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Last week, Murphy took a visit to the vet. Mal and I were a bit concerned about his weight, so we figured that a check-up couldn’t hurt. According to the AKC, male pugs are supposed to weigh between 14-18 pounds. Murphy weighs 28! 😯

Ok, so, he’s a really big boy. But, if you met him in person, you probably wouldn’t think that he’s overweight. He’s got some extra skin like all pugs do, but he’s muscular and just rock solid. Mal and I joke that he has “flabs of steal“! 😆

Even with his “flabs of steal,” the vet recommended that Murphy lose a few pounds, so now we’re making changes to get him down to 25 pounds. Just this week, we switched Murphy from puppy to adult food, and he’s getting apple slices for treats instead of peanut butter. Hopefully, some simple changes to his diet will do the trick!

The good thing, however, is that the vet was really happy with the amount of exercise that he gets in his life. Murphy gets at least an hour everyday. Most days he gets more– between multiple walks and frequent puppy play dates. In fact, Murphy’s workouts are actually getting him pretty buff. He can walk/run 4 miles, which is pretty good for a little (well, big) pug!


Before heading to NuVal, I refilled my iced coffee and added some caramel syrup and vanilla soy milk. (Having all of this caramel stuff in my house might be a problem! 😉 )


I kept lunch simple today by mixing a homemade salad with leftovers from last night’s dinner. I just shook it all up in a Tupperware container to create an interesting and flavorful lunch. On the side, I had an orange and a Nature’s Path Lotta Apricotta bar.

Feel Great Weight

It seems like Murphy’s workout is working for him– well, at least helping him maintain his weight!

Is your workout working for you?

Check out my recent FGW post: 6 Reasons Why Your Workout Isn’t Working. I like to check-in with myself every few weeks to make sure that I am working as hard as I can– at least for most of my workouts. Sometimes, I really enjoy zoning out on the elliptical with a magazine! 😉

P.S. I posted my groceries for the week over on Trading Up Downtown. I also explained my meal planning for the week.



  1. He is so cute! My pug used to tip the scales at 30lbs. He is now down to a comfortable 25lbs. The vet jokes that he has a waist now, which she doesn’t see in many pugs. Good job on all the walking. I tried to jog with Remy the other day and the poor thing had a tough time.

  2. aw, i took my little dog to the vet the other day and he recommended giving her carrot sticks as treats. she’s not overweight, but he said it wouldn’t hurt for her to lose some weight. i felt like such a bad fur mommy!

  3. Aww poor Murphy! Going on a diet – I feel his pain! Oh well, at least he’s in good hands! But don’t be surprised if he spits out the apple slices and demands some peanut butter!

  4. Murphy is the cutest thing. Everytime you post pictures of him, it cheers me up. I really need a pug in my life!

    I recently had to change up my running plan. Now I run shorter times but with more intensity. It’s helped make my workout work for me!

  5. I’ve been getting kind of bored lately with my workout. I think I need to switch it up a bit.

    You should probably put more photos of murphy up, yeah I said it MORE . . . I have a love affair with that cute little pup 🙂

  6. So I had a dog I had to put on a diet and I learned from my vet that dogs LOVE green beans- it’s a great treat for a dog on a diet because it’s full of vitamins and fiber. I just gave her canned green beans, although now, I would probably try to find green beans that didn’t have added salt (I have no idea how dogs do with sodium but wouldn’t want to have to worry about it). Dogs also love it when you freeze canned pumpkin in an ice cube tray and give them doggie popsicles, but that can get a little messy when they eat it. 🙂

  7. That photo kills me. I love your Murphy pics. My workout has been getting a little stale so I’m trying to keep things interesting by doing yoga a couple times a week, too. Now if only I could get rid of these two knee injuries; then I’d really be able to work out like I want to.

  8. Pugs are so easy to fatten up – they just seem built that way! You should also check the amount of sugar in his food – lots of dog food has so much added sugar, which leads to increased weight gain.
    Speaking of weight gain – I love switching out my workouts in order to keep my mind happy. I get bored if I’m doing the same thing over and over again.

  9. Presley, our little black pug, weighs 25lbs. He was at 27….He just turned one..we decided to put a lot of carrots in his diet, he loves it!! Has already lost 2 lbs!!! He also looks very good, not chunky…more of a muscular pug 😀

    we tried green beans and he looked at us in disqust. 🙁 I am going to have to try apple slices, yum!!!

  10. Murph is so stinking adorable…even @ 28lbs. I am curious how you named him? 🙂

    My workout does it’s job maintaining my weight, but I need to do something different in order to LOSE!

  11. Buddy easily outweighs other Westies by 5 – 6 lbs. He’s also a big boy – the vet doesn’t think he’s overweight, and he really is quite muscular! He and Murphy just have more to love.

