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Good morning! Happy Monday!

My training for the Boston Marathon officially starts today! Woohoo! I am pumped.


Last Friday, we (the Stonyfield mom bloggers) received our 16-week training plan for the Boston Marathon from Megan, our running coach. It’s a great mix of running, cross-training, and rest days, and what I love most about it is that it’s all based on time, not mileage. So instead of a 20-mile long run, we’ll spend 3 hours on our feet. I really think I am going to like this way of training.


Since Megan has us running 3 days each week with 2 cross-training days mixed in, my new workout schedule will probably look something like this:

  • Sunday: Rest
  • Monday: Run
  • Tuesday: KFIT/CrossFit/basement WOD
  • Wednesday: KFIT/CrossFit/basement WOD/Rest
  • Thursday: Run
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Run

Of course, this schedule will likely change from week-to-week depending on weather, Mal’s schedule, and whatever else pops up in life, but this is a rough framework for fitting in all of my workouts during my training.

A few notes on logistics and planning:

  • I will likely do my long run on Thursdays when Quinn is at daycare and after I have finished my work for the day. If I have too much work to do, I’ll bump my long run to Saturday and do it after Mal gets home from CrossFit.
  • On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, my workout will be based on how I feel (training-wise) and what works best for our family (logistically).
  • On really, really cold days, I will likely use the treadmill at KFIT to do my shorter training runs. (I plan to do all of my long runs outside.)
  • I haven’t registered for any races yet, but I will likely run the Hyannis Half Marathon and the Black Cat 20-miler and count them as long training runs.
  • Rest days will sometimes include a yoga class if I can finagle it with Mal’s schedule.
  • I’m planning to use RunKeeper to record all of my runs. I’ve been using this app for months now, and I really like it because it gives you time (and mile) updates as you run.

That’s it for now. Wish me luck!

Question of the Day

What are you training for this year? Do you obsess (in a good way, of course) over training plans like I do?



  1. Have u ever ran a marathon? How did u get “hooked” up w “another mother runner”? How did u find ur coach? Luv ur blog.

    1. Yep, this will be my 3rd marathon. Stonyfield hooked up us with Megan, but she provides services to all sorts of runners. Definitely check out her website. She has an awesome story! 🙂

  2. Love the idea of running for time vs. distance. Very cool. I just finished my second full in December and am now just keeping my mileage up for the 2 halfs (halves?) I’ve signed up for already in February in April. Good luck!

  3. I never really used a training plan before but I think that a plan like this is so key for marathon training when you have a little one! Helps to organize your mind and schedule which can often get out of whack when raising a baby. Best of luck!

  4. I’m at the tail end of training for the Zooma half in FL! I am injured though and dying to finish strong 🙂 this will be my sisters’ first half so we will just enjoy the race.

    My best tip for running outside is learning how to cover your face. I have a running face mask I wear and I use Vaseline on my nose to prevent chapping. Not to mention the mask helps filter warm air to my lungs! Good luck training!!

  5. Congratulations! I follow the untraninging plan training plan. In short, every time that I try to be super planning-focus, the floor gets ripped out from underneath me, so I more so go with a general schedule (similar to what you have done here) with long run goals per week.

  6. I am seriously considering training for a the Tower of Terror 10 Miler at Disney this fall. I ran it in 2012 but had a DNF. That’s been my only long distance attempt so this year might be the year of redemption.

    1. @Sabrina: Just a friendly heads up…my hubby and I have looked into this run also for 2015 and it doesn’t look like Disney will be offering it in 2015 🙁 Not sure why though. I keep hoping I’m wrong! We ran it in 2013 and really enjoyed it.

  7. Love a good plan! I find that they are motivating and keep me focused vs obsessing. So many mornings I wake up thinking, “What do I want to do today to workout?” But a plan answers that. I just look at the schedule and I’m off!

  8. EVERY year I always plan to run a 5K but I’ve never been able to manage it without a stop (or three). I’m hoping 2015 is the magic year!

