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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

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Good morning, guys!

I have today off from my full-time job! 😎 But, it’s not going to be a “vacation” day. I have lots to do!

I’m pretty sure I will be able to accomplish the tasks in my Organizer for today, but there’s also a number of things that I need to get a head start on before the weekend. Time to boogie! 

Breakfast was a repeat of yesterday. Let’s see if the hemp bagel can work its magic on my hunger again!

You Are What You Eat

Don’t forget to send me a shot of your fridge! I’ve received some great ones so far!

Question of the Day

Have you ever had physical therapy? What was your experience?



  1. I’ve had physical therapy for my back twice. The first time was really great but the second time I feel like they made it worse.
    Have fun baking! Thats so cool you can have your to-do list on your phone!

  2. ah, I’m so jealous of the iPhone 🙂 Enjoy your busy day off! The bagel looks amazing, again.

    I’ll try to remember the fridge pic – I need to write myself a note.

  3. Love breakfast! Have a great day “off”!

    I basically grew up in physical therapy! Had my whole right leg rehabilitated with infrared and electric shock therapy. Then went back for my back. I was in PT for about 6 years. And I’m only 21! My body was a mess thanks to gymnastics. It’s all good now though. I’ve got my yoga and I’m much better!

  4. First your iPhone pics make me so sad cause I so desperately want to get one! But I’m trying to patiently wait for the new release which is terribly hard to do. 🙂

    And yes on PT! Three times, once when I dislocated my kneecap(ouch!), once for IT band issues, and once for hamstring issues. I loved the place and the therapists, hated having to make time for it though.

  5. I tore my ACL in high school and had 6 months of physical therapy, not a fun experience. But, it did help me get back to physical therapy.

  6. Good luck on all of your tasks!!

    I have had PT a couple of times on my back with good results. I am also scheduled to get PT on my right foot as soon as I get back from vacation. I hope that it works so I can get back to training for my half marathon.

  7. I have lots of experience with PT. It really depends on the place and the therapist. I have had some awful ones. Right now I am at the nicest PT place I have ever seen with an extremely knowledgable therapist, and it makes ALL the difference. Good luck!

  8. I had physical therapy for my ankle that I sprained while skiing a few years back. They did a great job of bringing down the swelling and strengthening my ankle, but they told me to keep doing the exercises at home for another four months and I…didn’t adhere to it. So I still can’t wear heels but my ankle is in better shape.

    If they give you at home exercises to do, make sure that you do them!

  9. I definitely need an iPhone. I still have 1 more year until my contract runs out…aargh! Your planning a wine tour?! Sounds awesome!!

  10. I’m currently in PT for my right leg (IT band, hamstring, butt, hip problems). I think a lot of my pain is coming from a muscle imbalance, so hopefully I’ll learn how to strengthen and stretch correctly. Good luck with your appointment!

  11. Enjoy your “vacation day”!! I’ve never done PT, but I went to a chiropractor for about 6 months in the midst of marathon training in 2007. It was a life saver!

  12. I’ve been to PT once and I have an appointment with a different PT tomorrow morning at 9:30! I’m going for a hip problem too. Basically they had me warm up on the bike for 5 minutes then showed me some strengthening exercises and stretches. It was more like something that they can just show you once and you can then do on your own after. I wasn’t thrilled with my first PT so I’m hoping the new one I go to tomorrow will be better.

  13. I have never had PT myself but I know others who have and it worked some amazing wonders! My grandmother had a stroke a few years back and was confined to a hospital bed and wheelchair but now she moves around pretty well and even walks around the flea markets with us 🙂

  14. I looked forward to going to PT — I worked harder there because I wasn’t as afraid of hurting myself. They know how far to push and pushed me harder than I could myself. If you work hard, it works wonders.

    I had PT after I broke three of the bones in my leg into 45 pieces. I had some while I was still in a hospital bed, but the benefits ended 3 days BEFORE I was allowed to walk again! I fought the HMO for more and they found a loophole that allowed me 8 more weeks. Thank heavens because it took me forever to completely heal.

  15. I had physical therapy twice. Both shoulders, ten years ago. It was great. I still do a few of the excercises each week.

  16. I had PT for IT band syndrome. I actually learned a lot of new exercises to strengthen my hips. It was a lot of work, but I still use what I learned from time to time. My butt was more toned after finishing PT than ever before. Maybe I should do it again!

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