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Hi, I'm Tina!

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.

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My goodness these months are really flying by! I can’t believe September has already come and gone. Here are my favorite posts from the month:

Kettlebell WOD + Paleo Pad Thai


Hey, have I mentioned that I’m super excited to be back at CrossFit? Well, I am! A lot! Workout Last night’s WOD was a fun one because it was quick and intense, but also because I used a 45-pound kettlebell for it”” my first time ever using this weight in a workout!

There’s Only One Queen and That’s Madonna


Good morning! Happy Friday! Last night’s New York City adventures started with appetizers and drinks at The Long Room. Strike a pose, Theodora! Theodora and I met a bunch of her friends there before the concert. Everyone ordered wine (I stuck with water) and then we shared a few appetizers among the table.

Microwavable Nut Butter Cookie for One


Aww, Murphy, my adorable, little pug-let”¦ do you wanna go for a walk? [excited-panic ensues] Oh, yea? Do ya? Ok, let’s go for a walk. Bring your green leash!  (That’s pretty much word-for-word what I said to Murphy before his walk this afternoon. I talk to him a lot.)

“99” Workout


Hey, I did something that I haven’t done in over a month. I went running!! Woohoo! This morning, I ran 3 miles with some push-ups, squats, and Burpees mixed in. I also tested out my Reebok SmoothFlex Runs (since I had only walked in them before), and I’m happy to report they’re great running shoes.

Getting After It (Canton Road Race Recap)


This race recap can be summarized in five words: get after it and holy crap. On Saturday morning, I ran the 8th Annual Canton Road Race at Reebok Corporate Headquarters. When I arrived, I found Elizabeth and then the other Fitfluential ambassadors (Sarah, Robin, Katie, Mattie, and Kelly), who were also running the race.

One-Track (Pug) Mind

IMG_2394 (563x750)

Murphy has a one-track mind. Yesterday afternoon, Mal brought home a new bag of dog food. Obviously, Murphy was excited. And, of course, he didn’t want to miss a thing as Mal poured it into the storage bin. He also made sure to eat all of the dropped pieces.

Colored Jeans: Yay or Nay?

023 (480x640)

Greetings from Logan International Airport! I’m on my way to Fitbloggin’, so I’m taking advantage of the free Wifi to blog right now. Yay, baby. Breakfast I started my morning with a two-ingredient pancake made with two eggs, one banana, and a big scoop of almond butter for some extra staying power.

Healthy, Travel-Friendly Eats


Since I’m off to Baltimore this morning (and because I’ve been traveling so much lately), I decided to write a post about the foods I often eat during my travels. (Most of them are Paleo-friendly!) Some of them take a little advanced planning, but it’s worth it, and I hope they give you some ideas!

Fitbloggin’ Adventures


Hello! I’m having a blast at Fitbloggin’! My morning started bright and early with a 4-mile run along the water with Monica and Lindsay. The inner harbor was gorgeous at this hour of the day. After our run, Lindsay and I said goodbye to Monica and then got ourselves all set up to sample the aminos.

Training or Draining?


Did you happen to notice my workouts for the week in this morning’s post? They’re a lot less intense than usual, right? Well, it’s because I’m taking it easy to give my body a little rest and also because I think the intensity of some of my workouts is preventing me from fully healing.

Reader Question: Starting a New Diet & Dealing With Cravings


Hello, hello! Happy Hump Day! Let’s quickly recap yesterday’s eats because I have a reader question to answer for ya! Lunch Yesterday’s lunch was reheated Italian “hot plate” from the previous night’s dinner. The leftovers were even better than the original because the veggies had more time to soak up all of the delicious flavors.

Dog Paradoxes


The other day, my friend Marie (remember Marie? I miss her. *sigh*) emailed me a funny comic from The Oatmeal called “My dog: the paradox.” It totally cracked me up, so I decided to blog about some of Murphy’s dog paradoxes. Most of the time, Murphy has doggie ADHD and can’t focus his attention on anything.

In case you missed them:

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