    What a great way to train for a marathon – with a running coach and others to keep you motivated and on track!! I wish they had programs like that around here for newbie runners. I’ll have to check and see since lots of new programs and events pop up in the new year.

  9. i just started training yesterday for the NJ marathon at the end of april! i’ve been living/studying in jersey for the past…. well since 6th grade. ha. and its likely about to come to an end by may soooo this is my way to pay tribute and say goodbye!

    i don’t typically follow training plans because i always fear that they’ll make me too “rigid” and will suck the fun out of run.. but for this marathon, i’ve decided to follow a sub-4hr plan and see how i like it! hopefully i’ll be able to stick to it (somewhat at least). the philly marathon last november was my first ever, and i had been traveling for a large chunk of time right before so it through off my “training”.. not that i really was. but i hadn’t even run 20 mi before that day and hey! i ended up running the whole thing only walking at aid stations so i was pretty dang proud. let’s see what a little more scheduled training will do…

    1. @Eva: *threw off…..

      also to echo some previous sentiments, i really like that time approach. i might add a little touch to my current plan and change it all to running for time…

  10. I love having a training plan. I find I obsess over them in the beginning until I get used to it and am comfortable with it. I am currently training for a half marathon, so I have been following a training plan too!

  11. I don’t have anything specific I am training for this year. I would like to do a 10k in March but I hurt my leg this past weekend running so it will depend on how it feels over he next few weeks. Otherwise, I’m just training for life 😃😃

  12. I will be running my 6th marathon this April. And this will be the first time I take a back to basics approach to training. I just want to hit my long run distracts. But I am not planning on doing any speed work or hill training. I’m really excited to just run and enjoy the wintery and spring days outside as much as I can. No pressure. No goals other than fall back in love with distance running. In also focused on strengthening so my muscle imbalances and injuries get gone for good. 🙂

  13. YES – for me half the fun of a race or any sort of challenge is the regimen. As a semi-control freak, following a plan of a perceived expert make me VERY happy.

  14. I ran my first and last marathon in 2010. It was the San Diego Rock n Roll marathon. (I live in Boston) What a great venue for a race! I did not obesses about my training plan. My goal was just to finish…and I did!

    This year my goal is to run just a 5k. I took 7 months off from running due to pregnancy so I’m starting all over! This time I will focus on time and not distance, like you! I’ve started with 20mins. Once I can run 20 without stopping I will continue to add 5 minutes! So far I’m at 18!

  15. I am training for my first marathon! I am in week 6 of 16- so far, so good! It is daunting to think about running 20 miles though. I love how yours goes by time! I might try to do that when it gets upwards of 18 miles. I did 14 this past week listening to Serial!

  16. I don’t really like the idea of running by time (granted I’ve never really tried it). I think I prefer the ignorance of how long 20 miles will actually take me :).. but when juggling life with a kid, I bet it is a huge convenience to know how long exactly you will be out!

    I’m training for the Paris Marathon and Dirty Kanza 200 (a gravel bike race). I’m kinda trying to tackle 2 different training methods: a set mileage every single day for the marathon, but then only giving myself a weekly mileage goal for the bike race.

  17. I’mthisclose to starting a training plan for a Full. Runnign a full marathon has been on my bucket list for years…and I’ve always chickened out. If you can do it with a baby, I can do it with an 8 & 11 year old!! You may have just inspired me to follow through!! I bought the Marathon Roadmap….but I’m intrigued by your time based plan. I may have to look into it more!

  18. I signed up for my first half marathon (Shamrock’n Half) in about 10 weeks and yes, I obsesses over training as much as you do. I am hoping we both stay healthy and injury free!

