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Hi, guys!

Since the marathon, I have received all sorts of questions about my training, recovery, future plans, and much more. I figured some of you might want to hear my answers too, so I decided to create a little post-marathon Q & A on CNC. I hope you find my replies helpful!


What was your post-marathon meal?

Oh, man, it was such a bummer. I originally had big plans for a post-marathon celebration, but I was so exhausted, I ended up going home and laying on the couch. I had zero appetite, but I knew I needed to eat, so I practically force-fed myself some food from the Whole Foods hot bar. It wasn’t the post-marathon marathon that I envisioned, but I made up for it the next day with a batch of homemade oatmeal raisin cookies and a bottle of wine!

How is your recovery going?

Right after the marathon, I was in rough shape. I felt terrible. Everything on my body felt terrible. I actually woke up in the middle of the night because I was in so much pain. (I took Tylenol and went back to bed.) The next day, I was pretty sore, but I actually felt better than the previous evening. I took a couple of walks with Quinn and Murphy on Tuesday and Wednesday to get the blood flowing in my legs, and, on Thursday, I got a massage. By Friday, I was feeling a whole lot better– no soreness, no aches or pains, and I actually wanted to work out. Prior to that, I had no interest in exercise, but I figured if I wanted to move, I should ease back into it. So, on Friday afternoon, I had my first workout back at KFIT and it was awesome!

Can you tell me more about your pre-training?

Sure thing! I was really worried about getting injured during marathon training since the training for my previous two were a total disaster with injury after injury. For my pre-training for the Boston Marathon, I increased my long run time by 5 minutes for two weeks in a row and then planned a “step back” week when I gave my body a little break. So, for example, I would run for 70 minutes one week, 75 minutes the next week, and then drop down to 60 minutes the following week. I did this for a couple of months with the goal of being able to run for 90 minutes. In addition to a long run, I would do a couple of shorter runs (2-4 miles) during the week.

What was your fueling and hydration strategy for marathon?

I ate a packet of GU every 45 minutes and drank water or Gatorade every other water stop.

Do you think the weather affected your marathon performance?

I honestly don’t know. The weather definitely wasn’t great, but I was so excited about race day, I didn’t even notice it after awhile. I spent a lot of time fiddling around with my Spibelt, gloves, GU, iPhone, and headphones because my hands were frozen and just wouldn’t work, so I suppose that slowed me down a little bit?

Will you run another marathon?

Good question! After Boston, I really wanted to register for another marathon, but I will probably hold off for awhile. Marathon training was really time-consuming and kind of tough on our family at times, so I’m going to focus on shorter distances in the future. Oh, yea, important to note, even though I don’t want to admit it, all of the running was really hard on my body, especially with my UC stuff. I had (mostly) minor symptoms the whole second half of my training. Boo. 

What’s your next race?

Technically, it was the Run for Charlotte 5K yesterday, but my next “big” race is the Seattle Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon in June.

Do you think your training plan helped you get to marathon day injury-free?

Absolutely!! Running 3 times per week was just the right amount of running for my body. The workouts were challenging, but they didn’t push me over the edge either. I highly recommend Megan’s training plan if you’re thinking about running a marathon in the future!

Will you share your marathon training plan?

I’d love to, but Megan runs a coaching business, so reach out to her if you’d like to work with her. She also has training plans for other distances too!

Did you gain weight this time?

I didn’t. I actually lost weight. I’m thinking about writing a blog post about this in the future because I did a lot of things differently with my diet this time around. Keep a lookout for it!

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  1. Thanks for your tips and your honesty. I have a 15 month old and just started getting back into serious running again and want to do a 2nd marathon. I really want to hear about your diet tips as this is the part I struggle with a lot when I increase milage. And CONGRATS on such a kick ass marathon.

  2. Im always amazed at how people want to continue doing marathons even though they wind up in such pain afterwards. I do understand it bc of the goal setting and just the whole atmosphere on race day, but I’m still not up to it yet. I love half marathons so for right now I’ll keep it at that. Never say never though…

  3. Thanks for sharing! One of the things I worry about with marathon training is the sheer amount of time you need to commit and the way it can take over parts of your life that would normally go toward other important priorities, so this is really great to read.

  4. Can’t wait to see your blog post about how your diet was different this time. I’m to the point where I’ve been trying to increase my miles, but backing off due to weird energy and weight fluctuations. I am pretty sure the problem was not taking enough rest days, but I would still like to see what you did for reference. Rest days are so important — I just have trouble sitting still. HA!

  5. You were exhausted after the race, but how did you feel 2 minutes after crossing the finish line? Energized? Im just so seeing if its because your body is cooled down or because you bonked during the race that you felt crappy afterwards. We’re you super hungry the next day? Also, was the food tasteless if you ate it and didn’t feel hungry?

    Sorry for all these questions. I’m really into your training, if you didn’t notice already!

  6. Glad I’m not the only person that had no appetite right after my (half) marathon and then was far more hungry the next day! Thought I was a weirdo for awhile πŸ˜‰

  7. That’s so exciting that you’ll be in Seattle for the Rock ‘n Roll! I’ve signed up for that one twice but haven’t been able to run it due to tonsilitis (literally, woke up the day of with it) one year and a tooth implant the next. I’m destined to not run it! I really look forward to hearing about your nutrition during training. Do you plan on sticking more with KFit or going back to your old CF gym?

