I Bet You Didn’t Know IX

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Hi, guys!

I haven’t written a “I Bet You Didn’t Know” post since 2014. How is that possible?! It used to be a regular feature on CNC, but somehow I forgot about it. Well, since it’s been nearly 2 years since my last one, I thought it was time for another. If you’re unfamiliar with this blog series, I share random fun facts that you might not know otherwise. Ok, here we go: I Bet You Didn’t Know”¦

I switch my iPhone to airplane mode at night – I read an article that talked about how having your cell phone so close to your head for an extended period of time, night after night, might not be good for your brain. It bugged me out, so now I do it every night.


Speaking of sleep”¦

I sleep with ear plugs – I started using them as a way to dampen Mal and Murphy’s snoring, but now I use them just about every night. (I can still hear Quinn on the monitor.) Similar to the waterfall metaphor in 10% Happier, the earplugs help me visual myself underwater and that silence is so incredibly calming and relaxing, so it puts me right to sleep.

I eat snacks in odd numbers – 3 cookies, 5 crackers, 11 Peanut M&Ms… it feels weird if I don’t!

When counting reps at CrossFit/KFIT, I always could backwards – I like knowing how many reps I have left. Plus, the dwindling numbers are a lot more encouraging!


Instead of turning on the heat upstairs in our house, I use a space heater at my feet in my office – I like to think it saves energy?

I add nutritional yeast to my eggs – I just love the flavor and it adds some extra nutrients, so why not, right? You should try it!


I never update my iPhone or computer and then get annoyed when they don’t work properly – This drives Mal nuts. He’s the exact opposite when it comes to technology.

I haven’t bought diapers or wipes from a store since we discovered Boxed – They make it so easy: Order online (or from the app) and, boom, diapers and wipes are delivered to my front door. It doesn’t get easier than that!

I have a step-sister named Tina and a half sister named Gena – Growing up, spending weekends at my dad’s house was kind of comical.

I drink decaf iced coffee 90% of the time – I switched from the caffeinated stuff a few years ago and then never switched back. I love the flavor and even just the thought of an iced coffee perks me up and puts me in a good mood, so I don’t (usually) need the caffeine.


Never say never, but I think my marathon days are behind me for goodRunning the Boston Marathon last year was easily one of my best days of my life, and I don’t think another marathon experience could ever top it, so I might want it to be my last one.

One of my only regrets in life is not going to school for nutrition – I wish I knew more about what careers were available to me when I applied to college. I didn’t even know was a nutritionist or Registered Dietitian was back then! I looked into going back to school a few times in the past, but it didn’t work out. I still think about it though.

Questions of the Day

What’s one of your biggest regrets in life? 

What’s something you said you’d never do again, but then you did? 

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  1. Sorry to correct you, but a space heater won’t save any energy because they use a lot of electricity. You should rather wear additional socks or turn the heat on medium warmth.

    As a kid I always said that I would be happy to be out of school and never do maths again. Now I’m studying for being a math teacher and I love it ;D

  2. I love iced coffee – especially when I’m driving. I don’t know what it is, but the thought of taking iced coffee on the road with me is exciting and makes driving better! Also, you totally should consider school for nutrition, or even taking classes for interest. I was in the same boat a few years ago – the thought of taking prereqs and giving up my FT job sounded not appealing and exhausting at the same time, but now that its over, I’m so happy I did it! I know there are some programs that are completely online.

  3. Same with going to school to be a nutritionist! I wish I knew about it back then- sometimes I think you shouldn’t be able to pick a career until later in life!!

  4. Aw yay! I love these posts, Tina! I always count backwards with reps and timing things too (by the way- you look awesome in that crossfit pic!). I might be putting my phone on airplane mode now too.. I used to sleep with my phone right under my pillow but now it sits on my bedside table. I think I remember you mentioning your sisters way back. And I wanted to take nutrition classes in college SO BAD but they wouldn’t let me bc I was a journalism major and it wasn’t in my curriculum. boo. You can still go! Do it! <3

  5. If you’re worried about your cell phone being by your head, I would recommend moving it across the room! I started doing that last year and I sleep SO much better now. It’s hard to stay up scrolling through instagram or facebook when I have to get up to get my phone 🙂

  6. Ditto the nutrition class, although I actually did take one in college and still have the book! But I’m with ya! After all my problems getting pregnant, staying pregnant and other minor health problems….I’m totally wishing I’d studied some biochemistry or endocrinology too! I’m so unimpressed with doctor’s (aka pill pushers) these days.
    Have a kid! And so glad I did!
    Great post Tina!

