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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Don’t ya love getting new kicks?!? For some reason, they seem to “re-motivate” me when it comes to my fitness goals. There’s just something about having new gear that gives me a little push to work harder. Does that happen to anyone else?

A good friend of mine from New Balance recently sent me a pair of 904 trail runners to test out. I haven’t worn New Balance shoes in years and I am very picky when it comes to sneakers, but I’m happy to report that I am a HUGE fan of the 904’s so far! Typically, I take lots of time trying on new sneakers (and obsessing) before making a decision, so it was nice having a quality pair of sneakers sent right to my home!  

First off, I love the fun, eye-catching color of these kicks. Obviously, I will be running in style with these babies! Performance-wise, these shoes are lightweight, not big and bulky, yet stable and supportive. They had a snug fit around my foot, but still in a nice, flexible way. My feet were very comfortable during my 3 mile jog this morning. 


After such an indulgent bachelorette weekend, I knew that I wanted to begin my morning with something fresh. I started with a bowl of peaches and blueberries. 

I also threw in some healthy carbs and nut butter for staying-power. 

With iced coffee with soy milk and agave nectar… 

Slow and Steady?

After this post, I’m headed to the hospital for a 24-hour Holter monitor test. Sounds like a blast, right?! A Holter monitor is a continuous tape recording of my heart for 24 hours straight. It’s worn during my regular daily activities, so it helps my doctor figure out what’s going on with my heart. Since the recording covers 24 hours, Holter monitoring is much more likely to detect something abnormal (than an EKG which lasts less than a minute).

So, long story short, I have a very slow heart beat. When I visited my doctor about my bum hip, the nurse did the standard tests on me, including taking my pulse, which was just 44 BPM. (The average resting heart rate is around 70 BPM.) Needless to say, my doctor was concerned and gave me an EKG. The EKG gave her the same results, so now I am having a much more “detailed” test, which includes wearing a heart-rate monitor all day long. Meh. I’m not looking forward to it, but ya gotta do, what ya gotta do. 

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite brand/type of sneaker? What makes it a good sneaker?



  1. VERY weird – I’m going to meet my cardiologist about a Holter Monitor Test this afternoon. I’ve been lightheaded for the last 3+ weeks and after numerous tests, the only “abnormal” thing we’ve found so far is my pulse. It’s usually in the low 40’s and dips into the high 30’s when I’m relaxed. I hope you blog about this so I have someone I can “share” this experience with.

  2. i’m really interested to hear about your heart monitor! i’ve been researching thyroid problems because of some health issues i have, and one of the warning signs is a slower heart rate. good luck!

  3. My heartrate is ~46, and I’ve never worried about it, so I’m interested to hear what your doctor says!

  4. Asics seem to be the best for me. In fact, I have had nothing but trouble with New Balance. Something about the design of the arch support in their shoes puts my toes to sleep. Weird I know, but apparently quite common! After struggling to find a decent pair of shoes when I started running regularly I went to the Running Room and had them pick something out for me. Asics it was! And I love them. I would describe them in exactly the same way as you have described your NB in this post.

  5. Good luck with the Holter, Tina. I’m a resident physician, and I exercise daily (45-60min cardio), and my resting HR is always in the 40’s, as well. I understand you and your doctor’s concern, and you probably already know that runners/athletes commonly have low heart rates (I think it gives you more reserve to kick your heart rate up when you need it?). If you’re asymptomatic (no fatigue, no lightheadedness, no dizziness, no fainting, no palpitations) and you have no family or personal history of any heart problems, I’d also be less concerned. However, doing a Holter isn’t a bad idea just to make sure there’s nothing more going on, other than the fact that you’re in great shape!

  6. Elite athletes often have HR’s that low…maybe you’re elite and don’t know it! 🙂 My resting HR is something like 58 but it does rise normally with exercise. That’s one of the important things to know…CAN your heart rate rise. However, I have horrible white coat syndrome (even though I’m one of those WEARING the white coat during working hours!) and my BP (normally about 107/68) rises to pre-hypertensive and my pulse becomes “normal (like 78).” 🙂 Who knows…you could be well conditioned but the Holter is probably a good thing to do!

    I TOTALLY need new shoes. I have weird feet…if the shoes are long enough they slip…narrow heels! Grrrr. That breakfast looks delicious as well…I’m going to try and find some good peaches today!

