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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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In the middle of taking a Body Pump class this morning, I realized just how much I enjoy it as part of my weekly workout routine. My mind continued to wander to other forms of exercise that I enjoy and what I would consider to be my perfect week of workouts. I’m not someone who likes to do the exact same workouts every week (boring!), and most weeks end up being a little different depending on my schedule, but here’s what I consider the best workout week for me right now:

Running – 2 days

When I’m not training for a race, I like to include two days of running into my week. One day is devoted to a long run (6+ miles), and the other day is a speed or interval workout at a much higher intensity. My mind and body like the variety without overdoing it.


Body Pump 2 days

My goal is always to attend two Body Pump classes each week. Sometimes it happens; sometimes it doesn’t. I know what Body Pump does for my body, so I really try to stick to two classes per week. I love muscles!!


Yoga – 1 day

I know that I need yoga in my life, so I make it a priority in my weekly schedule. Regular practice benefits me mentally, physically, and emotionally. I actually don’t think I could go a week without it!


Fun – 1 day

Once a week, I like to try to incorporate a fun workout into my routine”” such as hiking with friends, taking a long walk with Murphy, hitting golf balls at the driving range, playing a game of Cornhole, or any other activity that I do just for the fun of it. Basically, any activity that doesn’t seem like exercise.


Rest – 1 day

Rest days rule. I take advantage of them by sitting on my butt, eating cookies, and watching reality TV.


Just a quick note: What I consider to be a perfect workout week is what I enjoy to do and works best for me. It’s also quite a bit different from what I did when I was just starting out with exercise. Overtime, I’ve built up to this schedule. In the future, I’m sure my weekly routine will change as my goals and interests change.

What’s your perfect workout week?


Today’s lunch started with a bowl of leftover Sweet and Spicy Chicken with Soba Salad.

IMG_0004 (480x640)

And then I moved onto a smoothie made with frozen blueberries, chia seeds, flaxseeds, almond milk, vanilla protein powder, and a big scoop of almond butter. Mmm! I must say, I am a master at smoothie-making!

IMG_0010 (640x480)

I also snacked on a few Flourless Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies because I am the Cookie Monster! (Rule No. 39: “Eat all of the junk food you want as long as you cook it yourself.”)

IMG_0003 (640x480)

And here’s a cute photo of Murphy just because.

IMG_0012 (640x480)

The pug is waiting patiently for me on the front porch to take him for a walk. I better boogie!



  1. I have a question for ya…

    Do you ever struggle with energy? And if so, how do you overcome it? Or maybe you have friends that struggle with it and they have tricks?

    I grew up a dancer and I have been in the gym 5 days a week for about 4 years now. But I still struggle with energy! I try my best, I have the will to do it, I eat just about the same as you do. I just can’t shake the lazies. I’m wondering if it’s just me or if I haven’t heard of the secret yet!?

    1. @Malorie: Occassionally, I do, but I’m a big fan of sleeping. If I’m feeling especially tired, I’ll go to bed at 8:00. (I wake up at 6:00 every morning.) Usually, a good night’s rest does the trick for me. I also think my diet contributes as well. If I eat too much sugar and junk food, I definitely notice a difference in my energy levels.

  2. I always admire runners, though I could never do it. My perfect week? 6 days of intense ashtanga yoga with at least a couple of long walk days, either in the city or the woods or both. One total rest day, and yes a little indulgence on that day!

    Love the smoothie pic! I do a similar one with blueberries, almond milk and walnuts, and I love chia seeds in everything! I just have to make sure to brush my teeth after…there have been certain embarrassing incidents.

  3. Loved this post, really interesting and loved your emphasis on how everyone has their OWN perfect workout week.

    My IDEAL one would be totally different than what I CAN do with my medical condition so here is what is perfect for me now: swim 6 days/week (due to a medical condition that affects my nerves I can only do short bouts of exercise so shorter more often is what works for me), and do several little 10-minute walks each day. That is as good as I can get right now and I am thankful when my body can do that!

  4. Nice! With triathlon training, my perfect week is:
    Monday: yoga or rest
    Tuesday: swim and run
    Wed: Bike/strength train
    Thursday: Swim and bike
    Friday: Strength train
    Saturday: Hike, rest whatever
    Sunday: Run
    BAM! It doesn’t always end up like that- but when it does- it feels awesome

  5. I love having a great workout week, which for me means listening to my body and doing what feels good but still challenging. I have learned to embrace that it changes week to week & I look forward to exercising when I go with the flow:)

    Btw any idea your general smoothie proportions? I am working on perfecting the art of smoothie making, as I like them on the thicker side. So just curious what balance you use. Thanks!

