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Hi, friends!

I haven’t done a Photo Dump post in over a year now, so I figured it was time for another one. Plus, I need to free up some space on my iPhone because I can’t take any new photos! Gahhhhh! Anyway, without further ado, here are some random pics from my iPhone! Enjoy!

Quinn’s expression in this photo is priceless. I put a sneaker on his little foot for the very first time, and he soooo wasn’t sure what to make of it. Haha!

photo 5 (5) (600x800)

My nephew likes to eat his Cheerios with a fork. This actually isn’t a one-time thing either… he always eats his Cheerios with a fork! What a nut.

photo 4 (13) (800x600)

I’m loving pumpkin spice protein shakes after my workouts. This one is super simple to make: Just mix a scoop of vanilla protein powder (I like the Recovery from SFH) with almond milk, ice, and a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice. Easy as that and it is so good! FYI: You can get 10% off orders at SFH with coupon code CNC10.

photo 2 (3) (600x800)

After a particularly rough night (I think Quinn woke up like 4 times), I found this breakfast plate waiting for me on the kitchen counter. Mal is the best ever.

photo 2 (13) (800x800)

Traveling with an infant! Look how much stuff we brought for just 3 days in Newport! Insanity. Haha!

photo 1 (17) (600x800)

Oh my gosh, this photo is ridiculous. It’s actually a screenshot of Mal’s Instagram feed. We took this photo during our date night in Newport and then Mal edited it to make my eyes look all weird. He shared it with his Instagram followers thinking someone would make a comment about my weird-ass eyes, but not a single person did! Haha! Maybe I just look weird all the time?

photo 4

One of my mom’s friends sent us this beautiful blanket that she made for Quinn. I love that his name and birthday are embroidered on it. What a special item to own. I love it.

photo 2 (18) (800x600)

Haha! Another gem. This one is from a summer barbecue. Check out our koozies! They are crocheted masterpieces from Etsy.

photo 5 (7) (600x800)

This huge praying mantis was hanging out on the fence in our backyard, so I snapped a photo to send to Mal. They’re so prehistoric-looking, right? They sort of freak me out, but they’re pretty cool at the same time. Side note: I feel like I used to see praying mantis all the time when I was a kid, but I hardly do nowadays. Aren’t they becoming endangered? I think I read that somewhere?

photo 3 (15) (800x600)

Murphy is starved for attention. His new favorite place to snooze is ON the Boppy. Poor pug.

photo 1 (21) (800x600)

Reebok Skyscape & ZQUICK Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway to win a pair of Skyscape and ZQUICK shoes from Reebok. Here are your winners:


Awesome giveaway.. I’ve been eyeing the reebok skyscrapes for a while.. I really like the purple ones and the black/pink/white/teal Zquicks! You look amazing by the way.. thanks for sharing!


omg love the Black / Pink / White / Teal ZQuicks! Congrats on body after baby!! :) Thanks for the giveaway! :)


Wow, these are so cute! I like the red polka dot Skyscapes and the neon green/blue ZQuick Electify. Great colors!

Leann D

I love the Persian blue Runaround Skyscapes! So cute!

Congrats!! To claim your prizes, please email me at with your shoe size, color choice for both the Skyscape and ZQUICK, your full name and mailing address.

Question of the Day

Tell me about a random/funny photo on your phone! 

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