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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning!

It’s time for another edition of random-photos-from-my-iPhone!

Murphy taking a ride in Quinn’s stroller. It was too hot for pugs and he was done walking, so we gave him a ride. He seemed to really enjoy himself!

IMG_2860 (600x800)

Quinn hanging out on the slide at the playground. I slid him down the bottom part a few times, thinking he would enjoy it, but he was not impressed.

IMG_2397 (800x800)

Lindsay and me doing the “Run Eat Repeat” pose. I actually forgot to send this photo to Monica, which was the whole reason why we snapped it. Oops.

IMG_2454 (800x800)

I ate an apple on a flight to… somewhere. Isn’t it weird that part of my job is taking photos of my food? Yes. 

IMG_2425 (800x600)

At the General Mills Trial Mix Bar at BLEND. I made my own custom mix and asked Lindsay to take a photo for me. I think I planned to put it on Instagram, but I never did.

IMG_2467 (800x800)

Fun with toilet paper. This is Quinn’s new favorite game. Usually, he crawls through the pile, which then ends up all over the bathroom, usually in his room and all over the rest of the house. I snapped this pic to send to Mal when he was at work. He got a kick out of it.

IMG_2577 (800x800)

Hooray for cake! Mal snapped this pic of Quinn and me at Konditor Meister the other day when we went to order his birthday cake. We went with Oreo!

IMG_3035 (600x800) 

Quinn has so much love for cottage cheese. Usually, he eats whatever we put in front of him, but lately he’s a lot more picky. At the meals when he turns his nose up at just about everything we give him, cottage cheese is our go-to. He ALWAYS eats it, and he often eats A LOT of it.

IMG_2675 (800x600)

Chicken hair, don’t care. When we were out to lunch a couple of weeks ago, a guy at the table next to us said he loved Quinn’s hair because it looked like “chicken hair” because it sticks up all over the place. Mal and I thought it was the perfect description, so it stuck. One morning, when Quinn and I were at Target, he had especially awesome chicken hair, so I snapped this photo to send to Mal.

IMG_2682 (800x600)

Cookies for Quinn’s birthday party. My mom is getting these for his farm-themed party and sent me a pic. Adorable, right?

IMG_2781 (800x450)

Quinn loves CrossFit. He doesn’t normally care about TV at all, but anytime we turn on CrossFit, he is obsessed. I mean, he did do CrossFit with me for 9 months.

IMG_2812 (800x800)

Speaking of CrossFit…

Quinn’s first rope climb! My Gym is so fun. He does something new and exciting every time we go there!

IMG_3032 (600x800)

Quinn playing in his new turtle pool. The little guy got his birthday present early and loves it!

IMG_2792 (800x800)

An outtake from our picnic last weekend. Please note Quinn spitting up on my leg. Haha!

IMG_2897 (600x800)

Question of the Day

Ok, here we go…

Pull out your phone, look at your photos, and scroll back 10 photos. What is it a photo of? Please share!

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  1. My nephew housing an ice cream cone, his face looks like it may have gotten more than his tummy did!

  2. william LOVES playing with the toilet paper. sometimes i take it off the holder thing and put it on top of the counter so he cant get it – well i lost the holder part that holds it up now!

  3. Quinn’s face on slide is hysterical! I’m guessing you had a face of excitement and he was like “whats the big deal Ma?” haha And we love Konditor Meister! They did our wedding cake and cupcakes! So good!

    10th photo back is a picture of the ribs my Dad smoked this past weekend, fall off the bone good!

  4. It’s my oldest son and I roasting marshmallows from Memorial Day weekend.

    Does Quinn have a double hair swirl? Or does his crazy hair just stick up all the time?

  5. I’ve been loving these photo posts! Mine is of a couple of my friends sitting on a gorgeous coffee shop terrace a couple days ago. P.s. Not just saying this, Quinn is one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen. And even though I’m far from the having-kids stage, I love that he’s such a big part of the blog!

