I’m So Over the Snow, but I Kind of Like Running In It

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It’s the second day of Spring and it snowed this morning. I am so over it. The pug is too. Doesn’t his expression just say it all. Over it.

IMG_0380 (800x800)

Despite the snow, I still had a run planned with my friend Marisa. Pre-run eats: Sweet potato oatmeal with walnuts, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and apple butter.

IMG_0375 (640x480)

We waited until mid-morning to start our run with hopes that the snow would stop, but it never did.

IMG_0383 (800x600)

I wasn’t pumped about running in the snow, but it was actually kind of pretty. And, surprisingly, this run was one of the warmest I’ve done during my marathon training. It was 34 degrees when we finished! Isn’t that nuts?

IMG_0382 (800x600)

Run done! My legs felt tired after Thursday’s 20-miler, but Marisa and I were also running pretty fast (well, fast for me). Even with the snow/slushy conditions and 4 or 5 stops to wait for traffic lights, we still managed a 9:20 pace. That is speedy for me!


Post-run treats: Iced soy latte + blueberry muffin.

IMG_0390 (800x800)

I enjoyed my treats while icing my knees and watching these two guys play with the vacuum. Quinn was quite intrigued by it!

PicMonkey Collage

Lunch was soup followed by a grilled cheese sandwich. Perfect snow day foods!

IMG_0405 (800x600)

Questions of the Day

Do you like running in the snow? Rain? 

When you wait for traffic lights, do you stop your watch or let it run? 

Snow: Over it. Anyone else? 



  1. Ran the Providence St. Pat’s 5K in the snow this morning, no wind so that was nice! Actually wasn’t bad, better than rain I think!

    Over the snow, for sure! Especially since it’s spring!?!

  2. I can’t say I’ve ever run in the snow but I don’t mind the rain, unless it’s the crazy blustery and windy combo kind.

    Oh, I always stop by watch at lights. The only time I don’t stop ever my watch is when I’m running in a race.

  3. I’m actually surprised how much I’ve enjoyed running in the snow. I think the only downer is whenever the snow is slushy and gets into your shoes and gets your wet, which usually ends up in blisters on the sides of my feet. But that happens less than when I’ve gone out in the rain. This was the first winter I attempted to run in either of those conditions since I have a nice path near me for the first time. But for me snow > rain

  4. So over the snow and I’m someone who LOVES it. I’m sick of downtown Boston’s wind tunnels :/ I want it to warm up so I can run by the Charles again!

  5. I notice you ran by Steel & Rye. If you’ve never been – GO! They have a constantly changing, delicious menu with a great drink list. That would be a nice treat after all-the-running!

  6. I love running in the snow, when its falling all soft and pretty! But I am totally over running on the snow-covered trails around home. The slushiness of the snow has been real tricky to run on lately and I am excited to run on the nice trails again!

  7. I’ll run in anything as long as it’s above -20C. My city has received almost 5 meters of snow, so sidewalks have not been a priority. Anyone training for Boston this winteris a Running God! I can run now and the sidewalk bank’s are a couple of feet higher! It’s like running in a maze or tunnel…which is, actually, kind of neat. At lights, I stop the watch and wait. This will sound mean but we chuckle at ‘Jog on the Spot Guy’. Enjoy the break!

  8. So over the snow! I actually do like running and snow and really love running in rain! I think most of my PRs were while it was raining. I love it!

    I usually let my watch run at all times during my workout. Sometimes it’ll auto stop if I’m not moving for a few seconds.

  9. Looks like Q will need his own vacuum soon! Our son loves his vacuum. He pushes it around all over. Your little guy is a cutie!!

  10. I love running in the rain! I’ve run in sleet but haven’t ever run in the falling snow, but I bet it would be fun. I love the peacefulness of falling snow.

  11. I can only imagine how you feel with the snow. I have been waiting for our last pile to melt in Michigan and seeing your picture yesterday made me feel bad. Hopefully warmer temps come your way and it melts quickly!!!!

  12. I opened my South End Patch email yesterday to read about the celebrities running the 2015 Boston marathon”¦and you were one of them!! 🙂

  13. I love running in the snow (if it’s not icy). I’d much rather run cold than hot. I dread it when it’s super hot and humid. You are going to rock your marathon!

  14. I usually let my watch (technically my Fitbit run tracker) keep running at lights, but I’ve always wondered what other runners do. I’ve also only recently stopped including my warm up when tracking my run (rookie move, I know). 🙂

  15. I just woke up this morning to snow here in Chicago. It’s totally white outside and I can barely see any of the buildings! Just last week it was in the high 60s 🙁 I’m hoping this is the last snow I see. I know you’re over it for sure!

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