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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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My poor dog. Look at that sad, sad, sad pug face. It breaks my heart to see him so miserable.

IMG_9426 (750x563)

Yesterday, when I was having a grand old time with my mom and sister, Mal and Murphy were at the vet. (I’m a terrible pug mom. I feel so guilty.) Recently, Murphy has had some gross eye boogers when he wakes up in the morning, but Mal and I didn’t think anything of it because he always has eye boogers (and constantly wipes them on us). But, then, yesterday morning, Murphy’s eyes were really watery and booger-y and he was squinting a lot. Obviously, something wasn’t right, so Mal took him to the vet.

It turns out that Murphy has ulcers on his eyes. Poor guy. The vet thinks he probably got something in his eyes and then scratched at them, which damaged the outermost layer of his corneas. Once this protective layer has been torn, the area becomes irritated and painful, which causes the dog (or other pet) to squint and the eye to tear. Typically, the outermost layer of the cornea heals pretty fast, but the slow-healing ones are referred to as ulcers. Apparently, this can happen to all dogs, but those with short noses and prominent eyes (pugs) are more likely to develop this problem.

So, now Murphy is wearing a cone on his head and we’re giving him two different medications in his eyes five times a day. He absolutely hates us touching his eyes (I’m sure they’re sore and painful), and I feel terrible when I do it, but I know it’s for his own good. Hopefully, the drugs work quickly and he’s back to his old self soon. I really hate seeing him so uncomfortable. Poor Murphy.


After breakfast this morning, I headed to CrossFit for a workout. We started with a 3 rep max for Front Squats and the moved onto the WOD, which was a descending ladder of Squat Cleans and Burpees.


Front Squat 3RM.
Rest 2-3 mins between sets, more rest as it gets closer to max weight.
Beginners 5 x 5 with a moderate weight


For time:
Squat Cleans

Rx: (135, 95)
L2: (115, 75)
L1: (95, 65)

I worked my way up to 125 pounds for Front Squats, which was a 10-pound increase from my previous one rep max. I actually think I could have done more weight, but we ran out of time. Bummer. Next time!

Today’s WOD was rough. I actually stopped for a good 30 seconds between reps 8 and 7 to catch my breath and drink a sip of water, which is something I rarely ever do during a WOD, but I was totally spent. After banging out 27 Squat Cleans and 27 Burpees, picking up the bar to do more Squat Cleans and Burpees felt so awful. But, once I got past the 7 rep round, I was home free. I still rested a little bit between Squat Cleans, but not nearly as much. Plus, I was almost done, so I just plowed through to the end. I wanted the WOD to be over! I used 85 pounds and finished in 14:07.


After CrossFit, I came home, quickly showered, and then mixed up a protein shake to take with me to NuVal. I forgot my wedding and engagement rings at CrossFit (I took them off for the WOD), so I boogied to get myself out the door, so I could stop by the box to get them. Thankfully, I got my rings and made it to NuVal right on time!



At NuVal, I ate the first part of my lunch, which was a Greek yogurt and an apple. There were slim pickings in our kitchen and I was in a rush, so I just grabbed what I could.

IMG_9436 (750x563)

On my way home from NuVal, I stopped by the grocery store to get some necessities for the weekend. Obviously, horseradish-flavored Pub Cheese is a “necessity.”

IMG_9437 (563x750)

I was starving when I walked through the door of my house, so I made a wrap with sliced deli ham, mustard, tomato, salt, and pepper. I ate it while standing in my kitchen. I was that hungry.


I’m off to hang out with Murphy and cuddle him to death. I’m planning to take his cone off, so he can have a little break from it, but I need to watch him like a hawk, so he doesn’t scratch his eyes. Poor guy. I feel so bad for him.

Happy Friday, friends!



  1. Ohhh nooo, Murphy! My dog has had to wear one of those cones on two different occasions. I always feel awful for him…though I will admit that it’s slightly amusing (in a kind of cruel way) to see him walk into things because he’s all thrown off by the cone.

  2. Oh no poor Murphy! I hope he heals quickly! I feel your pain. My pug Sunny has often gotten eye scratches and ulcers. I dread seeing that wink that means something’s not right with her eye. I was told it helps to put in eye drops for regular maintenance (I use Genteal).

  3. My bf’s pug had a bunch of health issues last year and needed to be ‘coned’; he found a replacement “Comfy cone”, which is soft/padded instead of the rough plastic kind. P-Nut kinda loves to rock it! Much more comforting for them it seems. He’s also scratched his eyes and is a goober; he walks into stuff constantly when we aren’t looking. Good luck!

  4. Poor little pug guy! Hope he heals quickly!
    I had peks before and this happened to one of them…twice! However, he had surgery where they take the third eye lid and stitch it closed to help the healing.
    Get well soon Murphy!

  5. Oh poor poor Murphy! It breaks my heart to hear when an animal is sick, whether it be with something serious or not. I hope he starts feeling better soon!! 🙂

  6. AWW poor baby! My fur child had a tiny cyst on the inside of her eyelid and she kept scratching her eyes. Of course, I made her stop because I thought she would hurt her eyes. She wore a cone like this too once the vet cut it off (yikes!) She healed up pretty quickly, and I hope Murphy does too!

  7. So sorry about Murphy! I have two pugs, one that reminds me a lot of Murphy! My guy “Coach” lost, had to have it REMOVED, last week because of an ulcer that perforated 🙁 this was after it proptosed (popped out of the socket and was sewn shut for two weeks). Anyway, I feel your pain! It’s been a month full of eye drops, ointments etc! Please keep us posted on his progress!

  8. I remember you said your don’t drink dairy(even organic) because it makes you break out..
    will you still break out when you eat dairy?? like yogurt?? I have same situation with you..so I am trying to figure out why I will break out sometimes…(sugar or dairy..maybe)

    1. I still consume dairy, just not a lot of it. Greek yogurt is also processed very differently than milk, so it’s easier on one’s system.

  9. What kind of container do you use for your shakes/smoothies on the go? Looking for a good sturdy one that allows a straw but won’t leak or spill if I toss it in my bag.

    1. I use either a reusable mug or a shaker. You can find the mugs at Target, Starbucks, Walgreens, etc. and the shakers are sold at GNC and other health/vitamin stores like that.

  10. Eeeek! I have had an ulcer on my cornea before…as a human! NOT FUN. And I loooove animals, especially dogs, so I feel for Murph-man. Like you said, they heal fairly quick, but they are so obnoxiously painful. I hope he is doing well by now! Poor pup.

  11. Aw I hate seeing puppies (or any animal) in pain! Don’t you wish that they could talk to us sometimes and tell us what they’re thinking? I witnessed my dog have a seizure one time and I screamed and started balling crying. I think I like dogs more than people. Do you always eat Oikos greek yogurt? I know that plain is the lowest in calories, but if you ever eat fruit-on-the-bottom ones, do you still always choose Oikos?

  12. awwww poor murphy. i am so sorry he has to go thru all of this. 🙁
    i also just read about your issues with the colitis and i am sorry you have to go thru all of that as well. big hugs to all of you!!!! xo

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