I Need Mouth Band-Aids

Good morning!

After breakfast yesterday morning, I headed into the city to get my blood drawn. Just when I was starting to feel better with the UC stuff, I now have a low platelet thing going.

My doctor didn’t seem too concerned, but she thought it was a little strange since my count was normal just a year ago. She wanted me to provide another sample just in case it was a wonky test. I also have an appointment with a hematologist in a few weeks. Fun fun.

longwood medical

Anyone else take photos of where they park so they don’t forget? I have the worst memory.

IMG_7648 (600x450)

The morning rush-hour traffic into Boston is brutal, so I ran some errands and dillydallied around town as long as possible before making the trek into the city.

I stopped by CVS to pick up a few things, including a couple of bags of Halloween candy. (Halloween is a big deal in our neighborhood with tons and tons of kids stopping by our house to trick-or treat. Both last year and the year before, Mal and I ran out of candy, so this year we are fully preparing ourselves!) I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for deals for a few weeks now and this 70-piece bag was just $4.99 at CVS.

FYI: Don’t get fooled by the 2 for $5 deal at CVS right now. You get way more candy in the 70-piecer. (Yes, I am really this big of a dork and shop this way.)

IMG_7662 (600x450)


I also stopped at Whole Foods for a few things as well as a green smoothie, which was delicious. It was like green juice and a smoothie in one with greens, fruit, avocado, almond milk, and other good stuff in it.


I also stopped by Michaels to return a couple of things and popped into Stop & Shop for a few more groceries.

On my way into Stop & Shop, a container to recycle plastic bags jogged my memory about something I read in Real Simple (October 2013) the other day, which I didn’t know about recycling and thought some other people might not know either. Just wanted to share!

Two things that people recycle incorrectly most often? Pizza boxes and plastic bags. You can recycle the clean part of pizza boxes, but not the greasy parts. Those belong in the trash. As for plastic bags, whether they’re grocery bags or Ziploc bags, you can recycle them, but not curbside. “Big-box stores and supermarkets collect them,” says Jennifer Killinger, the senior director of the American Chemistry Council, in Washington, D.C. For a list of place in your ZIP code that accept plastic bags, visit filmrecycling.org.

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When I got home from the doctor, I whipped up a quick lunch, which was an English muffin pizza, which was so, so good. I can’t remember the last time I had one of these.

Apparently, I was so excited to eat it, I didn’t wait for the cheese to cool completely and burned the crap out of the top of my mouth. I’m sure the crunchy English muffin didn’t help either.

IMG_7657 (600x450)


And then I further irritated the top of my mouth by eating a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats before CrossFit.


Now, I need “mouth Band-Aids,” a term I learned from Mal back in our Red Onion days. (The Red Onion sandwich was so incredible, but the toasted bread always tore up the top of your mouth. It was worth it though.)

Questions of the Day

Have you ever heard of “mouth Band-Aids?”

What foods rip up the top of your mouth?

Any other foods that are “dangerous” to eat?

P.S. I thought this was neat and there are some great recipes included: 15 Paleo-Friendly Recipe Substitutions!


  1. I’m a clinical lab scientist and am very familiar with platelet counts – run ’em every day. 😉 It could very well be an inaccurate result – if your first sample wasn’t the greatest (and wasn’t really well mixed right after drawing), the platelets may have been ‘sticky’ and you could have a falsely low result. Hopefully all will be fine on your redraw!

  2. I had low platelets for the first time at my last physical, which was in august. I had run 2 marathons in one year- and she said it could be low iron, too much exercise, abnormal bleeding, and a number of different things. I started taking B12 daily and I do think I feel better, but who knows? I go in for another checkup next week. Best of luck! If you don’t already take b12, it couldn’t hurt!

  3. Last time I needed mouth band aids it was after inhaling some pizza….. Scalded and tore up my mouth. Why does that hurt so much??

    Sorry about the platelet count, hopefully it was just a bad draw and nothing serious.

  4. OMG worst feeling ever! I cannot remember the last time I had a pizza sandwich. My Mom used to make those for us all the time as kids…ah memories. Last year I went to holiday party and ate way too many biscotti after having a little too much wine and woke up the next day and my mouth was torn apart. It was horrible! It took at least 2 days to heal. DOH!

  5. I bought 2 big bags of mini pretzel bags and a few bags of candy I don’t like. Then I went to the Dollar Tree and bought stickers, glow in dark bracelets (7 for $1) and mini glow in the dark plastic reptiles to mix in with the goodies. We usually have a lot of trick or treaters too and this stretches the goods a bit and keeps me from buying mini snickers and kit kats which I LURVE.

  6. I hate when I burn my mouth, it hurts so bad! That English muffin pizza does look great though! So, I have a question, do you try to eat paleo most of the time, or just every once in a while? I was just wondering what your opinion on gluten was.

  7. I always take photos of where I park…glad I’m not the only one! I travel frequently for work, so I take photos of my rental car too 🙂 After weeks of travel all the cars and parking garages start to look the same!

  8. You were right around the corner from my house in the first pic! Next time you’re over this way you should try O’Naturals on the first floor of the Shapiro Center on Francis St at BWH, they have the BEST food!

  9. Oh my – English muffin pizzas! It has been forever since I’ve had one; they were the BEST lunch at daycare when I was growing up. And mini-wheats? Its been forever since I’ve had those as well. I have some fun things to add to my next grocery list!

  10. I have a condition called TTP that involves low platelets. Please let us know how everything works out. Wishing you only the best.

  11. I always take pictures where I park in garages…
    And if I park on a street in Boston not on the street I’m going to I take a picture of the street sign!

    Sour patch kids destroy my mouth and I love them so it’s worth it

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