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Whoa, it’s October. Where the heck did September go? I feel like I was just spazzing out that September 1st was here and summer was over, and now it’s OCTOBER. Jeez. Although, I have to admit, I’m not at all upset by this.

October is one of my favorite months ever””mostly because it’s smack in the middle of fall, and I love all things related to the season, but also because it’s filled with weddings and birthdays for me, which are events I really enjoy celebrating.

Yesterday, when I was organizing my calendar for the month, I noticed that a lot of the important people in my life celebrate their birthday in October (my mom, my cousin, my brother-in-law, my college roommate, and a number of my friends). June is also a popular month. Mal always jokes that he gets slammed in June because he celebrates my birthday, Murphy’s birthday, his dad’s birthday, and his sister’s birthday all in a couple of weeks.

Does this cluster of birthdays happen to anyone else?



Yesterday’s breakfast was a two-ingredient pancake, but made with two eggs instead of one. I also added some pumpkin pie spice to the mix, which I’m lovin’ lately. I’m throwing it in everything.


I topped my, um, pancake (it really doesn’t look like a pancake now, does it?) with a scoop of almond butter and drank a glass of Dandy Blend with coconut milk.

IMG_3227 (750x563)

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Question of the Day

Do the important people in your life tend to share birthdays in the same month?

P.S. Local readers: If you’re thinking about trying CrossFit, the Reebok at Patriot Place is offering a free class this weekend! Details here!



  1. Oh my gosh yes about the birthdays! In a period of a few weeks I have my brother , sister, three grandparents and cousin and aunt. And I have a very small family!

  2. I have a whole lot of people around the September 12th timeframe – myself included! We just chock it up to being New Years Eve babies 😉

  3. I think I have a bunch of 2nd cousins who are clustered together but we don’t get together with them. Everyone else is pretty well spaced out though October is the busy month with the Mr, my aunt and cousin all within a week of each other.

  4. October is a great month but super long for me for some reason. I’m definitely looking forward to a wonderful vacation in a few days which will totally break it up. Mexico sounds perfect right now. 🙂

  5. I share the same birthday (in JUNE!) as my aunt, cousin, and dog. My brother’s birthday is within 5 days of mine as well…and my mom’s is exactly one month before mine. Yikes!

  6. Forget share a birthday month in my family we share actual birthdays. Y father in law and I, my husband and my mom, we have first cousins with the same birthday. And my in laws anniversary is my grandma’s birthday

  7. My husband and sister share the same birthday week. My dad and father-in-law share the same birthday week as well. I was born on the 23rd and I know at least 5-6 people who were also born on that day. It’s weird!

  8. I’m also an october birthday – the 30th! I don’t have any other really significant people sharing october, other than one of my best friend’s growing up. But her birthday is the 1st and since mine is at the end they don’t feel so close. But I do think a LOT of people have October birthdays, I’ve met several people with the same birthday as me, even my randomly assigned freshman year college roommate!

  9. Yesss. It seems that all the important people in my life decided to be born in March. My mom’s birthday is March 8th. My Brothers birthday is March 10th. My parents anniversary is March 12th. My dad’s birthday is March 19th. And my best friends birthday is March 25th. Lets just say that I go broke in the month of March.

  10. I’m so glad to see your pancake looks a little bit weird! Mine look that way sometimes, too, and I thought I was the only one. Still tastes yummy, though.

  11. I get slammed in November also with birthdays– my mom’s, sister’s and my grandfather’s…then, before you know it, it’s time for Christmas gifts! Ahhh!! Haha.

    I like those short, high-intensity exercises that you posted. I think I’ll try it tonight. You are looking so sculpted and lean from Crossfit!

    Sorry about your pancake! Haha, I’ve tried two-ingredient pancakes before, and I never cook them long enough or they don’t stay together, so I just resort to eating frozen Van’s waffles 🙂 I’ll let them do the cooking, and I’ll just toast ’em up!

