do what’s best for MY children even if it is hard or against the norm. I could not have said that 12 years ago when my daughter was born, I looked to books and the internet for “expert” advice and I was always frustrated and stressed. Now I do what I think is best and it is so much better. I hope other new moms see this video and understand that only they know what is best for their child. Thanks for sharing this Tina!

  11. I guess we still have a long way to go before judgment ceases. I am not a mother, but I fully support whatever decision any mother or father makes regarding his/her child (well, within reason). The comments on here are just ridiculous.

  12. So you cried the first time you gave your kid formula……but now you are partnering with Similac? Makes sense.

    1. I cried because I was mad at my body. (I have an autoimmune disease.) I actually wrote that we were happy with our decision to give Quinn formula because my breastmilk had steroids in it and it was making him miserable. Maybe you missed that part?

      1. @Tina: @Tina: Not the same Danielle that posted earlier in the thread, just wanted to clarify that. I don’t judge your decision to use formula at all. Its a personal decision, and an important one that every mom deserves the freedom to make for herself.

  13. That video made me laugh and cry! As a working mother of twins who pumps, breastfeeds AND gives her girls formula, I find that all good moms and dads out there think what they do is best. And you know what, it is. If you are a good and loving parent, I believe that you should trust your instincts and do what you think is best for your family and your situation.

  14. I’m not a mom, but I LOVE the concept. I am always amazed on how much judgement gets passed whether it be fitness, motherhood, food, or any life choices and I think everyone needs to do what they think is best for them, not what other people “think” they should do. You are an awesome mom, keep it up!

  15. I am a Mom and I breastfed my child for 13 months. I am also an obstetrics nurse and I encourage Moms to breastfeed, emphasis on encourage (not force or treat differently if they decide not to). I feel like pro breastfeeding Moms who complain about Similac ads need to stop. If you are a Mom who breastfed, no doubt you feel society is on your side. As well as a sense of pride. Its time for society to be on the side of ALL MOMS. Why can’t we actually support a Moms choice to bottlefeed? Whether it’s for medical reasons or not. Let’s let Moms who bottlefeed feel just as much support as moms that breastfeed. It’s not HEALTHY for a new Mom to feel ashamed (I do not mean to imply that all bottlefeeding mothers feel shame, but it seems like many advocates of breastfeeding try to shame bottle feeding mothers into guilt ). I just want to say WAY TO GO ALL MOMS! You love your baby, and there is more than one way to do that.

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