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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Lunch, facials, Starbucks, and shopping? Sounds like a really nice way to spend the day, right? Especially with two of my favorite people!

IMG_9411 (563x750)

More on our Mother-Daughter-Daughter Day in a minute!


After breakfast, I headed to CrossFit for workout. Usually, I arrive at the box 15-30 minutes before the start of class, so I can work on skills, but I was running late yesterday and made it just in time. Thank goodness””I didn’t want to run a mile, which is the “punishment” for being late to class.

IMG_9376 (750x563)

Yesterday’s workout was a partner WOD, so I worked with my friend Whit to accumulate as many reps (points) as possible in 30 minutes of the following: 100 meter Prowler Pushes (50 meters each), max unbroken Double Unders, and max unbroken Pull-ups.


With a partner, you will complete a

30 minute AMRAP of:

100m Partner Prowler Push
Max UNBROKEN Double Unders (two attempts to get your longest UB set)
Max UNBROKEN Pull-ups (once you drop from the bar the set is over)

Rx: Prowler+100lbs, prowler+50lbs
Beginner: 50m partner prowler push

Score = total reps.

Prowler push = 1 rep, each double under = 1 rep, each pull-up = 1 rep. Add totals from each round at the end of the WOD

My goodness, the Prowler Pushes were hard! We (the ladies) don’t usually put on much weight (if any) and it was really hot outside yesterday, so Whit and I were dying by the end””I even walked for part of one””but we still managed to get 5 rounds, which included 65 Double Unders and 65 pull-ups. If you do CrossFit, you know that these two numbers should probably not be the same””the Double Under score should be a whole heck of a lot higher. I guess Whit and I really need to work on them!

On a more positive note, we did ALL 65 pull-ups unassisted. That’s right! My first WOD with real, live pull-ups and I smashed my PR of 4 pull-ups with 8 yesterday””two different times! Insanity. I still can’t believe I can do pull-ups. It really seemed like an impossible feat when I started CrossFit. I just goes to show you that persistence and hard work go a long way!

 IMG_9378 (563x750)


After CrossFit, I came home, quickly showered, made a protein shake, and then hit the road to drive to my sister’s house to meet her and my mom.

IMG_9380 (563x750)

When I arrived, I saw Batman.

IMG_9391 (563x750)

And received a couple of presents from my sister. Murphy also got some fancy organic dog bones from “Grandma.”



All three of us were hungry, so we headed to Panera for lunch.

IMG_9395 (585x750)

I ordered the BBQ Chicken Salad with the dressing on the side. I have to admit the salad was a little boring””it was mostly just chicken and romaine with a few black beans and corn kernels””but both of the dressings were really delicious, and I ended up dipping my bread into them.

IMG_9402 (750x563)

After lunch, we went to get facials at Catherine Hinds. I used my last facial in the series that I bought nearly two years ago, so I probably won’t visit again for awhile, which is a wicked bummer since their services are so cheap, but the drive is just too far for me.

IMG_9403 (750x374)

After our facials, we hit up Old Navy and Nordstrom Rack for some shopping.

IMG_9413 (750x563)

I also returned a shirt to Nordstrom Rack that I bought back in March. (Clearly, shopping isn’t a priority for me.)

IMG_9414 (750x563)

Since I returned the shirt 4.5 months after I bought it, I received a store credit, which was totally cool since I still had a gift card to spend from the tweet-up I attended there last September, and I was determined to spend it yesterday. I must have tried on at least 50 things, but I eventually left with two fun tops. Hooray!

IMG_9415 (750x563)


After our shopping adventures, we returned to my sister’s house where we chatted for a little while longer and snacked on some a zillion blue corn chips. By then, it was almost 5:00, so I decided to hit the road and battle rush hour traffic.

IMG_9421 (563x750)


Two and a half hours later (yep, it took me 2.5 hours to drive 27 miles), I arrived home. I was starving, so I threw together a salad with a can of tuna on top, homemade croutons, and leftover dressing (so good) from Wednesday’s dinner. It was pretty simple, but I was not in the mood to cook anything complicated after my infuriating commute home. I finished off the night with a couple of spoonfuls of Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, which, of course, made me a bit happier.

IMG_9424 (750x563)

Brew at the Zoo Giveaway

I totally forgot to pick a winner for the Brew at the Zoo giveaway. Oops, sorry! Without further ado, here’s your winner:

Marcy Borak

Love this contest!!!