  7. I love my Mizunos. I broke my foot several years ago and have never walked the same-the Mizunos are light weight yet give me the support I need (I over-pronate).

    Good luck with everything today 🙂

  8. GL with your test!

    I love New Balance because the vast majority of their goods are made in regular factories vs. Nike and Adidas and such whose goods are made mainly in sweatshops

  9. Oh gosh, good luck with your tests. I worry that I have a low heart rate sometimes (and blood pressure) but I think mine is still in the 60’s. Let us know how it goes, best wishes!

    I am not particular when it comes to shoe brands but for me, I try on several different pairs before I find “the one” and so far that has been both a pair of Adidas and Asics. I like mine to be very comfortable (cushiony) and supportive 😉

  10. I didn’t realize the average resting heart rate was actually around 70 – mine is usually in the 50’s. Hopefully everything shows as “normal” for you on the holter test – 44 could be perfectly healthy for you!

    I have two pairs of runners right now, one Mizuno and one New Balance. I think I like the New Balance a bit better currently, but I’m not married to any one brand.

  11. Hope everything is okay. I heart Saucony shoes because I swear they don’t even need to be broken in! So comfy and supportive!

  12. Hey there! I am doing a give-a-way on my blog for amazing grass and LOVE reading your blog. If you want to enter just leave me a comment on what your favorite green is and link back your page. Thanks!

  13. I’ve had a Nike Pegasus sneakers since I was in junior high. They stopped making them for awhile during that time, and I nearly died. I think I went 2 years without buying new sneakers, which was SO bad for my feet/knees/back. Nike finally got it together and started making them again Happiest day ever when I heard that news

  14. You could just be perfectly healthy. I’ve always had an insanely low HR (I do run long distances a lot, but it’s been low since I was in the womb!)
    Once, a nurse clocked my HR at 38, and the doctor asked, oh, you just timed it for 30-seconds? And she replied, no sir, I did it for a minute, twice…came to 38 beats per minute both times. Then, the doctor asked me what sport I’d be competing in in the next Olympics!
    After finding out that I run distance and seeing that I’m rather petite, he said that’s healthy for me. insanely healthy

  15. I love Nike Air varieties. I used to also use Ryka, but it got really hard to find the high end ones. I’ve tried Asics, but they are too bulky and hurt my stride.

  16. Those shoes are so cute! I love getting running shoes that have some color to them! My fav brands so far has been Nike. I’ve never tried New Balance running shoes though, so I guess I am a little biased!

    I have the Nike Vooms for Women and they are great! They literally make me feel like I am on air 🙂 Good luck with your test! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you 🙂

  17. Did you tell your doctor that you are active? He obviously knows more about you tha I do, but in an otherwise healthy person a resting hr of 44 is quite “good”. It just means you are in shape and your heart has to beat less frequently. Most runners have heartrates in the 40s.

  18. I love my Silver/White/Black/Neon Blue Reebok Agility Crosstraining Shoes…they are lightweight, comfortable and have great arch support! Your new shoes look bright and comfy…the perfect inspiration to kick yourself into gear in order to reach your goals!

  19. sweet new shoes!!! Love them! Pretty colors too!

    I used to run in the Brooks Adrenaline but I just bought Saucony Hurricanes last week. They are growing on me and I think I like em!!!!

  20. First and foremost–I wish you the best with your heart tests.
    As for sneakers, I love my Nike Air Pegasuses. I wore New Balance for a really long time, but a few years ago I went to Marathon Sports in Melrose and got fitted in a pair of Nike Air Pegasus and haven’t turned back. Love them!

  21. awesome!! i just got some new sneaks too, called Nike Air Zoom cross training sneakers. i was so excited, but they’ve left me with quite a few blisters! I think I will love them though once I finally break them in 🙂

    …and I hope your heart is ok :/

  22. Those sneakers look like rockets for the feet! You should fly in them! When ever I get something for running it is such an encouragement for me to run. A few weeks ago I got my Garmin Forerunner 305 and I am totally obsessed with it and running!

  23. Hope your test results come back being normal and great!

    Love your new shoes! I definitely get re-motivated when I get a new pair of running shoes (or running shorts or even a great pair of socks!). I usually wear Asics, but have thought of trying out Mizuno’s next… it’s hard to break the pattern of what’s been tried & true. what shoes do you normally wear?

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