Press Juice Bar (Norwell) + Yard Sale Score

Hi, guys!

I hope you had a nice Labor Day Weekend! I took some time off and truly disconnected from social media, which was awesome and much-needed, but I still “documented” Saturday morning, so I figured I’d share since there were definitely some fun highlights!

The first of which was quite the challenging hero WOD at CrossFit. “Chad” was no joke and our team carried a 185-pound barbell for 1.25 miles. My gosh, my grip and biceps were smoked by the end!

Post-workout, we headed to a new local juice and smoothie bar called Press. I heard a rumor they had good iced coffee too, so we were all about checking it out!

It’s super cute inside with a long bar, lots of seating, and a wooden tic-tac-toe board that Quinn thought was super cool.

He also thought his dead, dried-up bumblebee was super cool. He carried it around with him alllllll day!

I ordered an iced coffee and Quinn had a kid’s size strawberry shortcake smoothie with whipped cream. He lovvvveed it!

On the drive home, we saw a sign for a yard sale. I’ve been in the market for a small bookcase for my home office, so we decided to stop. Growing up, I used to go to yard sales nearly every weekend with my mom and sister, so I feel like they’re in my blood. Haha! I ended up finding a basically new Kate Spade crossbody purse for $5. I couldn’t pass it up!

Question of the Day

Are you a yard sale fan? If so, what was the best deal you’ve scored?

P.S. If you’re in the market for some new leggings (I mean, when are you not?), these high-waisted ones from Zella are 40% off right now, and they look perfect!


  1. We always stop at yard sales! It’s always so interesting to see what people have collected over the years. Just this weekend we scored a gym quality spin bike!!! I was so happy since I have been looking at them for awhile. It needs a bit of TLC but I’m hoping that after I clean it up a bit it will be as good as new!

  2. I once bought an antique kitchen hutch with a built-in flour bin ( i guess it could be called a bakers hutch) for 60$ canadian. I was heartbroken when we had to sell it to make a cross country move and couldn’t take it with us. Bonus: I sold it for what I paid for it to a good friend who loved it as much as i did!!

  3. That WOD though!! As my boyfriend said, “that would get gnarly!” my best yard sale finds (so far) has been couch cushions, jewelry, and fall decor ❤️

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