Hmmm”¦fav animal at a zoo is probably the lions- incredible to watch their strength

(If SeaWorld is considered a “zoo” then my answer changes to sharks)

Congrats, Marcy! Please email me at to claim your prize.

Question of the Day

What’s the worst commute/drive you’ve ever experienced? How do you handle traffic? Do you listen to music/talk radio and find a zen place or do you get frustrated and angry (like I do)?



  1. What a fun mother daughter daughter day!
    And as for the traffic question, I often hit bad traffic on the weekends when I’m leaving Boston to go home to upstate NY. I just remind myself that I have NO control over the traffic situation, and I try to stay mindful of that fact. That helps me stay more calm!

  2. I love Catherine Hinds. I miss them so much now that I am out of the country, and I haven’t found a place here that is similar. I hope you enjoyed your facial!

  3. OMG, the traffic this summer in and around Boston has been the WORST. Epic. I-95 is a dirty word around this house right now. How do I handle it? By moving 🙂 No joke. After months of battling for an hour/hour and a half to drive 12 miles, it’s back into the city I go. Starting September 1 I’ll be parking the car for good and using my bike and walking shoes. Can’t wait!

  4. Congratulations on the pull ups!!!! So proud of you and jealous of your 8 in a row! I’ve been working on them forever and still haven’t quite gotten there yet! I love prowler pushes too! So taxing on the legs but so fun! Looks like a successful girls day! I have those with my mom and sister sometimes too and they are some of my favorite days 🙂

  5. I’ve been fortunate enough to never have a commute that gets hit hard by traffic (aside from accidents and things like that.. which still sucks). I have had commutes that were about an hour each day – but it was for high paying summer job while I was in college- so it was worth it.

    In traffic though.. I get SO angry. Even when my fiance and I are going somewhere, I’ll be in the passenger seat..heated. He is so calm. I just don’t get why there is traffic.. when there is NO accident and NO construction. DRIVE PEOPLE!

  6. Looks like a wonderful mother daughter day! There are no words to describe how jealous I am you have a Nordstrom Rack close to you. I fell in love with the one just off Michigan Ave in Chicago last year.

    I get irritated in traffic but only if people do something stupid (I said only, as though people are rational in traffic) but if the Mr is driving, which he usually is, then prepare for a flare up.

  7. I used to get so frustrated by traffic but now I try to keep reminding myself that there’s no point wasting energy on things which are out of my control…can’t say it always help but I sure have gotten better at controlling my frustration!

  8. Last week it took me 5 hours to get home! It usually takes me an hour and a half. Boston traffic is the worst…especially in the summer. I usually listen to talk radio to keep from getting too frustrated.

  9. i’d say my worst commute was about 6 years ago when i was working in norwood and living in brighton. we got a HUGE snowstorm and the brilliant state decided to let everyone out at the same time. the commute is 10 miles, usually took me about 45minutes to drive, but this time it took me over 5 hours. the traffic was RIDICULOUS, and the roads were horrendous. i’m pretty sure one of my windshield wipers flew off somewhere in dedham. i listened to music and called people until my phone died to pass the time…but yeah…i’d say that was my worst commute ever!!! gotta love boston 😉

  10. Congrats on the pull ups!! That’s so exciting and inspiring!! I’m hoping to get there someday! I actually quit my job when we moved into our new house because I knew the commute would ruin my life. It totally stresses me out. Even when I get to carpool with my husband. I just hate wasting time. I think he finds it kind of relaxing. Crazy!

  11. Catherine Hinds is right down the street from my office! I love it there– I went pretty regularly for facials before my wedding, but haven’t been in a while. I did a “back facial” at one point and the student doing it created a knot in my back that didn’t exist :\ Otherwise, I’ve had great experiences. I recognize the Sbux and shopping plaza, too.

    I tend to be more patient in traffic than my husband, but only because I’ve dealt with it more. My worst commute was driving Wakefield to Waltham for a summer in college when I worked on campus, but my train commute from Reading to Fort Point in Boston was pretty brutal, too. Thankfully, my commute is about 15-20 minutes on back roads now, so not bad at all!

  12. The worst commute was driving from chicago to my home. It took me an hour and half to drive 10 miles at one point! I listen to music usually at a loud volume and jam out to it

  13. I fight traffic like that daily and still don’t handle it well at all. I always go crazy in the car..I’ve gotten better at just accepting it and reminding myself I’ll be home eventually, but the bad traffic days def put a damper on my night.

  14. The bane of my existence is traffic on the beltway around DC. It is so so so horrible.

    Our punishment for being late to CrossFit is 10 burpees PER minute you are late… needless to say, I am never late!

