My (Last) Weekend Home Alone

Hi, guys! Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Mal was away at a bachelor party, so it was just Murphy and me hanging out all weekend. I thought about making plans with friends or family, but then I realized it was probably my last weekend home alone for awhile. Baby H. is going to be here before I know it, so I decided to embrace my time alone and have a low-key weekend all to myself. That said, here’s what I did during my solo weekend!

Went hiking with my favorite furry friend. Murphy and I had a nice time hiking and exploring on Saturday morning. It was such a beautiful day!

IMG_9045 (675x900)

IMG_9050 (900x675)

Murphy had such a blast, he was exhausted afterwards!


I had a beauty night at home. I gave myself facial (Belli Pre-Treatment Scrub + Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque) and then a gel manicure.

beauty night at home

I tried to give myself a pedicure too, but my belly is so big, it was uncomfortable to lean forward for such a long time. However, I made plans with a friend to get pedicures later this week, so that problem will be solved soon enough!

IMG_9101 (900x675)

I watched what I wanted on TV, which included a marathon of Southern Charm and then watching a few documentaries (Blackfish, Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, and The Business of Being Born) in bed on my iPad with a cuddly pug right next to me.

Murphy pug sleeping

I slept in the middle of the bed with all of the pillows and my Snoogle. It was glorious.

IMG_9075 (900x675)

I ate and drank what I wanted.

Sweet Mint Limeade with a handful of baby spinach in the mix


Pumpkin Coconut Chia Pudding


Whole Foods salad and hot bar (on more than one occasion)””this time with a side of granola. Random, but I had a major craving for it!

IMG_2883 (900x675)

Toast with melted cheddar… total comfort food.

IMG_9084 (900x675)

And my favorite treat from the weekend: Peanut Butter Cup Banana Soft Serve!

IMG_9087 (900x670)

I broke out my Yonanas machine to make it. Just alternate two frozen bananas with the peanut butter cups. Simple as that!

IMG_9090 (675x900)

OMG. It was incredible. I need to buy more Reese’s so I can continue to make this on a regular basis!


Questions of the Day

How do you spend your time when you’re home alone?

Watch any good documentaries lately?

P.S. The dog lovers will especially love this: HAPPY DOGS in Australia – Pharrell Williams Happy!


  1. Im so boring when I’m at home alone lol I clean and sleep 🙂 with little kids that is the best time to clean when your alone and they cant come behind you un-cleaning! LOL

  2. I love my husband but, sometimes, nights/weekends alone are glorious! I am glad that someone else likes to watch documentaries like things about the Bermuda Triangle! I just watched one about ‘unexplained NASA mysteries’ last weekend! It was so interesting!

  3. My man is deployed, so being home alone is very normal for me right now;) I really enjoy it though, I read a quote the other day that said “it’s okay to be alone if you love the one you’re alone with!” I spend my time crafting, choreographing and cutting music for my dance classes I instruct, blogging, reading, and day dreaming;) Fave documentary lately: First Position

  4. I love having the house to myself every once in awhile! Highlights include:
    -Buddy (my dog) gets to sleep on the bed with me!
    -Blasting music and singing/dancing to it like a fool around the house
    -Eating something for dinner that my husband doesn’t like
    -Watching embarrassingly bad chick flicks and catching up on the latest Housewives

  5. What a wonderful weekend! It has been ages since I took an entire weekend off to do exactly what I wanted to do. It’s so nurturing. I’m inspired. And that ice cream…it sounds like heaven. I am such a sucker for ice cream! I’ll definitely be trying that. I was admittedly pretty excited to come across this article about ways to incorporate ice cream into your diet efforts:

  6. You were a smart woman to enjoy your weekend home alone. While I love my husband and daughter to pieces, this post made me jealous 🙂
    What’d you think of Blackfish? I was appalled and cried like a baby. Did you see The Cove? Also a heartbreaking documentary.

  7. Sleeping pugs make for the cutest pictures! That Reeses banana soft serve looks like everything I’ve ever wanted. I have to exert extreme self-control around Reeses, they are my favorite candy. After reading about your gel manicure machine that you use at home, I realized I need to get one. The price of two gel manicures in a spa will more than cover the cost of the machine and a nail polish, so I think I need to do it 🙂

  8. That soft serve looks delicious, omg!
    I’m never home alone (I live with my parents & my brother), but if I don’t have plans, I’ll usually just watch Netflix or something in my room. Or maybe clean if I’m not feeling too lazy haha.

  9. Good call on the quiet weekend. I love my son and the new life that I have, but that quiet and calm and doing whatever you want, well… yeah.

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