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Hi, guys! Happy Hump Day!

I thought “Photos That I Send to People” would make a fun blog post on CNC since it’ll give you a little insight into our life and hopefully make you laugh. I’d say 90% of the photos that I send to my family and friends are intended to make them smile. That said, here are some photos that I’ve recently sent to people. Enjoy!

IMG_3111 (960x960)

To: Mal
What: A photo of Quinn sleeping on me.
Why: It was just a couple of days after his surgery, so he was tired, cuddly, and so adorable. He also just wanted “Muma” day and night. Toddler snuggles = the best.

IMG_2875 (1280x1280)

To: My father-in-law and sister-in-law
What: A photo of Quinn eating a block of Gruyere cheese like an apple.
Why: Mal’s family is French, so I thought they’d get a kick out seeing their little Frenchman chow-down on Gruyere!


To: Marisa
What: A photo of our snacks when we stayed overnight in the hospital after Quinn’s surgery.
Why: She asked if we were enjoying a nice hospital dinner and, at the time, we were drinking iced coffees and eating cashews and Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups.

IMG_3464 (960x1280)

To: Mal
What: A black and white photo of a peacock.
Why: I was at Homegoods, debating whether to buy it for my office or not. I’m obsessed with having a bird piece on the back wall and wanted Mal’s opinion. As you probably remember, Q-Man is super into birds, so I love the idea of seeing something that reminds me of him every time I walk into my office. Mal’s family also owned a peacock when he was a kid, so I seriously considered buying it. I ultimately decided the peacock looked too angry, so I didn’t get it.

IMG_3397 (719x1280)

To: Monica
What: Ok, not technically a photo, but a screenshot from my iPhone of the current temperature.
Why: Monica lives in sunny California, so the weather in Massachusetts both scares and amuses her. Remember when she ran 20 miles with me last Spring? She still wins the “Great Friend Award” for that.

IMG_3400 (960x1280)

To: Marisa
What: A workout that I did at KFIT.
Why: I did 121 Burpees the day before (Open WOD 12.1 aka 7 minutes of Burpees), so I wanted to show her how many more Burpees I just did. I was sore for daysssss.


To: My sister
What: A photo of our Grammie and her great-grandchildren.
Why: Mal snapped this photo on my phone, so I wanted to make sure she had a copy of it.

IMG_3619 (960x1280)

To: Mal
What: A photo of my slipper with my foot/sock sticking out.
Why: I bought new pair of slippers maybe a month ago and they ripped already, so I wanted to show him what a piece of crap they were!

IMG_2727 (960x1280)

To: My sister
What: A photo of a Little Tikes Little Champs Sports Center.
Why: My sister gave this toy to Quinn when Matthew outgrew it, and now Quinn’s too old for it and never plays with it, so I sent her a pic and asked if she wanted it back for my niece.

IMG_3410 (1280x1280)

To: Mal
What: A photo of Murphy squashing a pillow with his big pug butt on the couch.
Why: It was a highly illegal situation involving the pug, but so cute at the same time. I just had to snap a photo to show him.

IMG_3415 (1280x1280)

To: My mom
What: A photo of Quinn with a bird sticker on his face.
Why: My mom sent Quinn some bird stickers for Valentine’s Day, so I sent her a photo to show her how much he liked them. Caw-caw!

IMG_2374 (719x1280)

To: Mal
What: A screenshot of an “On This Day” memory from my Facebook account.
Why: I wanted to remind him that Murphy was once well-behaved around food.

IMG_2387 (960x1280)

To: Mal:
What: A photo of Quinn watching trains on TV.
Why: Quinn and I had just returned home after running some errands. I turned on the TV, and he stopped in his tracks to watch. And then he stayed there for a good 5 minutes in complete awe, so I snapped a photo to send to Mal. I had never seen him so into TV or trains before!


To: My sister
What: A photo of a bottle of wine that she gave us for Christmas.
Why: I wanted to show her that we tried and liked it! Related (for the local readers): My sister is a wine guide and does really fun (free!) tastings. Check out her Facebook page and feel free to contact her if you’re interested in setting up one!


To: My mom
What: A photo of Quinn with balloons stuck to his head via static.
Why: We used to do this all the time as kids, so I knew my mom would get a kick out of seeing Q-Man!


To: Mal
What: A photo of a “mega garage” that I built with Quinn’s Mega Bloks.
Why: Mal and I always try to one-up each other with our block creations, so I had to send him a pic of my recent one. Haha!


