Psychics, Shiny Hair, Skin Therapy Wand & Fitbit Versa

Welcome to this next addition of Carrots ‘N’ Cake Live! I have quite the group of questions for you this week, so let’s get right to it!

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Have you ever seen a medium or psychic?

I have! And I know it’s totally hippy-dippy. I don’t think I totally believe in psychics and mediums, but never say never. I think people are really intuitive, and I think having a session with somebody, who is really intuitive can give you ideas and insight that you can run with. A lot of the time, meeting a psychic or medium is a positive experience, and I think your brain and how you manifest good things happening in your life is really important and definitely possible. If you can think it, and you believe it, it can happen. I’m very much into the mind-body connection, and I absolutely believe your brain can help heal your body.

So a long time ago… I love the story because it came true, and I just think it’s so cool. So the summer of 2003, I was on vacation with my mom and my sister. We went to Old Orchard Beach, and we went to psychic just for the fun of it. At that point in life, I was very single. I was doing the dating thing, and not having much success – lots of bad dates and just feeling really down and out about the whole dating scene – like I was never gonna find anybody.

So, I went to the psychic and, of course, my love life came up. She told me that I was going to reconnect with somebody from my past in November, and his name would begin with the letter D. Mal’s name does not begin with D, but he has a tattoo of his mom’s initials on his back. The first initial is D, which I always thought was really interesting. Mal and I reconnected in November, and he was somebody from my past (We dated in high school.) I remember telling my sister and my mom all these specific details from the psychic. I was like, “You know what? That a few months away, let’s see what happens!” I don’t know if I manifested it or it was just meant to be, but Mal and I got together Thanksgiving weekend in 2003, and we’ve been together ever since. I don’t know… maybe the psychic put those thoughts out into the universe or maybe I put those thoughts out into the universe, but all I know is that it happened!

More recently, I had a Reflective Resonance Healing session. Someone reached out to me on the blog and offered me a free session, and I was all about it. Basically, a medium connects with your higher self and your guides and help send you messages to heal your body. It’s all remote. You don’t even need to be present for it. The medium did my reading and then put it all into a document. She actually recorded an audio file as well, which was really cool. Reading the document was interesting and she definitely nailed some things about me, but hearing the auto file was really impactful. I was almost in tears at time because it was so accurate!

The medium said a lot of things that makes me very hopeful for getting better and healing my body. She also said a bunch of stuff about the connection between my job and my disease, which makes me stop and think twice about why I got colitis and why I’ve struggle with it so much. Maybe it’s something that I need to talk about more on social channels or help people more directly… behind the scenes, there’s already a lot of stuff in the works for 2020 and goals that I want to achieve. Basically, her saying these things to me, just really resonated with me. And, of course, these are things I’ve been thinking about for a long time now. So her connecting my job and my disease did not come out of the blue, but instead she reinforced some of the thoughts I had for awhile now and it pushed me in a direction to take action.

If you’re curious about this experience and need a push in the direction to do whatever it is that you’re supposed to do, check out the Reflective Resonance Healing. You can save $45 off with code CNC through the end of the month.

Do you color your hair and how do you get it so shiny?

I do color my hair because I’m almost 40, and I have a ton of grays! Really. Grays are funny… it’s like you don’t have any gray hairs… you cover ’em all up and then one day, you look in the mirror and you have them everywhere! They pop up overnight!

So yeah, I just color my hair one dark shade. I don’t know if it’s dark brown? It’s not black… I’d guess a dark brown. I let my hairdresser friend decide on the color! 😉 I probably go every 8 to 12 weeks to get my hair colored. It just kind of depends. I also get a glaze put on my hair, so that definitely makes it really soft and shiny. And then, of course, I use my beloved “magic hairspray” as a finishing spray. When you see me in videos and my hair is down, I’ll use the magic hair spray to finish it off and make it like all nice and shiny.

