Secrets to a Perfect Two-Ingredient Pancake

Greetings from beautiful Oregon! Mal and I are here visiting family for the week. I am so looking forward to some rest and relaxation!

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Yesterday morning, we woke up bright and early to catch our flight out of Logan. All packed up and ready to not check luggage!

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Mal and I said goodbye to Murphy on Saturday, which was so sad (for me). I’m a big baby and almost cried, but I managed to keep it together (so I didn’t look like a total tool). Even though I’ll miss the pug, I know he’s in good hands with our dog sitter. Plus, she has three dogs of her own, so Murphy always has a blast when he’s there. When he finally comes home, he sleeps for days because he’s exhausted from having so much fun.

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(This is not a cute picture of either of us! Ha!)


Yesterday’s breakfast was my usual two-ingredient pancake (1 banana + 1 egg) topped with sunflower butter.

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A bunch of you guys have told me that when you try to make this pancake, it falls apart or turns into a big pile of mush, so here are the secrets to a perfect two-ingredient pancake:

  • Make sure  you use a small banana + a large egg. If the banana is too big or the egg is too small, the pancake won’t stay together. If you have an especially big banana, try using two eggs instead of one.
  • Use medium-low heat. I can’t stress this one enough because if you cook the pancake too fast on high heat, it will burn, stick to the pan, and fall apart, which, of course, is no good. Be sure to use medium-low heat to cook your pancake.
  • Cook the pancake very slowly. Once I pour my pancake batter into the fry pan, which I first coat with cooking spray, I occupy myself with something else for awhile, like emptying the dishwasher or reading blogs on my phone, so I don’t wait impatiently by it and flip it too soon. The pancake needs to cook very slowly, so it doesn’t fall apart.
  • Be patient. Before I flip the pancake, I wait for the middle to start bubbling (all over) and the edges easily pull away from the pan with a spatula. Once it’s good to go, I flip it and let it cook on the other side for just a couple of minutes. Once you get the first flip, you’re home free!

Lunch & Snacks

Like my trip to New York City last week, I packed a bag of goodies to take with me to eat during my travels to Oregon. Here’s what I brought this time: 

A banana (obviously).

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A chicken breast chopped into pieces and wrapped in tinfoil (to keep it cold) inside a plastic baggie.

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Baby carrots.

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And sweet potato wedges with sunflower butter.

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I added the Sweet Potato Wedges to the sunflower butter when they were still warm from the oven, so they made the sunflower butter all melt-y and delicious. I ate them with a fork on the plane.

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On our first flight to Denver, I watched 21 Jump Street, which was surprisingly hilarious. I laughed out loud more than once and almost started crying during the gaging scene in the bathroom! Haha! I know, my maturity level is that of a 13 year old boy. It’s ok.

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Mal and I had an hour layover in Denver, so Mal grabbed lunch and a beer. I went with a Passion iced tea from Starbucks.

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Hi, Mal! Happy vacation!

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Our second flight to Redmond was a tiny puddle jumper plane with a bunch of turbulence. I was little freaked out, but more motion sick than anything.

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We arrived safe and sound in Redmond and then drove out to Black Butte Ranch where we are spending the week.

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Question of the Day

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being super duper scared), how scared are you of flying?

P.S. The Whole9 Nutrition Seminar was awesome. I started my post about it on the plane yesterday, but I might not finish it until late this week or early next week since I’m on vacation, but it’s definitely coming! Lots of good stuff to tell ya!


  1. Loved this recipe. I made it with a black plaintan (no bananas on hand) with two eggs. I added a little vanilla and cinnamon to the mix. Cooked them very slow in coconut oil. They were the bomb! Gonna put this into rotation. And they are most filling 🙂

  2. I made the two-ingredient pancake! It was yummmy and I was pleasantly surprised with how big it ended up being! I spread some almond butter on it and voila….delish! Thanks for this!

  3. I know this sounds stupid, but I didn’t think I could bring that food with me to airport and pass security. Good to know it’s possible.

  4. The flying question… I have to take a tranquilizer to even get on a plane and the small ones are worse. I am just glad there is a way to get me on the plane because I do love to travel minus the flying! I guess I am a 10+. I didn’t know you had a pug, I have a pug Boston Terrier mix, Milo and I love him to bits. I am already worrying about our Cruise in March since my Parents are coming and they usually watch my 2 dogs. I need to find someone special as Milo sleeps with us not in a crate. Wish me luck.

  5. I hate take off. I am the person who clutches the stranger next to them during this time ha. Landing on the other hand I am glued to the window and so excited to see the landscape emerge. Weird right? Oh well, I am glad you made it safe and you packed such healthy snacks!

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