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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends!

How was your weekend? What’d you do?

My weekend was a whirlwind of fun, and I feel like I didn’t stop moving from Friday evening to Sunday night. It was all awesome stuff, but, holy cow, we were busy. That said, here is THE BEST of the weekend!

Friday evening KFIT workout. Boom. I’m back at it and, man, it felt great. I seriously had the goofiest smile on my face the entire class.

IMG_1699 (800x800)

The workout:


I used #65 and finished in just over 5 minutes. And, let me tell you, that little workout kicked my butt. These types of workouts are a VERY different type of cardio that I am used to. I can run for 4+ hours, but it took me a solid 60-90 seconds to recover from a 5-minute workout. And I was super sore for the rest of the weekend.

Clothing swap followed by the Bruce Jenner interview.

clothing_swap (591x592)

Drinks + food +  friends + we all ended up with some “new” clothes to bring home. We also donated about 10 bags to the Goodwill. Anyone else watch the Bruce Jenner interview? I thought it was so heartbreaking at times, but I am really excited for him. He seemed so optimistic and happy about his future, and I honestly don’t think he’s doing any of it for publicity. Ok, maybe a little, but I really think he wants to help people.

IMG_1702 (800x600)

Superhero-themed baby shower. How adorable, right!?!

IMG_1711 (800x600)

I was a little nervous bringing a (super) active 10-month-old to a baby shower, but Quinn was great. I brought a bunch of toys and snacks to keep him entertained and timed his bottle for when the mom-to-be opened her presents. By the time the shower ended, it was nap time, so Quinn snoozed in the car on the way home.

IMG_1716 (600x800)

And we discovered that the little guy loves croissants. He grabbed one off my plate, ate the whole thing, and then ate another half of a second one about 10 minutes later.

IMG_1718 (800x600)

Banana Protein Pancakes. Yum! The recipe is: FlapJacked Protein Pancake Mix (buttermilk flavor) + a scoop of sour cream + banana slices. Incredible.

IMG_1684 (800x600) (800x600)

Run for Charlotte with the lovely ladies of KFIT. It was such a great race for a great cause with great people!

IMG_1745 (800x600)

IMG_1724 (800x600)

IMG_1746 (601x800)

The course was HILLY and my legs were tired, so it wasn’t my fastest 5K, but I still had an awesome time. Races are so fun!

IMG_1727 (800x600)

Post-race iced coffee? Yes, please!

IMG_1728 (600x800)

Lunch at Sophia’s Grotto to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

IMG_1732 (800x600)

We ordered Quinn his first meal off the kids’ menu, which was grilled cheese + French fries, but he went right for Mal’s sandwich instead. Haha!

IMG_1739 (800x600)

I ordered risotto with scallops, asparagus, and mushrooms, which was excellent. Quinn loved it too!

IMG_1741 (800x600)

Hanging out in “the nook” with friends. We had SO MUCH to celebrate. I love these people a whole lot.

friends_in_a_nook (607x607)

Question of the Day

What was THE BEST part of your weekend? 



    My best of was a late night run to CVS with the child for something ELSE and leaving only with 9.99 walkie talkies.

  2. My son’s baptism; the weekend was filled with family and friends who came to celebrate. It looks like you certainly had a busy weekend- but a great one at that!

  3. Quinn already has good taste! Croissants are the best 🙂 And it looks like you had a blast this weekend – good workouts, friends, a baby shower – so much fun! Have a great week ahead too 🙂

  4. Now I want a croissant!! Haha. Can’t believe you ran another race less than a week after your marathon!

    I had my second to last weekend of yoga teacher training this weekend. We taught public classes on Saturday and then sat at a rooftop bar to celebrate new friendships, teaching, and training being almost over. It was wonderful (and a great way to get rid of those post-teaching nerves).

  5. I watched the Jenner interview as well and I was sad for him because it took 65 years for him to feel comfortable enough to become his true self. I just can’t imagine living like that for so long. It was so great to see how supportive his children were and I wish nothing but the best for him.

    Best part of my weekend was spending time with my little guy. We didn’t do much which was great because next weekend is jam packed with activities!

