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We celebrated my mom’s 60th birthday over the weekend with a family lunch complete with good times, lots of laughs, and some seriously delicious cake. It was a great time, but, first, let’s talk about the decorations!


The adorable birthday sign above is from Sunflower Paperie. Kate, the owner, also did the decorations for Quinn’s birthday party as well as my baby shower. She makes some super cute stuff! We also bought fresh flowers and mini pumpkins for an autumn-themed party.


My sister and I made a big collage with photos of my mom from her early years all the way up to the present. We also framed a few and placed them on the tables as part of the party decor.


My aunt Jane made the most amazing centerpiece complete with gift cards to all of my mom’s favorite places. What a fun idea, right?


My mom’s birthday lunch was held at The Devens Grille and just about everyone in our family came out to celebrate her.


While we waited for everyone to arrive, we snacked on some appetizers: veggies + dip, cheese + crackers, and spinach and artichoke dip.


IMG_8997 (1024x768)

Once everyone arrived, the main course was served family-style: Chicken Parmesan and steak tips with salad, rice pilaf, and Alfredo pasta. It was quite the spread!

SAM_4796 (1024x683) (1024x683)


IMG_9007 (1024x1024)


Then, it was time to sing “Happy Birthday” and serve my mom her cake!

IMG_9010 (1024x768)

Matthew was especially excited about the cake!

IMG_9013 (1024x768)

And he had good reason to be: It was a “city cake” from Konditor Meister! Listen to this combo: Pumpkin spice cake with maple buttercream and chocolate-covered strawberries on top. Holy yum, right? It was all of my mom’s favorite flavors in one cake. She loved it!

IMG_9017 (1024x768) (2)

All in all, it was great party and a wonderful way to celebrate the next decade of my mom’s life!

IMG_9023 (1024x683)

Happy birthday, Mom! We love you!!

Questions of the Day

When was the last time you threw a party for someone?

How old are your parents?

What’s your favorite cake flavor combo?




  1. How fun! My mom turns 60 this weekend! We debated throwing her a surprise birthday party but we got around to the idea kind of late. Instead, we have some presents that she’ll really like and she’ll get dinner with my dad and me, which she’ll really like. 😉 She retired a year and a half ago and we threw her a HUGE surprise party then so I think she’ll be okay with no party for 60. haha

  2. We threw a surprise long-distance “party” for my friend’s birthday last year. It was a little tough to organize, but fun nonetheless 🙂

    Favorite cakes? Any sort of spiced cake with cream cheese frosting and anything combing chocolate and peanut butter!

  3. What a lovely birthday party! I don’t remember the last time I threw a party for someone….sounds like I need to work on that. My parents are in their early 60s. My favorite cake is triple chocolate buttercream from a local bakery. It is divine!

  4. ohhh that cake sounds SO good! It’s been a while since I threw a party…. last thanksgiving, i think?

    my parents are getting up there! My dad turned 75 in August and my mom will be 68 in November.

  5. My dad just turned 60 this past September and took all of us to Kauai. It was such a blast! Now that I’m an adult, I have such an appreciation for family vacations.

  6. I’m throwing my son’s first birthday party in a couple of weeks and I have a laundry list of things to do. I actually just emailed Kate to see what she could create for decorations! Thanks for the suggestion!

    I’m a purist when it comes to cake and love a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting – but it has to be good stuff – not the kind from the super market

    My mom is 63 and my dad is 70 – I hate seeing them get old but at the same time I’m grateful to watch them grow old – if that makes sense?

  7. Aww! So sweet! I haven’t celebrated a party for anyone in awhile. I mean, we celebrated my birthday last month, but it was just immediate family. I’d probably say in 2011, on the Disney Dream, my extended family celebrated lots of stuff (Birthdays, anniversaries, etc).
    My parents are 58 and 59, so pretty close to your mom. 🙂 They honestly don’t seem that old to me.

  8. Good gracious…I am older than your mom (just turned 61) and I’ve been following your blog for several years. Didn’t think I was that old?! Have 4 great kids, 15 to 23, still run eight miles a day, self employed attorney and vegan…still get quite a bit of useful info from your postings though. Apparently I’m not in your demographic Tina

  9. I’m almost 29 and my parents are 54 and 65 (11 yrs difference in age).
    Favorite cake? Ooooo, hmmmm, Probably White Wedding Cake with vanilla buttercream. German Chocolate w/ my inlaw’s HOMEMADE frosting is pretty wonderful, too. *drool*

  10. Earlier this year a group of friends and I organized a huge surprise 40th for one of our friends! He was completely shocked and it was so much fun. My parents are turning 60 next year and instead of a party (our family here in the US is small, all our extended family lives on another continent) we are doing a really fun trip somewhere like Mexico or Cuba to celebrate! I’m not a huge cake fan but anything vanilla is something I’d be a fan of. 🙂

  11. I threw a surprise 30th birthday party for my husband last month and he loved it.

    My mom is 48 and I’m 29 so we will be growing old together.:)

    Chocolate all the way!

  12. Happy birthday mom! We live right near devens grille and go there quite often. Yummy baked scallop dish!

    Your Mom is young. My hubby is turning 60 on Thursday!

  13. I’m so excited for my mom’s 60th birthday (in two years) because it’s a pretty big year and I’m we’re planning a big party! I liked the boost of inspiration from this post! It will involve a lot of friends, family, and playfully teasing our mother with all the “ridiculous mom things” she’s done over the years. A list of those are pretty easy to compile 😉

  14. Last party.. (joint effort) for my grandson’s first birthday.
    My Dad is 89. Can’t wait to see him in two more weeks!
    Cake combo is angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream. I ask for it on every birthday.
    A very fun party you had!

  15. Looks like an awesome time! Happy birthday to your mom! I love cake…pretty much any kind, but chocolate and coconut are two of my favorites. My dad just turned 68 last week and my mom is 62.

  16. I LOVE birthday parties. We always grew up celebrating birthdays, and my parents were never ashamed of how old they were. I hope to never be either. My husband and I are in the last years before our thirties, but we still throw birthday slumber parties. Every year lived is a reason to celebrate.

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