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Hey, guys!

Phew, it’s been a busy week around here. I’m trying to get ourselves organized before we head out of town on a fun end-of-summer vacation. Clearly, we’re trying to soak up every last minute of summer while it lasts, and I hope you are too!

Ok, let’s get into a few new finds that I am majorly loving this week – a couple of them are high on my wish list for fall. I also stumbled across two short, but sweet blog posts that I found especially helpful that I wanted to share with you -from macros to motherhood, I hope you find something you will love too!

The Hanover Shaw’s facelift (for the local readers) – This was a nice surprise to stumble upon! Check out all of that beautiful fresh produce – and there are a ton of organic products and other favorites throughout the store. I’m so impressed. This Shaws location has come a lonnngggg way from what it once was. Plus, it’s nice to find more of a one-stop shop instead of hitting a few different groceries stores.

And, bonus, there’s a Starbucks inside and it’s on the way home from CrossFit! 😉 CrossFit + iced coffee + grocery shopping? I have a feeling I’ll frequent this location a ton!

Big Brother 20 – While most TV shows are on summer hiatus, Mal and I eagerly look forward to the return of Big Brother during the warm weather months. It’s honestly kinda the highlight of our summer! Is that sad? Yes? No? Mal and I are super fans and have watched Big Brother for years and years now. Any other BB super fans out there? Who do you think is going to win? I’m cheering for Tyler!

Point Sur allover pointelle crewneck sweater – Cutest sweater ever! It comes in dark green, navy, and light pink too – and it’s 25% off with code FLASH!

women's point sur allover pointelle crewneck sweater - women's sweaters

Vanilla Bean Collagen Peptides Powder – You guys know that I LOVE my iced coffee, and I am always experimenting with fun add-ins. Collagen peptides have been in the rotation for a while now, so when I stumbled across this vanilla bean flavor, I knew I had to give it a try. It adds a nice sweetness to my coffee, and I love the ingredients: grass-fed, gluten-free and non-GMO. Plus, I swear collagen is such a great way to improve your hair and nail health. Winner!

What 20g of Protein Toast Looks Like: It’s no secret that I love toast of all kinds – a good quality bread, slice of sweet potato, or rice cake, all serve as a vehicle for tasty toppings! 🙂 When I started experimenting with macro counting, I learned that I was eating a lot of carbs and fat, but my toast creations often lacked protein. I love this blog post from MyFitnessPal because it shows a ton of different ways to build a more balanced and protein-rich toast of your dreams!

Free People Palisades Thermal Shirt – You guys know I can’t dress myself, so I’m lucky to have a husband who helps me out. Mal actually sent me a link to this sweater saying that I should buy it, so you know it’s fashionable! It looks super cozy for fall (and winter) and stylish with the off-the-shoulder look. It’s on sale for $45 right now!

Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee PodsChameleon Cold-Brew has always been one of my favorite brands of coffee. They’re a great company who focus on sustainability and producing high-quality coffee – not to mention it tastes fantastic! I usually buy the cold brew concentrate or ready-to-drink bottles at Whole Foods and Target, but the brand recently sent me some of their cold-brew coffee pods to try. You just add the cold brew pod to 9 ounces of water and steep in the refrigerator overnight. The end result is a super smooth, low acid, and seriously delicious organic cold-brew coffee! It’s actually really bold and strong – just the way I like it! 🙂

Zella Daydream Jacket – I always keep my eyes peeled for great deals at Nordstrom, which is one of my favorite places to shop online. I saw this super cute zip-up jacket on sale for half off at only $44! It comes in 3 different colors, and how adorable is the cozy neck? Need!

Day Dream Jacket, Main, color, Red Hibiscus

Benefits of Traveling with Young Kids Mal and I love to travel, but adjusting to doing so with a little one has taken some time. It can often feel like it’s not even worth the hassle, which is why I loved reading this post about the benefits of traveling with kids.

TOMS Cabrillo Sneakers – After obsessing over these sneakers for months, I finally got them, and they’re everything I wanted and more! Now that the cooler weather is here, I am pumped to wear them – they’re so comfy!

Cabrillo Sneaker, Main, color, Drizzle Grey Chambray Mix

Theo Chocolate Organic Fantasy Flavors – I definitely have a sweet tooth and love finding a small bite that fills my craving. Theo makes some of my favorite chocolate and now they now have a new line with all sorts of fun flavors. They are super rich and delicious, so I just need one square to feel satisfied!

Zella Perforated Duffel Bag – With of our summer travel and lots more on the horizon this fall, I am loving easy-to-pack duffle bags with plenty of room to overpack. This Zella duffle bag is just $44, and I might just need it in my life!

New Perforated Duffel Bag, Alternate, color, Navy Maritime

Question of the Day

Any Big Brother fans out there? Who do you think is going to win? 


  1. LOVE BB – this season has been amazing!!! I’m so conflicting, I don’t want to like Tyler because he’s so sneaky, which is obviously the name of the game, but the other side of the house doesn’t know what they’re doing! I always want a girl to win, but there just wasn’t a strong player this year (and I just don’t like Angela allthat much). It’s my favorite part of summer!!!

    1. Same! I’m kind of routing for Brett too. He seems like he’s having THE BEST time playing this game! And, ya, Angela is such a mean girl!

  2. OMG Tina! I am a huge BB Super Fan and I’m so glad to hear you and Mal watch as well. I get funny looks when I talk about the show but I don’t care. I even got my Brazilian husband (then fiancé) into the show last year so it’s become one of ‘our shows’. Keep up the great blogging; I’ve been following for years!

  3. My husband and I have been watching B.B. from the beginning – now my two teenagers watch with us! I’m Team Tyler all the way. I think he’s playing a great game!

  4. I am vegetarian and wanted to buy the collagen peptides but it was not a veggie source. But taking collagen is awesome for joint pain!!

  5. This might be an odd question but as someone who does not drink coffee or smoothies what can I put the collagen peptides into? I just feel like I would taste or tell they are in plain water. Would they work in flavored carbonated water or no?

    Also thanks for the tip on the Zella jacket. I ordered the navy. I cannot wait to try it on.

    1. It might be kind of weird in water or carbonated water. What about oatmeal, yogurt, or a sauce? It blends fairly well, but there’s definitely a slight taste and texture.

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