  8. What will your training schedule for the 1/2 marathon look like? I’m considering the Bay State 1/2 marathon in October. I’ve looked at some training schedules that have running 4 days a week but with 6 month old at home, it’s not very realistic. So I’m hesitant to commit if I don’t have the time to train, I don’t want to get injured. I’m so torn on what to do.

  9. Congrats on your marathon Tina! Your time was very impressive. It was so fun following along with you on your training journey.

    I would love to hear more about your diet this time around. Great idea about doing a post on the topic!

  10. Hi Tina,
    This post was helpful! I am currently going through base training for a marathon in the fall and was curious on your thoughts about incorporating strength training in with your marathon training. I noticed you did Kfit along with running. Do you think that improved your performance? Would you recommend adding strength training? Do you think it may have helped keep you from getting injured?

  11. Loved this post. Looking forward to your post on food. I have signed up for my first marathon – next April ! and before I start training in the fall I am wondering if I should tweak my diet, maybe loose 5 pounds, because I know once training starts I will need to fuel correctly, definitely not the moment to change too much in my diet. Congrats again on the race !

  12. I too would love to hear more about the nutrition side of your training. I am currently preparing for my first half marathon and definitely feel hungry a lot more than usual. I try to eat a carb-based breakfast and then lots of protein and vegetables for lunch and dinner but I still find myself feeling very “snacky” late in the day so would love to hear any tips πŸ™‚ Oh, also, how did you time your meals in relation to your runs? Did you eat more on long run days?

  13. Isn’t it crazy that you can run for that long and after no feel hungry? Happens to me every time. Then suddenly hours later I’m famished and eating everything in sight. The hunger is real. I’m looking forward to hearing about your weight loss during this process.

  14. Too bad about how you felt post-race, but at least you got some wine and cookies the next day. And I’d imagine with a dog, hubby and baby, training for a marathon was not easy. Congrats on the race, and glad you’re back in the workout world now that you feel better! πŸ™‚

  15. Congrats on running Boston! I totally have had that non-appetite feel before after a race, and it is a bummer because you’re supposed to be so excited about food. haha. I’m glad you got something good the next day though!

  16. So many great tips, thanks Tina! Can you please write a blog post on your diet during marathon training and how you didn’t gain weight this time around?! I’d be very interested in reading it!

  17. Tina~ your marathon inspired me to look into running another race (I’ve ran two 1/2 marathons many years ago). However, when I looked at them, I noticed they discourage the use of IPODS. If you use them, then you are disqualified for winning prizes, qualifying for Boston etc. I can’t imagine not listening to music while running. Did you listen to music while running Boston?

  18. Wahooo! Awesome marathon time!!

    I would love to know how you ate differently this time around as its hard to find the balance between ‘healthy’ and ‘ I just ran 20 miles bring on all the food’ haha πŸ˜€

  19. I think you are AWESOME for admitting training was rough on your body and your family. Too often you’ll see people perpetuate the idea that the achievements don’t come with sacrifice, so I’m really grateful to you for keeping it real and honest. Thanks Tina for being so inspiring!

  20. I wasn’t hungry after Boston either and just normal hungry 2 days after. Then came Thursday, Friday and even Saturday and I could not get enough food. I thought something had to be wrong with me. I’m still “afraid” to get on the scale. I’m sure I didn’t lose and don’t know if I gained or not (again – afraid to get on). I need to get over it and just face the number. I’ve been taking it very easy this week and just walking (we must have walked 10 miles through all of Boston on Tuesday on the Freedom Trail – awesome!). Trained and ran with a hamstring tendonosis so now I need it to calm down. I am running the Pittsburgh Marathon half on Sunday with a friend, but, will go easy and just have fun.

    one dumb question for you, Tina – how do you get your headbands to stay on your head?! I have so many kinds and they don’t stay on. ugh!

  21. As someone who is balancing strength training and running too, it was really interesting for me to follow your journey from the beginning until the race day. Did you feel losing your strength while running so much? Do you think the weight loss was a loss of muscle mass?

    1. I definitely lost some strength, but I don’t think it was a huge amount, especially since I kept up with regular KFIT/CrossFit workouts. My weight loss might have been a loss of muscle mass, but it’s hard to know. I actually didn’t feel too bad at KFIT the other day, so maybe I didn’t lose as much as I originally thought I did?

  22. Does the Boston Marathon reserve several spots for sponsored runners like yourself, and for charity runners? Did you see any of the other Stonyfield runners on the course? And, I’ve never been able to stomach Gu during a run, did you find that it was enough fueling or did you ever wish you had something else?

    1. Yep, the Boston Marathon has a certain number of spots for their sponsors as well as charity runners. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any of the other Stonyfield runners on the course, but we all got to hang out the day before! πŸ™‚

  23. Hi

    Can you give me Megan’s contact details? I am looking for a running coach and could use some help.


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