  6. My 10th pic is the ziplock bag of peanut butter m&ms that I brought to work “for the week” but ended up being breakfast on Tuesday, whoops. Haha.

    How is Murphy doing? (And how are you guys holding up??)

  7. My tenth picture is my dog eating off of a cob of corn at our Memorial day crab feast 🙂

    Looking at it again made my smile!

  8. My hubby finishing his first 50 mile ultra! I took a ton of pics. 🙂 Quinn is beyound adorable btw. How’s Murphy doing?

  9. Quinn’s hair is awesome! So cute. 10 pics back is a pic of my hubby in the birthday crown I made him wear on his 34th bday Tuesday! So fun that you are planning Q’s 1st birthday already – now I can’t stop thinking about cake!

  10. I wonder if there are any family friendly CrossFit boxes you and Mal can start taking Quinn to when he’s old enough to do the workouts with you. That’d be epic. 🙂

  11. Random question. I remember reading one of your posts when you mentioned having thick hair; I can relate so well. I even bought the blow dryer you recommended 🙂 So how do you get your hair to stay high up on the top of your head? (high pony or bun) I can’t seem to recreate that look. Thanks!

  12. A pic of my daughter at her water table. She’s two weeks older than Quinn and she loves it. My almost three year old still loves it too. Might be a good suggestion when people ask what Q needs for his birthday!

  13. A picture of me holding (trying to save) a baby bunny that one of my dogs was “playing with” (AKA torturing) a few days ago! I didn’t realize anyone grabbed my phone and took a picture…?? Good news though…the bunny was fine 🙂

  14. a somewhat blurry/too sunny “selfie” picture of me and my fiance from a vineyard trip we took this past weekend too goofy

  15. A picture of my hubby, best friend and I on the boat Monday afternoon.

    Do you have a picture of your bathroom posted here anywhere? I ask because the picture of Quinn’s t.p. masterpiece shows your tile which is the exact color as mine and I am looking for new colors to compliment it…

  16. A photo of a “A Baby’s Foot” with a description of pressure points and the foot is divided into 6 sections. I snapped it to send to a friend of mine that just had a baby 6 months ago.

  17. I love that chicken hair look–so cute!

    10 pics ago was a pic I snapped of my toddler playing around on a stationary bike at a kid’s museum. She loves that exhibit…. she must love exercising like her mama 😉

  18. Chicken hair = awesome!!

    10 photos back is a pic of Dr. Axe’s healing diet for adrenal fatigue. Hoping that a clean diet will help put the pep back in my step.

  19. My 10th photo back is a puzzle piece from my kiddo’s daycare classroom. She had run up to me with it and yelled, “Foot for hand!” And then handed it to me. And yep, that puzzle piece girl appeared to have a foot for a hand. It made me crack up, so I took a picture and put it on instagram

  20. Surprisingly it is not a picture of my dogs! Haha, instead it’s snap my husband took of of my mom and me gardening this past weekend.

  21. It’s a pic of my long run on Sunday. I was running through one of my favorite neighborhoods and it looked so pretty so I decided to take a few pics. Goofy…I know.

  22. My 10th photo is a picture from Pinterest that says: A hole is the soul can’t be filled with food.

    Been struggling with emotional eating after a failed adoption (we had our baby girl for 5 1/2 weeks before the birth mother took her back).

  23. All of my picts are either food or ‘map my run’ screen captures. #10 just happened to be a picture of my kids enjoying happy hour this weekend on the lake. Sending Murphy lots of thoughts and good healing vibes.

  24. 10th photo back ~ is of my 7 month old kitty digging in the side of the chair to get one of my hair bands out that she puts in there! She plays fetch with it/me. HA!!

  25. The cookies for Quinn’s birthday are so adorable.. and they look delicious! Hmmm, 10 photos ago, I have a picture of my boyfriend and I at my hometowns Memorial Day Parade! : ) Happy Thursday!

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