  19. Go Tina!!! So excited for you to run the Boston Marathon! What a dream!! I will be cheering you on. Happy Training!

  20. I love training plans and totally obsess over them! The numbers make me so happy.
    I’m either going to train for a half or full marathon this spring. Originally I wasn’t even going to do a full this year, but we might be moving to Washington state and there are so many races I want to do out there!
    Best of luck on your training! 🙂

  21. Hi Tina,

    Good luck with your training. I start my training programme today for the London Marathon (26 April) so will be reading your blog with interest. I have run a couple of marathons before but I really want to improve my time. I’m also a mum (two boys aged 9 and 6) and I know how hard it is to juggle training, look after children and work part-time. Having a supportive husband really helps, couldn’t do it without him.

  22. I will be training for my very first half marathon this year! I chose the Maine Half Marathon because it’s not until October so I have some time to train (beginner runner). I don’t know that I obsess over plans. I’m good at making them, but terrible at sticking to them so my goal this year is to just stay focused.

  23. I am training to achieve a sub 2 hour 1/2 in 2015. I ran 3 1/2s last year and I am planning to run 5 total this year …and YES I obsess over my schedule as well. I try to run at least 3 days a week and strength train on 3 days. I also strive to do every long run outside. I HATE to run on the treadmill. 🙁 Good Luck on your training and looking forward to seeing you run Boston this year!

  24. Good luck in your training! How exciting. I am two weeks away from my first race of 2015 and I am super excited. Unfortunately today I have no motivation to do anything. This past week I did mostly cross training and only one run. My body is surprisingly still sore!

  25. What’s the purpose of running for time vs mileage?

    Is it to accommodate runners with different speeds in your group? It seems to downplay any emphasis on speed in deference to finishing the run… is that the point?

    Also, how do you plan for this kind of run outside?? When I did long runs, I’d plan it out so that it was a nice big loop, landing me back where I started. I imagine that’s harder to plan out if you’re unsure of where you’ll end up at the end… Thanks for sharing!

    1. This is a really good question! I would love to hear any thoughts on the mater, as well as any thoughts you have throughout the training process of doing time vrs distance. I’ve only ever trained by distance, and have never really thought to go by time,but am always looking for new training plans/ideas!

  26. Awesome! Good luck with your training!

    I’m training for the Phoenix Marathon at the end of February! Only 8 more weeks to go! It’s definitely been tough running in the cold. I haven’t used the treadmill yet, but I fear it’s imminent!

    1. I used to use MapMyRun, but I haven’t used it in ages. I assume they have an app now? I just really like RunKeeper. It’s easy to use and keeps things simple! 🙂

  27. That is exciting that marathon training starts! I’ve always liked the idea of time versus mileage, so that’s cool your plan is set up that way.

    I’m so not into running right now, and it’s all good. I’ll cheer you on though while I gladly not run all those miles 😉

  28. I’m trying to run a 5k each month this year and hopefully a few longer distances too! I do best without a training plan because my schedule is crazy unpredictable and I get frustrated if I get too far off plan

  29. I’m a planner at heart. Naturally, I love a good training plan. I’ve learned the hard way that a “plan” is just a starting point. When I was training for my first full marathon, I followed my TNT training plan religiously. I thought most running injuries were a result of skipping runs and then doing “too much too soon”. I was shocked when I ended up dealing with some major IT band issues. I may have whined to my coach, “But I’ve been following the plan!” 😉 My NEW training plan was everything my Physical Therapist told me to do- logging miles on the AlterG (Anti-Gravity Treadmill), biking rather than running, trading Central Park’s hills for flat running paths by the Hudson River, and running for time rather than distance! In the end, my training plan looked nothing like my teammates’, but it was exactly what I needed to get through that race.

  30. I’m missing my annual spring half marathon due to another fitness projects of sorts – this baby I’m carrying that’s due early this summer! So besides preparing for a healthy baby and *fingers-crossed* quick delivery, I’m planning to keep doing as much running as I can, and hope to move that half marathon to late fall!

  31. My cousin just ran her first marathon. It was so inspiring watching her train for it, mainly because that much running scares me (and most people) half to death, so it’s awesome watching someone else conquer those miles. Good luck with your training!

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