Quinn’s Pizza + Bird-Themed Birthday Party

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Quinn’s 2nd birthday party was a huge success! Our little guy had such a great time. Many, many thanks to all of the family and friends who made it a special day for him!


We originally planned to have his party outside in our backyard, but it ended up raining, so we moved things inside.




Our “Plan B” actually ended up working out really well since we had so many kids at the party and they loved playing in Quinn’s playroom. New toys at someone else’s house = THE BEST.


Hi, Finn! We joke that he and Quinn will start their own law firm someday: “Finn & Quinn, Attorneys at Law.”


Eventually, the rain slowed down and the kiddos (and adults) were able to play outside. Water tables = also THE BEST.


Then, it was time for pizza, which is one of Quinn’s favorite foods. He also loves birds, so a pizza + bird-themed party made perfect sense.


And did you see the adorable custom banners at the start of this blog post?! Amazing, right? Kate from SunflowerPaperie (her Etsy shop is the cutest thing ever) made them, and she’s giving away two banners to two CNC followers on Instagram, so be sure to pop over for details!


SAM_0321 (1280x853)

Once everyone had their fill of pizza, it was time for the most amazing birthday cake ever created. Seriously. My sister had it made at BJs, and I still can’t get over it. Everyone at the party loved it, too!


Happy 2nd birthday, sweet boy!

IMG_8163 (1280x1280)

Quinn was so excited to blow out his candles and tried to get closer to the cake…

SAM_0324 (1280x853)

… only to put his hands right into the frosting. Oops! The poor kid was so distraught about it.

SAM_0328 (1280x853)

“My wife! What have I done!?!” – Jon

SAM_0327 (1280x853)

We cleaned Quinn up (he doesn’t like his hands “dirty” at all) and then distracted him with another birthday candle.

IMG_8178 (1280x1280)

All better. He was totally happy after that.

IMG_8181 (1280x1280)

And, of course, Quinn loved eating his birthday cake (with a knife – Parents of the Year)!



SAM_0336 (1280x853)

The rest of the party was kind of a blur (we had a full house for sure!), but we managed to snap a family photo before saying goodbye. #nailedit


Question of the Day

What’s one of your favorite/unique party themes? 



  1. That theme is seriously the cutest! I can’t believe he’s 2! I clearly remember following along with your pregnancy journey because I was only 4 months behind you. Why do they grow up so fast?? Oh, and Ellie can’t stand her hands dirty either. But her face? Not an issue. Cracks me up!

  2. Looks like a fun party! You have the BEST attitude – “Parents of the Year” and “Nailed it!” πŸ™‚

  3. I love visiting friends houses for the “new” toys that Bryce can play with! Can we visit Quinns playroom and you can visit ours? lol My little guy turns 2 in November and I’m already trying to think of fun themes and party ideas!

    I love the bird and pizza theme. I love the ease of just ordering pizza, who doesn’t love pizza!? (well I didn’t when I was preggers, weird and sad, I know! )

  4. That cake came out awesome! I love that Quinn was distraught over “dirty” hands covered in frosting — hahaha! Looks like he had a great birthday party.

  5. I LOVE the cake! And where did you find the pizza tablecloth?! Your party looked darling. I miss throwing kid parties. We had everything from Barbie for my daughter to Transformers for my son.

  6. My sister had a flamingo themed birthday party for my niece’s 1st. I live across the country, so I couldn’t go, but it looked awesome!!

  7. Long time reader, but this is my first time commenting. I can’t believe Quinn is 2 already!! I remember being so excited reading your post about him being born! That’s crazy. But what a sweet birthday party πŸ™‚

  8. I love that you did a theme that Quinn would love rather than a ‘Pinterest worthy’ theme! It’s all about the kids right?!

    Are you able to please share some of Quinn’s favourite presents (or even just toys he’s loving)? I’m starting to think about my son’s second birthday and am overwhelmed trying to choose something!

  9. I need your help! I remember last year you listed your favorite presents for boys when Quinn turned one. I bought one of your recommendations, and it was a hit! Can you do that again? My nephew is turning two soon, and I’d love to hear what Quinn is currently loving. My nephew is ALL about cars, the slide on the playground, turning lights on and off, and garage doors that go up and down! Thanks!

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