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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Pizza. Freakin’ pizza. It’s always SO delicious! I can honestly say, in my nearly 29 years of life, I have not encountered a piece of pizza that I did not like. And, if I have, it wasn’t very memorable and probably didn’t taste THAT bad. Anyway, I ate pizza again for dinner tonight. It was leftover from last night’s pizza dinner, but pizza, never the less. 

On the side, I had some broccoli steamed with red wine vinegar. 

I’m already craving something sweet for dessert. I will likely eat a yummy piece of Banana Chocolate Chip Bread. :mrgreen:

Basic Training and Yoga Challenge Day 9

A few weeks ago, Mal and I discussed how our workouts have become a little too routine. Basically, we need to switch things up and challenge our bodies more. When the YMCA announced a new 12-week class, called Basic Training, we knew it would help get us out of our recent exercise rut. From what I understand, Basic Training is essentially a Boot Camp-style class with a kick! It combines cardio, strength, and agility exercises into an hour-long class. Our first class is tonight, so hopefully, I will have great things to say about it tomorrow!

After Basic Training, my plan is to take a shower, get into my PJs, and finish my day with a relaxing session of Lunar Flow Yoga, which is one of my favs. I love the half pigeon poses! 

What is your favorite yoga pose(s)? 



  1. I like twists the best. I’m still learning what all the poses are called, though. I CANNOT do crow for the life of my but I’m convinced I’ll get there some day.

    I have a YogaDownload question: do they walk you through the poses pretty well? I really like having an instructor to look at, and I don’t know if glancing at a pose guide while I’m trying to balance on one foot or whatever will cut it. But it’s so convenient to be able to do it whenever I want to at home!

    So I guess my question is, would you (or anyone) say YogaDownload is worth it for people who are still pretty new to yoga? Thanks!

  2. I’m totally with you with the pizza. I just LOVE pizza.. so, so good.. last week I made your Roasted Fall Vegetables with Ricotta Pizza and absolutely LOVED it! My entire family loved it too!

    I have yet to try yoga. I really should try it out though since a lot of bloggers say great things about it!!

  3. mmm i love love love love LOVE pizza. never gets old. and so versatile! mmmm. extra healthy points to you for adding broccoli on the side 🙂

  4. That class sounds like it would be lots of fun and i am also going to be doing Lunar Flow before bed tonight.

    My favorite pose is Warrior Two-i feel so powerful and strong!

  5. Day 9 began with Fire Detox, followed by Cardio Yoga. Then in the afternoon, I did 70min of Hard-Core Detox. Ended the day with yoga for runners and meditation. It was a great day of Yoga!
    My fav pose is Tree pose and eagle!

  6. So I missed Day 6, 7 & 8 because I was out of town and was not feeling confident enough to improv yoga on the go. Tonight I was back to it – I did the first Namaste yoga session I did – which I believe focused on shoulders & flexibility. I could tell that I hadn’t done yoga in 3 days because I was a little stiff in my movements. I have to work on relaxing and just focusing on breathing – it’s so easy for my mind to wander! Hopefully this week I can achieve a little more calm with my yoga. I’m glad to be back!

  7. pizza is amazing.. leftover pizza is even more amazing!!! your dessert sounds great too… favorite yoga pose is downward dog 😉

  8. Just got done 60 minutes of Power Vinyasa Flow #1. Ouch. Good ouch, though 🙂 I feel the burn.
    After doing Lunar Flow last night, I am a new fan!!

  9. I totally agree about the pizza! I adore pizza. Even greasy pizzeria pizza. It’s all so good. And the possibilities are endless!!!

    Downward dog is my favourite. It feels so good and I love each time being able to get my heels closer to the ground. They’re so close!

  10. I had really planned on doing “Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss” after work tonight, but when I got home, I was feeling really . . . tired. And hungry. I didn’t think that a 45-minute practice would be good for my “body-mind” at that time, so I chose an equally intense, but shorter something — Yoga Journal’s 20-minute “Step-by-Step Session 1” again. After watching and moving along with the instructional portion on Saturday, the 20 minutes of sun-salutes were definitely easier to follow . . . although still physically challenging for me! But I feel GREAT!

    My favorite pose is children’s pose!

  11. mmmmm pizza…. 🙂 Hope you two enjoy the class!!!

    I love child’s pose, half moon, Polly’s “counter dog”, and I’m learning to love pigeon!

  12. I really love pizza too.

    I enjoy pigeon. It’s such a great stretch. I also like dolphin because it stretches my shoulders. My favorite pose of all time is dancer’s pose. I like how it makes me feel strong, but also flexible.

    I did the yoga download yoga for runners today and it had some great stretches. I definitely reccommnend it after a run!

  13. I only did 20 min power vinyasa yoga #3 today….. It was intense after my 45 min cardio work at the gym. 31 yoga challenge already made yoga to me a daily MUST!~
    fav pose: head stand, because it took almost a year to be able to do it!

  14. I love urdva dhanurasana aka upward facing bow pose aka wheel =) I feel so strong when I am in that pose. Oh and love firebird too!

  15. ohhhhh forgot to mention I just did Yoga on the Edge Sunset by Sara Ivanhoe and it was just what I needed to relax….but now I am going to bed craving pizza lol


  16. My favorite yoga pose is Tree. Love it for some reason.

    I did yoga for runners tonight. It was challenging but i feel thoroughly stretched from my run today 🙂

  17. A little bit more pizza is never a bad thing! One of my favorite poses is Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana B (Standing hand to big toe B.) It stretches my hamstrings and makes my whole body feel strong.

  18. Well I have several poses that I really enjoy. Today, however, I discovered a new one: the gorilla! It was in yogadownload’s Yoga For Your Back. It stretched my poor back in just the right places.

  19. Definitely child’s pose and chattarunga!
    Here’s my day 9 from my blog:
    After I digested my dinner I left the room to go and ”˜practice.’ I told Steve he should try some to help his dinner digest (he had a bit too much to eat lol) to which he replied “oh hun, if I try to do any crooked dogs tonight I think i’m going to fall through the ceiling.” LOL”¦ you mean downward facing dog hunny.

    I practiced so many different poses (including the crow and the splits!). I even attempted *gasps* a HEADSTAND. I was successful at all and I had to ask Steve to help lift me up so I could lean against the wall. I was only upside down before I had to come back to the floor because I could feel the blood rushing to my head. What is the secret to this one?!?! I could do this when I was younger. hmph.

  20. I did the lunar flow last night. It was interesting because my husband was practicing drums downstairs while I practiced yoga upstairs! Somehow I managed to stay relaxed and clear minded. It was sooo relaxing I really liked it! My favorite pose so far is the different spinal twists. I really struggle to keep my breath during them but I love how it feels afterwards!

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