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Saturday was “recessed lighting day” at the Haupert household! 🙂 We found the best electrician on the South Shore of Massachusetts!

After getting recessed lighting (and new counters) in our kitchen, Mal and I talked about getting recessed lightening throughout the rest of our house for months and months, but never actually did it. Our friend Matty is an (awesome) electrician and has wired practically half of the South Shore, so we finally got our acts together and hired him for the job.

Mal stayed and helped out Matty, so Quinn and I headed out to run some errands. First, we hit up the YMCA. I did a quick treadmill workout and then we swung by Whole Foods at Derby Street for a few groceries. Quinn was PUMPED to score the tractor cart. They’re hard to come by!

Then, it was off to Quinn’s final soccer practice of the season.

In 6 weeks, he came leaps and bounds from his first practice where we asked us if he could leave and play video games after about 5 minutes to having THE BEST time! He was really into all of the different drills and activities!

I shared a photo on Instagram Stories of the Brooks Bedlam that I was wearing and received approximately 1 million questions about them, so I wanted to share the details here too. They really are the cutest sneakers and great for running too! 😉

Back at home, our recessed lighting project was just about finished. Matty added recessed lighting to Quinn’s bedroom (below), my office (also pictured below), master bedroom, and guest room. He did a great job and, my gosh, he was efficient. It only took him about 4 hours – start to finish!

Now that we have all of this awesome lighting in our house, I have no idea what we’re going to do with all of our lamps!? We really don’t need them anymore. Lamp yard sale?

The rest of the evening was pretty low-key. After putting Quinn to bed, Mal and I watched Bohemian Rhapsody, which was REALLY good, and I ate about a zillion “Baked Cheese Crunchies” from Trader Joe’s. I swear, they’re tastier than regular Cheetos and super addictive!

Question of the Day

What’s on your house project To Do List? 

We’re hoping to replace our sink, vanity, and mirror in our downstairs bathroom this spring/summer.



  1. I’ve never seen an indoor soccer field! I’m from Florida. On our house to-do list is to replace our upstairs flooring (we had to rip out carpet due to hurricane damage), put in rain barrels outside, put in a laundry shelf

  2. I’ve wanted to do recessed lighting, but I thought it was a HUGE and expensive project (which maybe it will be for our 1950’s house)! But now I’m motivated to talk to an electrician about it for our kitchen and living room. Our lamps are never bright enough for me. We are doing a kitchen renovation this summer – no layout changes, but new cabinets, counters, backsplash, and flooring, and a bathroom mini-makeover with new flooring, vanity/sink and medicine cabinet.

  3. It looks great! Our house is 90+ years old, so there is ALWAYS something to do. Our big budget items this year are a new furnace and air conditioner. And we’re debating about taking down one of the original chandeliers (not as pretty as it sounds) to install a much-needed ceiling fan.

  4. My husband learned how to put in recessed lighting by watching youtube videos! It was a huge project but made such a big difference. We just gave our kitchen a facelift by painting the cabinets and counters and putting down some peel and stick tiles. It was a great budget friendly project and made such a big difference! We have a big storage room above our garage and we hope to make it a big rec room, so that is next!

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