IBD Famous: My First Magazine Cover

Happy December, friends!

Today marks the start of the Crohn’s & Colitis Awareness WeekAnd because December kicks off Crohn’s & Colitis Awareness Week, I had the opportunity to appear on the cover of Healthmonitor’s Guide to Living with IBD! Yep, that’s right – I’m IBD famous! 🙂

FYI: The magazine is available in doctor’s offices and you can read the full issue here!

All jokes aside, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my journey with Ulcerative Colitis, including the highs, the lows, and, ultimately, acceptance and healing with the disease.

I remember how confused, distraught, and desperate for information I was when I was first diagnosed, and how alone and “not normal” I felt during flares. I just wanted answers, and I didn’t feel like I had a ton of resources that I could turn to. That’s why I’m so glad that this magazine is being distributed in doctors’ offices – where those who are newly diagnosed are likely to pick it up and give it a read. If sharing my story can help even one person who is experiencing what I felt during those dark times, then it’s worth it.

I’m actually attending a conference this week in New York City related to Ulcerative Colitis, and I can’t wait to dive even deeper and make more connections in the community. Having IBD is not easy, and I’m more than happy to share my experience if it helps others in the same boat. I’ve SO been there, and when I was struggling, one of the things that gave me the most hope was hearing the positive outlooks and journeys of those who had tread this path before me. Now that I’m doing better (*knock on wood*), it’s an absolute privilege to give back and do the same for others! 


  1. Way to go Tina!!! Having been newly diagnosed yet a long time follower of CNC, I have found great comfort in your posts:) 🙂 thank you!

  2. this is so incredible! very proud of you, letting us in throughout your journey and sharing everything you can to help others. you are a rock star!!

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