  6. I love croissants too – glad Quinn has good taste. This weekend was great – I got to go to Stockholm, Sweden (from London), which was fantastic. And just a 2 hour flight. Too bad I was rocked to sleep on an afternoon boat cruise. Oops. Worst tourist ever!

  7. We had such a rough weekend – my little guy has had the flu since Thursday night. So the best part of my weekend was last night when everything was clean, laundered, put away and asleep and my husband and I watched Game of Thrones eating ice cream.

  8. Felt the same about Bruce Jenner – I think it’s awesome that he’s speaking out given the view people have of him, and I think he’ll inspire many people to live authentic lives. I remember when my kids were babies having constant huge garbage bags of clothes to give away! We still have a lot but since they grow more slowly we get a bit of a break 🙂

  9. Finally getting the ceiling done in our bathroom was my favorite.. we had no ceiling since November!! I love when my son eats new things he loves randomly. Yesterday in the grocery cart, my son picked off a basil leaf, chomped and went for another!

  10. Tina, you look incredible! I just have to tell you that your posts almost always either resonate with me, just make sense, or we do similar things over the weekend. 😉 And I just LOVE your positivity! You had a busy weekend, mama! I really had a wonderful weekend as well! I ran my first race EVER, which was a 5 miler! I felt great the whole course (i’m sure the adrenaline from the race in general helped me) but it was a beautiful day and I felt so proud of myself. I never ever thought i’d even run 2 miles without stopping. It was truly a great day!

    I completed it in 50:21. There were 676 runners ( it was a run the vinyards race- stunning views and I got an adorable stemless wine glass)! I placed 231 out of 676, 160 out of 550 female runners! for gender; And age was 83 of 259 females age 30-39!

    It was clearly the best weekend yet 🙂 I’ll be taking baby steps but would love to do a couple 5ks next then try a 10k. This weekend we got a lot of just ‘stuff’ that needed to get done. Saturday I organized my entire closet switching from winter to summer clothes, and all of my drawers and got rid of tons of clothes that either was legit trash or could be donated. I donated three full bags as well! It’s so refreshing to get organized! Happy Monday!

  11. We cheered my youngest brother on his 55 mile team relay. They took 3rd place in the open division on a super windy/cold day. Very proud. 🙂

    Those banana pancakes look wonderful. I’m going to check the recipe out. I also love the idea of the clothing exchange (great pictures, btw). I would definitely be up for that if I had a group of friends all around the same size.

  12. My husband and I headed back to DC for a friend’s wedding. It was so much fun. A friend of mine is hosting a clothing swap this weekend, but unfortunately I won’t be here since there is ANOTHER wedding I am off to. Looks like you had a great weekend!

  13. I am with you on Bruce Jenner.. My heart wants to believe he is being sincere and pure, but my head can’t help but wonder if its for money and fame!
    Tina, I love your jean jacket (the shade of jean is perfect), may I ask where you purchased it?

      1. @Tina: Thanks Tina! I have to say tha reading about your training and success these past few months has helped me stay motivated!

  14. Tht all looks so awesome!! I LOVE going through clothes like that and getting ride of it all. On Saturday, I helped my friend clean out her closet and bathroom cabinet/drawer type things… ended up with 4 bags to donate and 3 bags of trash. felt aaaaamazing. Well, I felt great. I think she did too.

    My niece loves croissants too! When she was barely a year old, she was taking down croissants like they were going out of style. So funny.

  15. I ran that race, too. I saw the ladies from Kfit (like last year) and looked for you! this year’s course was definitely hillier than last year, but it was a great race!

  16. We had a busy weekend too! My husband’s grandma’s 80th birthday was Friday night – a 1920’s themed party on the Queen Mary (ship permanently docked in the harbor) and Sunday was our niece’s 2nd birthday party. And I squeezed in a 10 mile run on Sunday morning…last long run before my half marathon this weekend. First race since having my daughter in October!

  17. Um, those grilled sandwiches Mal and Quinn have look mighty tasty! I don’t think we have anywhere in Eugene that makes something like that. Now you have me craving one. #35weekspregnant 😉

    Best thing we did last weekend was a lot of relaxing on Saturday and then helped a friend out who is opening a new running store in town.

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