  6. I was also going to ask a question related to the “art of smoothie making”! I’m still working on getting it right. Mine are always just sort of meh. I’d love to make one that was a WOW! What is the key ingredient? I usually use frozen fruit, kefir or milk, chia seeds, and sometimes stevia. Is the protein powder a big help with taste?

  7. I used to spend hours on the elliptical but lately I’m obsessed with cardio kickboxing, yoga and tabata (!!). I would love for you to join me sometime at womens fitness of boston (downtown crossing). You can pay per class ($5). Check out the class schedule on their website. Thursdays are my favorite ~ TaeBox at noon and yoga right after at one (same amazing instructor). I’ll even treat for coffee after 😉

  8. All the gyms I have belonged too not one has had the real Body Pump! I actually just bought another Healthworks Groupon just so I can finally try it! PS: Your smoothie looks yum!

  9. My usual perfect workout week would definitely be like yours but I just cancelled my gym membership and I’m thinking about getting a monthly yoga pass so it will be yoga 5+ days, running 2-3 days, and at-home ST 1-2 days. I’m looking forward to the change!

  10. I think my perfect routine would involve 4 days of running (with one long run and one intense workout, 2 days of fun, chill, outside runs), 2 days of flow yoga, and one fun/cross day (Ultimate Frisbee!). I’d try to do yoga on the same days as my chill runs so I get a couple of solid rest days.

  11. My perfect workout week is running 2x, doing strength training 2-3x, and doing yoga 2x/week. I’d do strength training and running on the same day. I just like mixing it up and trying new things. I’ve done bootcamp classes, kickboxing, etc. and it’s fun to keep doing things different so I stay interested.

  12. Ideally, I like to run 3x week, crosstrain once a week, and yoga 2x a week! I know how important strength training is but I just cannot get into it.

  13. Your workout week sounds pretty much like my ideal weekly schedule!! But in place of body pump I tend to strength train on my own. And running two days a week is the PERFECT amount when not training. I’ve found more than that and I start to get burned out.

  14. That smoothie looks great.

    I struggle to fit in a normal workout routine into my weeks. I normally get to the gym (cardio and weights) about 3 times a week, and try to do yoga at least once. I also do roller derby up to twice a week, and that’s a killer workout!! It’s a lot easier now summer is coming- I don’t feel like crashing out on the couch as soon as I get in from work!

  15. I’m a big fan of rest days. sitting on your butt eating cookies is the best. I’m going to try your peanut butter cookies. They look great!

  16. That sounds like a good workout schedule. I find that the “fun” days are really the best for me…when I’m just out doing something and don’t even really realize that I’m exercising. 🙂

    I really need to get to a gym that has Body Pump.

  17. Love this topic! I currently like to do a couple runs a week, a couple short an intense interval workouts, maybe some plyometrics and free weights and lots and lots of yoga. Zumba if it fits into my schedule too!

  18. Love this post!

    My perfect workout week includes 4 days of running (I’m obsessed), one day of Bikram yoga or Pilates, one day of full body weights, and one rest day.

    I’m currently having the worst workout week of my life (I’ve had a horrible cold, and have just not had the energy to run), and reading about your “fun” exercise day has inspired me to reconsider what I view as “exercise.” I do a ton of walking, restorative yoga, etc., but I’m so inured to these workouts that I don’t always view them as “exercise.” They totally are, though — you don’t have to be a hot sweaty mess to be getting a good workout.

  19. We have such similar perfect workout weeks! I usually do one long run/one long bike ride, one tempo or interval run, one spinning class, 2 strength training days, and a stretching day – variety means I love every single workout (mostly =)).

  20. My prefect week – something like this:

    2 days running (outside in good weather ideally)
    2 days Interval Training (weights and cardio based class)
    1 day Zumba (more if it was offered more)
    1 day yoga

    I love the class environment! I’ve began to train for my first half so more running lately, though I am having a hard time ‘giving up’ some of my favorite classes and just doing running + class.

  21. Would you mind sharing what gym you take your body pump classes at? I’m moving and would love to join a new gym and incorporate them into my workout! Thanks =)

  22. Great blog! I just started my own fitness blog about training for my first Fitness Bikini Contest! I like all the pictures of what you are eating and documenting your food schedule. Keeping me motivated 🙂 If you have a chance, check out my blog at and if you have any tips please let me know!!!


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  25. My perfect workout week would be swimming/water running 2-4 times a week for an hour, zumba or kickboxing or rollerblading 1-2 times a week, strength training or circuit training twice a week for half hour, and maybe running or biking a couple hrs. a week.

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