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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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How was your Tuesday? It definitely felt like a Monday, right? I kept thinking that all day long. Anyway, we had a nice little Tuesday over here. Murphy still isn’t doing well, so the vet suggested not leaving him alone, unless he was in a crate, and I just couldn’t do that to the poor pug. I mean, he likes his crate just fine, but he’d much rather be with us, ya know? Quinn and I kept him company and gave him lots of love yesterday. He has a CT scan and potential surgery later this afternoon, so please keep the little furball in your prayers.

IMG_2989 (800x800)_thumb[1]

When I was playing with Quinn yesterday morning, he bent over and gave me something like a kiss on my forehead. It was basically him putting his mouth and booger nose on my forehead and then smiling afterward. I kiss him a lot, so maybe he’s kind of getting it? I dunno, but it was adorable and totally cracked me up. Haha!

IMG_2964 (800x800)

Other morning happenings: Dropping Mal off at school since his car is in the shop getting fixed.

IMG_2950 (800x600)

Quinn was a little fussy on the ride, so Mal kept handing him random things (his wallet, his watch, the case for his sunglases) to distract him. Then, Mal needed to collect them before he went into work.


On the drive home, we swung by Stop & Shop to buy some pineapple slices for Grilled Hawaiian Teriyaki Burgers that we’re making for dinner tonight. We also stopped at Dunkin Donuts for an iced coffee. Tuesday after a long weekend = more coffee.

IMG_2956 (800x600)

Quinn had a fun time playing with the straw from my iced coffee. Fascinating!

IMG_2965 (800x600)

I made these Broccoli Bites for Quinn over the weekend and they were a huge hit. He gobbled them right up! Yesterday, however, he was over them. No interest. Related: Mal and I love these Broccoli Bites too! You could totally put one on an English muffin and have an instant egg sandwich!

IMG_2959 (800x600)

More morning things: Quinn is really flying with his walker. He now RUNS with it and he can turn it around and change directions with it.

IMG_2975 (800x600)_thumb

IMG_2981 (800x600)_thumb

Look ma, no hands! He’s doing this more and more lately– testing out his balance. It’s so awesome to watch!

IMG_2983 (800x600)_thumb

Quinn took an epic morning nap, so we missed My Gym, but we rescheduled for later this week. After lunch, we headed out for a short walk around the neighborhood. We both needed to get out of the house, but we didn’t want to leave Murphy alone for too long, so we made it quick. The fresh air and sunshine felt so nice! 

IMG_2997 (800x600)_thumb

Mid-afternoon pick-me-up: Iced Bhaki Chai from my BLEND swag. I love the spicy ginger + Chai spices!

IMG_3002 (800x600)_thumb

Later in the afternoon, a fun surprise arrived in the mail: Decorations for Quinn’s first birthday party! (It’s farm-themed.) Ohmigod, I am getting so excited for it! Kate, a long-time CNC reader, made them for us (she also created the adorable decorations for my baby shower), and she’s offering free shipping in her Etsy shop with promo code “CNCFREESHIP” on any order over $5.00 (good through the end of June).

IMG_3010 (800x600)

After that, Quinn, Murphy, and I picked up Mal from school, drove home, and then I went for a run. It was 85 degrees and humid, but it was then or never. Please note the tiny hand grabbing my sneakers and my sweet new Bombas socks. Have I mentioned they are the best socks ever? Annndddd they have new solids out right now. Love them.

IMG_3004 (800x600)

I planned to do a tempo run, but it ended up being 6 miles as fast as I could go at the time. Holy heat. It definitely gets ya. FYI: My cute running tank is from Brooks. It’s super lightweight and perfect for summer running.

IMG_3005 (552x800)

My day ended with shrimp pesto pasta, wine, and work. Yeehaw.

IMG_3016 (800x600)

The end.

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  1. Sending love from Maine to Murphy!!!

    Love that nap trumped My Gym! Glad that they let you reschedule. Sometimes I wish I could take an epic nap and reschedule things like work and making dinner for the fam 😉

  2. Humility is awful! I don’t want to do anything. I visited my parents in WI last July and it was horrible. It reminded me how much better it is in Phoenix even if it is 115 degrees there’s zero humidity and much easier to survive!

  3. Kids have weird tastes like that sometimes–my siblings go through periods where they love Cha saio, a chinese BBQ pork, and then other times they have no interest in them whatsoever. It’s quite strange!

  4. Tina: Just throwing this out there as I may totally wrong, but wanted to share. Many years ago my rabbit suddenly had a head tilt and couldn’t stand. The he started rolling. He was diagnosed with ear infections but nothing the vet did worked. I was perusing the internet and found an article from a rabbit breeder in California about just this and how often it is misdiagnosed! Turned out it was something called e cuniculi, which is a parasite, not an ear infection. The vet gave my bunny exactly what this woman prescribed and he lived 8 more years! Apparently dogs (and other animals) can get this too. When you said head tilt it just made me think and I just wanted to pass along. May not be that at all, but I couldn’t not share. This is the article that explains it in rabbits.

  5. What size is that Brooks tank in the pic that you’re wearing? I’m in the market for a loose-fit running tank and that looks great!

  6. Send well wished Murphy’s way! Poor pug can’t catch a break.

    Those broccoli bites look great, will have to try them out! It’s funny, one day my little guy will gobble something up, the next day he has a total look of disgust, like “how dare you try and feed me that”. hahaha

  7. Did your oriental trading co things come? I thought that’s where you were getting decorations .

  8. Tina- have they checked Murphy for Lyme disease? I know you live in a common area for Lyme and some animals get wacky reactions like that when they are bitten by a tick. I know for me, I was finally diagnosed with it after years of being told I had ulcerative colitis, autoimmune disorders, hypothyroidism etc. I have heard so many stories since getting diagnosed of both animals and humans being misdiagnosed for years and then getting better after finally being treated for Lyme. It has happened to me and many friends of mine, as well as their pets. Just wanted to throw that out there although I’m sure the vet was very thorough with testing for everything. poor little guy 🙁

  9. Hi Tina,
    Murphy is on my prayers, hope he gets better soon.
    I would check with another vets (are you still taking him to the same one that gave him the medicine that didn’t work?). Surgery sounds to extreme. Our cat got sick (he wouldn’t stop vomiting) and took him to the emergency vet (his vet wasn’t available it happen at night) and I would not go back there, they wanted to keep him overnight to keep an eye on him and run more tests and it wasn’t necessary (it’s all about the money with this people), the next day we took him to see his normal vet and he didn’t need all the test they did and he got a tincture (his vet is holistic) and got better soon after, be aware of vets like that, I don’t know if my cat’s vet does phone consultations but I highly recommend him.
    Blessings to you and your family!
    Maybe some reiki for Murphy? I have seen Rose for myself and my cat and she is awesome.

  10. How cute is that kiss!!!! I always give my son a kiss and say “Kiss”. I am kind of hoping that will be his first word! He likes to put his mouth on my face or lips and lick or suck on me, which I like to think is his version of a kiss, but he’s probably too young at six months to really get the concept.

  11. Sending healthy vibes to Murphy and healing intentions. So hard on the poor pug and his family. I hope you are holding up ok. I think all your dedicated readers love Murphy from a far and wish him the speediest recovery.

  12. Sending all my love and thoughts to murphy!! Poor pup, I hate when my doggies are sick so I hope he feels better ASAP

  13. quinn is just too darn cute. sweetest little ginger baby ever. i am so JELLY you get to play with him everyday!!!!

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