“Real Life” Throw-Together Meals

Hi, friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend!

I heard a rumor that you guys want to see more “real life” meals – not necessarily pretty, curated ones, but ones that a regular person throws together. I mean, sometimes we just want to EAT, and it doesn’t need to be a whole production to cook an amazing meal and then plate it perfectly. Am I right? Let’s call them “real life” throw-together meals, shall we? 😉

I like to keep it simple with my meals, and I know a lot of you guys do too, so here’s a round-up of some recent “real life” meals I’ve eaten. Most of them were thrown together quickly and effortlessly. I hope they give you some tasty ideas for your own meals! 🙂

“Real life” throw-together meals

This is a version of my One-Pan Chicken Taco Skillet, but with ground turkey in the mix instead. I also substituted the peppers and onions with baby spinach and zucchini because that’s what we had in the house. It turned out great. Pro tip: Always have taco seasoning on hand!

I cooked a frozen chicken burger in the air fryer. While it cooked, I sautéed some baby spinach with some olive oil and roasted garlic. I nuked some frozen green beans in the microwave and then sprinkled some sea salt on top. When the chicken burger was done cooking, I topped in with mashed avocado. Boom, dinner done!

This was an end-of-week random lunch, but it was delicious: Canned tuna mixed with air fryer onions and Everything But the Bagel Seasoning. I swear, it was REALLY good!

Ground turkey mixed with mashed sweet potatoes (I nuked the frozen ones from Trader Joe’s), steamed baby spinach (again, I used the microwave) and air fryer onions. It was simple, but delicious and nutritious!

Instant pot steel cut oats (I made a big batch on Sunday for the week) with sliced banana, ground flax, hemp heats, cinnamon, and almond butter. Mmm!

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of “real life” throw-together meals. If you’re looking for more throw-together meal ideas, check out the two blog posts below. There are 54 meal ideas! Many of which are ones we make again and again in our house, especially when I don’t want to think about what to make for dinner!

33 Healthy Throw-Together Meals

33 Throw-Together Meals 

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