My Favorite Budget Finds at Whole Foods

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Hello, hello! I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday flew by for me!


Yesterday, I spent the morning work, work, working my tail off and then broke for lunch around noon.

I’ve had a major craving for chicken noodle soup lately””I probably mentioned it to Monica at least 3 or 4 times over the weekend””so I finally got myself some. I was really craving my Grammie’s homemade chicken soup, but the canned stuff would have to do.

The Healthy Valley brand was pretty good. It didn’t have a ton of stuff in it (noodles, chicken, etc.), but it was still tasty and satisfied my craving.

IMG_5626 (450x600)

On the side with lunch, I had some steamed spinach with vinegar and a couple of Babybel mozzarellas.

IMG_5627 (600x450)

A little while later, I whipped up a chicken salad recipe for a Health post next week, so I sampled a few bites. Delish!

IMG_7623 (600x450)

After lunch, Murphy and I met up with Kerrie and her new puppy, Bentley, for a walk around the park. How adorable is little Bentley? He’s 3/4 French Bulldog and 1/4 Boston Terrier. He is the cutest.

IMG_7632 (450x600)

Look at that face!

IMG_7624 (600x450)

The boys had a nice time sniffing and exploring the park.

IMG_7628 (600x450)

There was even a little puppy playtime! So cute!

IMG_7633 (600x450)


After the park, I dropped Murphy off at home, fed him dinner (pug priorities), and then headed to CrossFit. I haven’t been in ages, so I was excited to see everyone and get my sweat on.


“Panic Room”

11 Minutes to complete:
2000m Row
50 Kettlebell Swings (70, 53)

Remaining time: as many Burpees as possible.

It took me forever to finish the row (add rowing to my list of GOATS), so I had less than 2 minutes to do my kettlebell swings. I ended up with 25 reps (using a 45-pound kettlebell), so I never made it to the Burpees. It was a tough workout, but I’m so glad to be back!


After CrossFit, neither Mal and I were in the mood to cook dinner, so he ate the rest of my chicken salad from lunch and I made an open-face egg and cheese sandwich on a bagel. Dinner done.

IMG_5640 (600x450)

I ended the evening with some Milk Duds while folding laundry. (We probably shouldn’t have opened the Halloween candy. I can’t keep my hands out of it now!)

IMG_5637 (600x450)

Health News & Views

Whole Foods, whole paycheck: You’ve probably heard that comparison before, right? Whole Foods is known for their wonderful selection of high-quality health foods, but also their steep prices.

However, if you know what to look for, you can find some great deals on groceries. That said, here are six of my favorite Whole Foods finds that won’t break the bank!

6 Budget Finds at Whole Foods

Questions of the Day

What are your favorite budget finds at Whole Foods? I heard a rumor the pizza dough is really good and affordable?

How do you make your chicken salad?

Have you had any Halloween candy yet?

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  1. Earth Balance buttery spread is cheaper at Whole Foods than at any other grocery stores. Their 365 brand first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is also a bargain.

  2. WHOLE FOODS BULK BINS! They really are the best!
    I stock up on so much and it is so much cheaper, especially for fruit and nuts. I also make my own trail mix, miles and miles cheaper than buying it ready made.
    I also love the 365 apple purée. You can use it for so many things and considering how many apples would have gone into making it, it’s a bargain!

  3. I’ve basically stopped shopping at whole foods because I didn’t think they had any bargains, I find them so expensive. So it’s nice to know there are a few things that are priced well there. And awesome workout btw. I’m dying to get a rowing machine to add to my cx workouts.

  4. Homemade chicken soup is SO easy! Take one morning, learn how to make it and you will never buy canned soup again! I make homemade chicken stock every other weekend by poaching a whole chicken. I then have chicken stock for whatever recipe calls for it, can make chicken soup on a whim, or could make what is likely your tasty chicken salad recipe. I love making chicken soup with zucchini noodles. Now I am craving it!

  5. I like TJ’s better, but there are a few items I do like to buy at Whole Foods when I go there occasionally. I have bought the pizza dough before, but I found an awesome recipe from scratch that I have been using so I haven’t bought it recently. It is quite good though! Also, I really like when they have sales on their meat- the grassfed beef is so good.

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