The Biggest Mistake Women Make With Diets

Today, I want talk about one of the biggest mistakes I see women make when it comes to dieting. It’s embarking on super long diets – diets that last six months, nine months, a year, or maybe your whole life has been diet. It’s no way to live… mentally, physically, emotionally.

Dieting for extended periods of time is not good for a lot of reasons, but I think the number one is that you get stuck making progress toward your goals. You get stuck in a plateau, you’re not seeing results, you’re cutting food, adding exercise, you’re doing the same things over and over again, and not seeing different results. And I’m pretty sure that is the definition of insanity! So many women get stuck in this cycle and sometimes the scale actually goes in the wrong direction. I’s crazy frustrating, and you might see hormonal issues pop up.

If this scenario resonates with you, I’m offering a free masterclass on October 13th and 14th (2 sessions). It’s called “Unstuck Your Metabolism,” and we’ll talk about just that and what you need to do to get yours into a good healthy place so you can continue to lose weight and not gain weight. This free webinar will give you the steps to move forward and in the right direction, so if you’re interested, just sign up below!


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