To: Mal
What: A photo of Quinn eating a pancake.
Why: It was his 6th (!!) mini pancake, so I just had to show Mal. It’s crazy how much Q-Man is eating nowadays. It’s like he’s making up for lost time!

IMG_3030 (960x1280)

To: Mal
What: A photo of Brownie Bites from the Au Bon Pan at the hospital.
Why: When we were at the hospital for Quinn’s surgery, I stopped by to grab us dinner. I saw these Brownie Bites near the register while waiting in line, so I snapped a photo to send to Mal (because we’re 5 years old and thought he would think it was funny). Backstory: When we’re walking Murphy and he stops to sniff other dog’s poop, we always tell him to not eat the “brownie bites.” I told ya, we’re kids.

Question of the Day

Your turn! Tell me about a photo that you recently sent to someone! 



  1. I recently sent a video of a bunny enthusiastically chewing a carrot really, really fast with a title “Me waiting for you for lunch like: ” to my boyfriend. Clearly telling him to hurry his a** up 😉

  2. I really liked this post idea.

    I recently sent a photo of a bottle of tequilla in a liquor store to my husband. He likes tequilla, but the price on this bottle was an astounding $695.

  3. What a fun post! These photos remind me a lot of what I send my family. My husband missed out on a trip to the zoo this past weekend and I sent him a bunch of photos of our son. It made him feel like he didn’t miss out so much 🙂

  4. I can relate to your one-upping each other with the big Legos. My husband and I would do that (very competitive parents). I’d build big animals with my daughter’s Legos and she would say, “Wow Muma!” (she’s 13 now!). I’d smile in victory and give my husband the finger (but not within eyesight of my daughter of course)!

  5. Is Mal’s family from France or Canada? (w/ French accents and all that jazz?) Or just French heritage? Cool either way. 🙂

  6. I loved – loved this post ! Thanks for all the details.

    My last photo was to my sister in law. I sent her a copy of a PIZZA pie. I love pizza so much, and it’s my go to indulgence meal. I was trying to make her jealous. (lol)

  7. Last thing sent: video of my son dancing- he is 2 and has developed a shuffle-ball-change step that is hilarious! I sent to to my sister to get pumped for a family party next week.

    Question: how often does Q eat in front of the TV? I have always been super strict about meals at the table/family meals, yet sometimes it’s tempting to just feed him in the living room. Does he eat more standing in front of his plate? And does he ask to get down when you have family meals (if you do eat as a family)?

  8. Technically Murphy is on a pillow, not the couch?? 🙂

    Walking our beagle, she sniffs EVERYTHING!!! When we get back my husband asks her “Chloe did you check all your pee-mail”

  9. Over the weekend I sent my two sisters a photo of a woman in a chair covered in golden retriever puppies that said “my 5 year plan.” I also shared it on twitter if you want to laugh! They always tease me that I’ll get another dog before I have a baby, which is probably true.

    That picture of Murphy on the couch is hilarious. I always take pictures of my dog doing “illegal” things to send to my husband, instead of reprimanding him. Likely why the rate of illegal transgressions seems to be increasing…

  10. I have an absolutely unrelated QUESTION”¦ about Quinn surgery, I understood that he’s got ear tubes? (My son will probably need that too) so I was wondering about Quinn, can he still have his head completely immerged in water (for swimming) or will he needs plugs? (My sister -and my husband- had tubes when they were kids too, and I remember my sister wearing plugs, but maybe it was my mom been over-cautious?) I forgot to ask the ORL!

    1. I believe he can go in pools, but not lakes or the ocean. Mal had tubes as an adult and couldn’t go under water in pools, so we’re going to double-check at our follow-up appointment in a few weeks. Quinn doesn’t need ear plugs for the bath tub though!

  11. Today I received an order from Amazon. I had ordered a box of Rice Krispy Treats (they are a GREAT post-WOD snack along with a protein shake!), however… 1) the box wasn’t wrapped and was just sitting outside my apartment door and 2) it turns out the box was purchased from Costco and someone was re-selling it on Amazon!! I was so mad about both things that I took a pic and send it to my Mom and two girlfriends. Haha!

    Also – WAY to go on 121 burpees in 7 minutes!! That’s insane! The only time I did that WOD, I got 113. (That was 2ish years ago.)

  12. I love this post! It’s fun to see what our everyday lives consist of and what moments are funny and special to us. I also get a lot of phone shots of my nephew just doing random but funny and cute things. I love them all!

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