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Once again, I’ve partnered with Brother to show the versatility of the Brother P-touch Label Maker, especially when it comes to fitness and gym equipment. As always, thank you for supporting CNC!

I receive quite a few questions from readers about what I eat before, during, and after workouts, so I wanted to share those with you today. It changes a little bit from workout-to-workout, but I keep a general framework in mind.


BEFORE (approximately 30 minutes): I typically eat a small snack made up of mostly simple carbs since they provide quick energy. Some favorites: Half of a banana or another piece of whole fruit, a snack bar, handful of raisins, or a rice cake with jam and sometimes nut butter (it just depends how hungry I am and the timing of my workout).

DURING: I typically don’t consume anything during my workouts, unless they’re longer than 90 minutes, like if I’m training for a long distance race (i.e. half marathon). In that case, I’ll take an energy gel and water every 45 minutes or so. My body has everything it needs, especially if I eat something carb-y pre-workout, so I don’t need extra energy during my usual workouts.

AFTER (within an hour): After a workout, the goal is to replenish nutrients and repair the damage of exercise. Whether I just finished a running, strength, or interval workout consuming a mix of protein and carbohydrates is important for jump-starting the recovery process. I typically try to get around 20g of protein and 30-45g of carbs within an hour or so after finishing a workout. A lot of the time, I just eat a balanced meal afterward, but if I’m on-the-go (or can’t stomach a meal), these are some favorites: Greek yogurt with cereal or fruit, a protein bar, or protein shake, which is typically my go-to because they’re so convenient.


I often work out in the morning, so my favorite post-workout protein shake is a delicious combo of protein powder (vanilla, coconut, or churro-flavored), iced coffee, chocolate almond milk, and ice that I quickly mix up in a shaker once I finish my workout. And, my gosh, it’s my favorite thing ever! In fact, after setting up a bunch of snack boxes with my new Brother P-touch D210 label maker, I couldn’t help but think of a million other ways to incorporate labeling into my lifestyle. I love this protein shake combo so much, I actually labeled one of my shakers with its measurements for flavor perfection! 🙂


I used my handy-dandy Brother P-touch D210 label maker to customize my labels. It gives you the choice of 14 fonts, 97 frames, and more than 600 symbols. Brother P-touch TZe comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and widths, so it was easy to find one that fit my needs. I chose the lime green tape because it’s energizing and reminds me of how I feel after a workout!


I had some fun with my shaker labels this time and added some fun symbols to them, including a coffee cup, thumbs up, and smiley face.


The P-touch labels on my shaker are durable and have held up going from the gym bag to multiple washes in the dishwasher. They’re laminated which makes them water-resistant, temperature-resistant, and fade-resistant. This is a huge time-saver because I’m not re-making labels over and over again, so I can just grab and go when needed!


I’m a big fan of the Brother P-touch Label Maker for a variety of reasons, but now it makes me even more efficient! To purchase the P-touch D210, click here.

Questions of the Day

What’s your favorite way to refuel post-workout?

What’s your favorite protein smoothie combo?


  1. I adore my Brother label maker. I hike a lot so I have labels on everything in case I leave them behind in a hostel or they leap off my pack on the trail. It’s such a random thing to buy, but once i got it I found so many uses for it.

    1. I just fill up my shaker based on the labels. Scoop of protein powder goes in first… then ice, iced coffee, and chocolate almond milk.

  2. I LOVE coffee + protein! People don’t believe me when I tell them it’s like adding creamer. It’s hard to drink it any other way now.

    Favorite post workout is a toss up between greek yogurt and granola or sweet potato, rice, and egg whites with spinach. Depends on how hot I am after the workout whether I can handle hot or cold food.

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