  12. My GOD Murph is so cute! You’re such good parents! And you make me miss having a dog! My old dog was a pretty hefty pooch, but, then again, so were his owners!

  13. My parents pugs are 28 and 35 pounds. One is solid like Murphy and one is just plain fat. We call him Porky Pug 🙂

  14. You could try a grain free diet with him too, either do raw meat or a mixture of dry food and meat. Some dogs don’t do well with carbs (just like people). Check a local pet store and they should have the meat in a freezer case or you could cook for him (similar to what you eat). There are a few dog cookbooks out there. I make about half of our dog Clifford’s food and he does really well on it.

  15. Aww that photo is sooo cute! I need to head out and walk Bessie right now, you inspired me. I try to feed her carrots to snack on when she wants a treat, she loves the crunch!

  16. My doggie is overweight too so she gets carrots in place of some treats. She also likes green beans. I will have to try apple slices too! Right now I’m working on getting her some more exercise during the week, taking her for walks and we recently joined a dog park 🙂

  17. My workouts are usually great. I mix it up every day so that I don’t get bored, and try to spend as much active time outdoors as I can, just to enjoy fresh air!

  18. Murphy is a very cute dog! We recently took our dog to the vet and they suggested switching him to adult food as well. I guess once they have been fixed they are considered mature and dont need the puppy food anymore. They said if we kept feeding him it he would become over weight. We were surprised since he isnt even a year old yet! Does Murphy like ice cubes? My dog loves them and thinks they are treats!

  19. I have a puggle named Stanley and he’s always been an absolute hog when it comes to eating. He loves table scraps, eats other dog’s food when he’s on play dates, etc. He went to the vet 2 weeks ago and weighed in at 50lbs! I couldn’t believe it! The vet wants him between 40-45 lbs because he does have a large frame for a puggle. So, how Stanley is on lower activity food from Nutro, no table scraps, and milk bones broke in half for treats. Stanley also enjoys ice cubes but hates any fruits and veggies. He’ll just look at me like, yea right mom, if I try to give him carrots.

  20. Murphy looks soo cute in that picture! He may have built a lot of muscle and not fat! I give my dog carrot sticks as a treat. He also LOVES ices cubes! Its crunchy, hydrating, and keeps him busy! Give it a try!

  21. Murphy looks like he is looking for PB in that picture 🙂

    I was super happy with my workouts until I got injured at my last race. Now I’m struggling to get back into the workout groove. I’m hitting the gym tonight to try the elliptical.

  22. Man I love Murphy. I love that picture of him. He doesn’t look overweight at all. Maybe he’s just a BIG guy. for real, like some people are just TALL and muscular and their bmi’s are way over so they’re technically overweight but they aren’t really at risk for the associated health problems. Oh well! He will be fine!

  23. Carrots are way better than apples (says my daughter’s beagle). We use apples as a super treat. Green Beans, a spoon of yogurt or cottage cheese are also good. My daughters dog takes his nose and moves the dirt and picks his own carrots, eating only the orange and leaves the green behind. Little dogs sure have amazing stamina. I wish Murp could come here for a play date!

  24. our springer was a good 15 pounds overweight after her 1st birthday… the vet opened my eyes to the number of calories in dog treats. Some dog treats (Busy Bone) have enough calories for the entire day! As soon as I switched to carrots & fruit, the pounds fell off her! Funny…. once I discovered the calories in some of my “treats” I was shocked, too!

  25. Hi Tina, I’ve been loving and reading your blog for awhile, but never comment. I love Murphy! He’s so adorable. When you first got him I thought he looked alot like my pug. I have a 2 year old puggy named Winston. We just weighed him at the vets office last week and he tipped the scale at 29.5 pounds. Like Murphy, Winston gets lots of walking time in. The vet mentioned that he is still healthy though, and not overweight! I thought Winston was going to have to go on a diet! his two little puggy playmates also weigh in at 31 and 27 pounds. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 14 pound pug. Although, Winston gets lots of looks from people wondering why he’s such a big boy. He just has a large frame!

    Good luck with the diet. It’s a good thing pugs have lots of energy!

  26. Hey Tina! My boyfriend and I have a 6 1/2 year old beagle (Millie) and have had many encounters with the vet in the past about her losing weight. If anyone knows a beagle, its obvious that losing weight becomes an issue because of their love for food, garbage, non-edible items that smell like food, etc. So long story short, about a year and a half ago we switched her to Nutro light and increased her playtime, dog park visits and long walks and she miraculously lost weight. Nutro light for adults is a really good food and its all natural also. Millie gobbles it up and it keeps her full. Just some advice if you are searching for a new light alternative to Murphy’s diet.

    Love your blog!!! 🙂


  27. Murphy is too adorable!!!
    My boy kitty is 19 pounds. He’s a really long, lean tabby cat but he’s HEFTY! No matter what kind of diet food I give him, he never loses weight. 🙁

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