Tips for Planning a Mexican Bridal Shower

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As the matron of honor for my sister’s upcoming wedding, I want to throw her the most amazing bridal shower, especially since she went above and beyond for mine.

My sister is not your “traditional” bride, however. A frilly, uptight wedding shower is not her scene. In fact, her type of “party” is the exact opposite! And, for this reason, I have decided to throw her a Mexican bridal shower, but without the usual high-calorie foods and “cheesy” decor. My goal is to blend the fun and festive Mexican theme with the feel of a “girly” wedding shower.

Tips for Planning a Mexican Bridal Shower

I was lucky to have the opportunity to brainstorm a tentative menu for my sister’s wedding shower with editor, Ashley Johnson. Ashley was the perfect person to chat with for this event: She produced a lot of the Cinco de Mayo content for the website, recently threw a Mexican-themed baby shower, and was a bride-to-be. Ashley had so many creative menu ideas and tips for my sister’s wedding shower! Now, I can’t wait for the par-ty! :mrgreen:


  • Go authentic. Choose Mexican over “Southwestern” or “Tex-Mex,” which can be code for “covered in cheese.” See the Taqueria Special menu below, or check out MyRecipe’s gallery of 10 Mexican Entrees Under 300 Calories for more ideas:,28548,1731607,00.htm
  • Drink smarter. Sub Sangria (hello, antioxidants!) for the typical margarita and save almost 100 calories per serving (222 in a margarita verses 139 in Real Simple’s Red Wine Sangria (below). If all else fails, go with light beer and a side of lime!
  • Serve tasty appetizers. Salsa is great and certainly healthier than cheese dip (oh heavenly cheese dip), but break out and serve something that tastes indulgent but isn’t-Guacamole with Chipotle Tortilla Chips (below). The average restaurant chip has 25 calories in it. 25 calories each!  You can eat four of the homemade chips, plus 2 tablespoons of the creamy guacamole dip for only 57 calories. Not into making your own chips? Buy the baked variety and save almost half the fat per serving.
  • Don’t scrimp on dessert. Everyone knows the best part of showers is the delicious shower food.  Try serving dark chocolate-dipped tortilla chips with a fruit salsa made with pineapple and strawberries.  No time to dip?  Purchase these chocolate chips from Food Should Taste Good and make the fruit salsa yourself ( for a make-ahead option? Whip up a Lime Sorbet Margarita from Real Simple (points for the margarita glass presentation), or serve Mexican Paletas in colors that coordinate with the bride’s big day. Serve them with festive napkins and save yourself another dirty dish in the sink.

Recipe Ideas:

Here are some photos and more ideas from my sister’s Mexican bridal shower!



  1. What great ideas! Your sister is going to have an awesome shower.

    Just a little FYI though… sangria is Spanish. Mexicans definitely love their beer though 🙂

  2. Love all of the ideas! Mexican food is extremely popular in New Mexico and I’m always looking for ways to turn the dishes healthy!

  3. Too funny–I am actually throwing my sister at Mexican-themed baby shower this summer! 🙂 We love traditional Mexican food, so I thought a baby shower would be the perfect occasion to indulge wisely!

    I’m sure your sister’s bridal shower will turn out great–so exciting!

  4. Your sister is so lucky to have you! You are putting so much time and thought into this shower, I know she is going to be blown away 🙂

  5. did you do a post on the actaul bridal shower? Has it happend yet? I am throwing my friend her shower and I think this would be a grand idea, since her and her fiance are both spanish!!!

  6. I found this in a search and it has inspired me to throw my cousin’s wedding shower in the same/similar theme. Thank you for some of these great ideas.

  7. Great ideas we are having my 80 th birthday party end of october i have been trying to find the spanish somberos at a goodprice but otherwise if anyone needs instructionson making the so expensixe mexican flowers bright in color ever so easy i can help them step by step amazing how easy and they are going to look great! I haveing marachis for ,usic i made all my own decorations lots of food we will be haing the only thing i still need to find is somberos also i sent in the invation itself i cut out a red chilie and wrote on there to please all dress mexican style so this way all the guests will be dresses up and i am making prizes baskets for the best dresssed! Thought it woukd be mire festive! Thanks for the ideas you gave me too!

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