As far as shampoo products, I use… Soma (for color treated hair), which is an all-natural shampoo. It works okay, but I also use a clarifying shampoo once a week just to get all the gunk out of it, which actually makes it feel free clean and smooth. Those hippie natural shampoos don’t clean the same way as traditional ones, but I don’t want all the chemicals and stuff in there.

You’ve never shared about the skin wand. Inquiring minds want to know.

So, yes, the wand…

I’ve only been using the skin therapy wand for about three weeks now. It’s a high-frequency treatment, and there are all sorts of tools you had use with it – one for a small area, a more targeted piece. Another once is bigger for a larger surface area. Basically, there’s high frequency electric waves that go into your skin, which makes it more receptive to the products that you’re using. If you’re using a serum or another anti-aging product, it will make your skin more receptive, so it’s able to penetrate deeper and work better.

I don’t know if it’s helping for fine lines and wrinkles yet since it’s only been a few weeks. I’d like to think that it’s working! For acne, it’s made a very big difference. If I get a big zit on my chin or forehead or wherever, I’ll turn up the frequency and zap it for a little bit. I’ll put a little Overnight Resurfacing Peel, let it sit, and then zap it again. And I swear, the pimple will go down overnight – the inflammation is pretty much gone! The pimple isn’t completely gone the next day, but if it was inflamed and raised, it’s gone – like totally flat. Then, I just have to wait for the redness to go away, which maybe takes a day. It just speeds up the whole process a ton!

And you don’t need to blast the frequency on the wand for it to work. I usually put it on one of the lower settings. It tingles a little, but definitely doesn’t hurt. It’s totally gentle. You’re not supposed to use any sort of harsh products on your face because, again, it’s penetrating deeper into your skin. I’ve been using the brightening oil from Beautycounter on my forehead for pigmentation/melasma and then the Overnight Resurfacing Peel on any sort of zits that I get. It’s awesome, and I highly recommend it. I think it was 40 bucks on Amazon – totally worth it! It’s also suppose to tighten and tone your skin, so I’ll have to report back on that. I’m a big fan of the wand, especially for acne!

How do you track your steps?

I have the Fitbit Versa. It’s the first version, so it’s pretty old school. I think I’ve had it for a year and a half… actually, two and a half years! I love it. I think it works great for Orangetheory and tracking my steps.

And then the display… so it’s not an Apple Watch. I think a lot of people think my Fitbit is an Apple Watch, which is why they’re so confused about the display I share after Orangetheory. After I go to Orangetheory, I sync my watch to the Fitbit app and it will show all of the different heart rate zones, calories, and all that good stuff. I then screenshot it and share on Instagram Stories.

Fitbit actually just came out with a new Versa, so now I’m debating what to do. I’m like, “Do I get the new Fitbit or do I get the Apple Watch?” I’ve heard great things about the Apple watch. Obviously, it’s more expensive, but I hear that it does a lot of cool stuff. If you have opinions on the Apple Watch please let me know. I’m so tempted to purchase it next!


  1. I have a medium story. I was never much of a believer. A friend invited me to an event with at least 250 people and one medium. She was walking around just picking out people to “read.” My friend bought all the tickets…there were 4 of us. Toward the end of the night the medium came up to me and said, “You grew up on Chestnut St. right?” This was true. It was about 35 years ago. She then said, “Your sister’s middle name is Elizabeth.” Well, it is. She made several more correct statements. Her last one was, “And your son has always had Dream Catcher’s in his bedroom.” He always has and still does. Her final comment was, “Your mother is here and she is always looking out for you.” Needless to say I was blown away being the non-believer I was.

  2. Did you buy the wand or were given it by a brand. Been considering one and positive reviews mean a lot when it’s something you purchased yourself!

    1. Yes, I purchased it myself. If it was given to me, I would have said so. As a blogger, I’m required to say if something was gifted to me. 🙂

        1. No and no. If I did, I would have said that I did just like I am required to… and yes, I ALWAYS disclose when something is sponsored or given to me. 🙂

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