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Ever since moving to Southie, a number of people have recommended that I give Amrheins Restaurant a try. With so many glowing recommendations and it being just a short walk from our new place, it was an easy decision to treat our friends to dinner there.



The “mood lighting” in Amrheins was quite dark, so my photos didn’t turn out great– I even had to use a flash. Boo! 😡 But, the food was delicious, so it totally made up for it.

I ordered a glass of Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc (one of my favs!) before dinner to enjoy with my meal. (For some reason, I never snapped a photo?) And for my entree, I ordered the Pumpkin Chicken Risotto, which was absolutely amazing! It was easily one of the best risottos I have ever tasted!


It was creamy chicken risotto with cashews, dried cranberries, caramelized onions, and baby spinach baked inside a pumpkin and topped with a blend of melted cheese. HOLY YUM!


It had strong flavors of maple and cinnamon, which were a wonderful compliment to the creamy risotto and blend of cheeses.

I could not stop eating this meal! I actually ate so much, I feel sick now. I’m such a 5-year-old when I get around incredibly delicious foods. I eat until I have a bellyache. 😳


I still can’t believe my dinner was served in a pumpkin! :mrgreen:


Amrheins made a great first impression! I’m sure I’ll visit again soon!

I’m exhausted from the day! Good night!!!!



  1. What a fun dish! I love it, because you can totally eat with your eyes first. It makes the dish so much more fun and appealing.

    Hmmm… maybe restaurants should get more creative like this all the time. They could totally serve seasonal dishes in more unique ways like this.

    Looks like an awesome night. Have a great rest of your evening Tina!

  2. Nice! I’m so glad you went there for dinner. Amrheins is such a wonderful restaurant with great food, atmosphere and service. I love that pumpkin! It’s so unique and that melted cheese can’t be beat! I hope you and your friends had a great time!

  3. Omg! That looks so amazing. You must have been so psyched when you saw it on the plate! I would have been expecting some risotto on a little plate 🙂

  4. What a gorgeous pumpkin!! If it tasted half as good as it looks, I bet it was amazing! Nice way to celebrate the first day of fall!! 🙂 I might ask my husband to try to recreate that for me…

  5. Wow. I am speechless. I need to go to that restaurant asap. I think I would have just died on the table when they served that to me. I have eaten pumpkin soup out of a pumpkin before (at home) but seeing that cheese oozing over the side is enough to just kill me. glad you enjoyed your dinner, I would have gone overboard too. it happens.

  6. wow! i really want to eat at that restaurant now!
    that pumpkin is probably one of the coolest ideas i have ever seen 🙂 did you know it was coming in a pumpkin or not!?

  7. pumpkins make for cute serving… my oldest brother is a vegetarian and he always make a stuffed sweet meat squash for thanksgiving-it’s a great centerpiece AND edible! Plus, he gets meat free stuffin that way

  8. i can’t believe that your dinner was served in a pumpkin, how fun is that! it looks delish!

    I’ve been at fault of the over stuffing myself too. i’ve been known to pop a piece of gum if its getting overboard at times! 🙂

    glad you had such a great evening with your friends

  9. i have such a love for risotto and respect every restaurant that makes it, since its so labor intensive. i make it sometimes with my dad and i always get stuck with the ‘hard labor’ of stirring for ever!!! either way, your dinner looks gorgeous!!!

  10. That looks like an incredible meal! The pumpkin is almost exploding with jummy stuff, I would really like to try that!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  11. Thank you, Tina! I now have a giant wet spot on my computer screen from licking the risoto picture! It looked so good, I had to see if I could taste it. It didn’t work!

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