  12. December has always been a big birthday month. Me, my father and mother and now my boyfriend. It’s crazy and mostly sucks because it’s christmas; our birthdays are: 16, 19, 22, 25…. 🙂

  13. It’s funny you should bring up birthday clusters — we always used to joke in our family that birthdays happen in threes!!
    I’m becoming more a fan of “quick and dirty” workouts as I call them. I used to spend 90-120min a day lifting heavy weights, with maybe 20-25min of cardio warm-up at the gym (plus commute times!! Six times a week) — I was totally exhausted and destroying my body. However, it was great to build the base muscles that I needed. Now, I’m running almost every day (love it with all my heart!), and doing short bursts of 10min workouts (I LOOOOOVE to do EMOMs — so intense!) are just what I need to get the muscles activated and to keep them toned and strong. I feel SO much better than I used to!!

  14. I have more bdays in September (gee, what were all our parents doing on New Years??? ;-). So, this is in regard to your Paleo Challenge post, but what are your goals for the challenge? Are you trying to lose inches in certain areas?

  15. June seems to have a lot going on for me too – 5 birthdays and 6 wedding anniversaries. Although September is a close 2nd. Lots of people like getting married in Sept now it seems.

    I’m just glad it’s not all in December. It’s already crazy enough with one birthday that month and the holidays!

  16. Yes, birthdays come in groups in my family; I’m in the December group and share it with a few of my father’s side of the family members, plus the holidays which are endless in themselves. Then May through June is like nonstop birthdays and anniversaries starting with our wedding anniversary May 5th!

  17. May and August for me.

    May – me and our pug share the same day. Also in May…son #1, my sister, all 3 of my neices, my grandpa, and many aunts & uncles. When I told my grandma I was pregnant, she said just tell me you are not due in May. I wasn’t. I was due in April…too bad the baby was 2 weeks late.

    August – my hubby, son #2, sister-in-law, and our anniversay

    Funny how that happens :o)

  18. You can add my birthday to the cluster of October birthdays – mine’s the 24th! 😀

    I get hit with birthdays from April 30th – June 1st. I got my brother, my boyfriend and both parents. Basically, all the biggest ones!

  19. I’m an October gal, and a ton of my friends and family have October birthdays. I figure that we are all Valentine’s Day gifts!!! (Count back…)

  20. The birthdays in our immediate family are pretty well spread out, but my mom does have what she calls her “Reign of Terror”. Her birthday, Mother’s Day and wedding anniversary all fall within a month and a half of each other. We’re all really struggling for gift ideas by the end!

  21. i tried a 2-ingredient pancake the other day! pretty good, and surprisingly sweet. the salty peanut butter really balances it out. and it’s way better than the “no oats” oatmeal IMO. thans for the recipe!

  22. My mom’s siblings, in-laws and my dad all have the same birthday (My mom, aunt and uncle are all basically Irish Twins, each born in January, one year apart), so every year in February (usually on my dad’s birthday), they get together for a birthday dinner to celebrate. Each couple takes a turn deciding where to go. For my parents turn last year, they chose a Disney cruise (even the cousins got to go). It was pretty epic.

  23. That’s so funny lol I know my Mom’s side of the family (and me) have summer month birthdays. I was actually supposed to be born on my Mom’s birthday but I was premature lol

  24. My family has a B-day cluster (December -January). My mom December 8, Aunt December 10, another aunt December 16, my birthday December 29, 2 brother-in-laws December 30, Dad’s January 5, another brother-in-law January 6, father-in-law January 15, and nephew January 16. Needless to say between the holidays and birthdays we are all broke.

  25. April is my family’s busy month – my mom, two sisters, my best friend from high school, and a couple of college friends all within 2 weeks of each other!

  26. October and June are big birthday months for me too. Mine, My mothers and My sister in laws are in October. My boyfriend, his mom and my dads are in June!

  27. LOVE LOVE October too! My birthday is on the 13th! woohoo! In our family we have my sister’s birthday in July, mom’s in August, Hubs in September, mine in October and my dad’s in November! So fun! 🙂

  28. YES! March is birthday month in my husbands family with he, his sister, two brothers, and a niece and nephew all having a birthday within 8 days, two of them on the same day! In my family/friend circle November is birthday month with my mom, brother and several friends having birthdays all right in a row.

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