  15. Having lived most of my life in the NY/Boston area, I don’t do well with traffic at all. I’m so used to being able to walk/take public transportation everywhere. I’m in Charlotte now and any bit of traffic drives me nuts!!

  16. Holy crap, 2.5 hours to go less than 30 miles. You must have been exhausted. Love the picture of ‘Batman’! You take great pet photos!

  17. My worst drive in traffic and crazy rain was 8 hours from Providence to central Jersey. It should have been closer to 4. I do my best to relax and rock out to music because I know it’s out of my control…

  18. When my boyfriend and I moved into our house 4 months ago it was the first time I’d ever lived far enough from work to have a true commute. It’s only ~6 miles but my goodness, it’s the most frustrating drive of my life every afternoon. I just put on some music and try not to lash out at all the stupid drivers I encounter.

  19. I love that quote on the CrossFit board–just jotted it down on my computer to add into my quote collection book later 🙂 As for driving, I actually don’t get that mad with traffic. I just figure there’s nothing I can do about it. I think I’m also just used to traffic–my city is known for having terrible traffic!

  20. About a month ago I was stuck in LA traffic with my toddler… for 4 hours. I went through stages of Zen, anger and denial. It was pretty annoying but the little guy handled it well and that’s all I could hope for.

  21. Hmmm my worst commute ever was probably going over the bridge towards the city for my internship, it was a holiday weekend and I must have sat there for hourssssss

  22. That looks like an awesome day with your family!
    Way to go with your pull-ups!!! I have NEVER done one in my life and would love to be able to. Money is pretty tight around here but my husband has said that I might be able to try Cross-Fit when our gym membership is up (we bought a 2-year membership for $300 bucks that works across the nation-pretty hard to say no to). Hopefully someday!

  23. About a year and a half ago, when my sis and I were working at the same place in Omaha (I’m still there, but she’s moved on), we were on our way home, and all routes home were blocked by some seriously terrible accidents. There are about ten different ways to get home. Two interstates, two highways, and the rest all through town. We chose one of the highway options, thinking if we got away from the interstate, we wouldn’t have a problem. Not so. It seems NO ONE was paying attention that day, and it took us and hour and a half to make a thirty minute drive.
    Two and a half hours is awful, though! I would have wicked road rage. 🙁
    Sounds like a nice, relaxing day otherwise, though. I love spending time with my mom and sis.

  24. I used to commute from Baltimore to DC for work every day which was 2 hours each way on a GOOD day. It was awful. I lasted about 18 months and then bit the bullet and moved even though rent was much more expensive!

  25. I use to love shopping but I don’t care for it anymore and when I do go shopping I end up buying workout clothes or sneakers. like yesterday I bought 2 pairs of nike sneakers and I really didn’t need them but I loved the colors. I must have about 10 pairs now one for each outfit

  26. One time when I was leaving work it started to snow. It took me 5 hours 22 miles home. It was horrible! It was gridlock the entire way, I was lucky that my car did not get stuck in the snow like most others. Gotta love the beltway in Maryland and DC.

  27. Ah~I live in the LA County so anytime in the morning, and 4-6pm it’s jammed alll over!!! But I’m used to it….kind of. 😛 To be honest, I get sleepy more than angry! So that’s where the danger comes because I can easily doze off. So bad, I know! And the only positive thing I find when I’m stuck in traffic is listening to lots of great songs and praying. Might as well do something productive while I’m at it right?! 😉 ps: I do get irritated if my bladder is full!!!

  28. Oh traffic. I went to college in the North Suburbs of Chicago. My commute home from my internship was literally 5 miles, but it would take me over 45 minutes to get home. My first year out of college, I had a 1 hr 15 minute one-way commute, and then got a job 1.5 hrs away from where I was living for the next 2 years, all while my husband was commuting 1 hr one-way to work. Last spring I was lucky enough to find a job 15 minutes from where my husband was working, so we jumped at the opportunity and moved ASAP! Hello 15 minute commute!

  29. Thankfully, for the most part, I commute to work everyday on the Metro in DC. Of course, Metro has it’s own set of problems but for the most part it’s all good. I don’t have much traffic except for the 3 mile drive from my house to the station. When do I get into traffic while traveling, I’m a screaming mimi and after I knock out a few expletive laden rants, I find my zen place and know that there’s nothing I can do about it. Yes, I may look silly to other drivers as I curse the road I’m on but eventually I get through it and life goes on.

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