  7. I wish I had gone to school for nutrition as well. I looked into getting a second masters and getting my RD but the cost/time commitment was too much with a baby on the way and all the school loans I already have. I’ve been looking around at online options lately. It’s hard to find time with a toddler though.

  8. I am desperate to run a marathon. Prior to children all of my free time was spend riding horses now that I have children (soon to be three) horses are too expensive. I am hoping to run at least 1/2 marathon and 1 marathon.

    I want to go back to school. My entire outlook on life changed after having children. Currently I am in research, however this takes a lot of time and some travel for work. None of these things are high on my priority list with three under four. Now I want to work with children and the medical field. Perhaps FNP or a NICU nurse. We’ll see. I guess I need to survive the first year or so of babyhood before I’ll have time or energy to go back to school:)

  9. Biggest regret – not choosing a major I enjoyed and a job I am passionate about (still time to change the second part!)

    Something I said I wouldn’t do again but then did – Eat an entire bag of Trader Joe’s sweet and salty popcorn in one day 🙂

  10. I’ve had the same thought about wishing I had known about career opportunities with nutrition when I set out on the college adventure. Now I feel as if I’m too far down my career path to turn around and go back to school.

    For now, I just try and keep myself as educated on nutrition the best I can. It’s led a lot of my friends and coworkers to come to me to ask for nutrition advice and it feels great to be able to help them out!

    Maybe ‘someday’ I’ll find a way to make it back to school.

  11. I am right there with ya about wishing I went into nutrition while in college. I have thought about going back as well but with finances so far it just doesn’t work out, but I am hoping sometime in the future it might !

  12. I’m the same with technology. My husband is always annoyed when I give him something that’s not working right and sees that I have run updates in weeks. Oops!

    I eat snacks in even numbers. If I’m turning up the volume on something and it shows me the volume number, it needs to end in either a 5 or a 0.

    I used to take caffeine pills. I took my last one on May 21, 2013. Some days I still want one, but then I’d break my streak!

    In college, I had a class and there were three Sarah’s. All spelled the same. And two of us had the same last name (but not related). It could get confusing.

  13. I love the snack one because I am the opposite…I have to have those types of treats in an even number. If a mini bag of M&Ms come with an uneven number it makes me sad. LOL

  14. You totally should go back to school if that is your passion! I actually just graduated last fall with something I always wanted too (I’m 30), you can do it too!

  15. I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me recently about going back to school for nutrition- it’s definitely a lot of work so I basically tell them they need to be 100%, that dietetic internship is no joke! I neverrrr update anything either and it drives my husband crazy as well :/

  16. I sleep with ear plugs too!!! It is so calming!
    Don’t ever give up if you think you want to be an RD. I went to school for nutrition but then thought I would never actually become an RD. 4 years later I am registered and couldn’t be happier! It is such a powerful career and there is so much you can do with it!

  17. Tina,

    I have never heard you mention your dad before, and then I realized, i follow your blog, but why should i feel that I know every aspect of your life?

    Random thought…. funny how your blog makes me feel so connected to you, like we are friends:) I think that is the true sign of a great writer:)

    Love you and your blog!

  18. I am the same way with my technology and it bugs my husband so badly! I have a little regret not going to law school, but the graduate school program I picked ended up being a good fit for me so I guess it was all meant to be.

  19. What kind of ear plugs do you use? I used to wear them (snoring hubby) but during they night they would sometimes start hurting and I’m end up taking them out in my sleep and then get woken up by the hubs!

    Biggest regret is not being fit in middle school/high school. I grew up overweight and wish someone had showed me how great it is to be active and fit. I love running now and I would love to go back in time and be on the high school track team.

    I swore I wouldn’t do whole30 again and I did! I also swore I wouldn’t run a half marathon again (back in 2011) and I’m going to run one in May, haha

  20. I like these posts! I also sleep with ear plugs and live them!!

    I have one of the same regrets, school. I also would love to be a nutritionist and had no idea that was a career at the time I went to school so I’m a lame business major!

  21. Now at 40-something, I find myself saying “Youth is wasted on the young.” Knowing how good i feel with regular exercise and clean eating makes me wish I treated my body better in my 20’s.

  22. I can totally relate about marathon days being behind you. I peaked early in my running hobby and qualified for Boston while running my first marathon (despite never having been athletic at all growing up). Running Boston was one of the best experiences of my life, but it was hard to work up the enthusiasm for marathon running after that. At 38, I also find running distances much longer than a half marathon is too hard on my body anyway.

  23. When do you put the nutritional yeast on the eggs? While it’s cooking or once it’s on your plate? I just started using it and it definitely adds some flavor but I’m wondering if I’m using it correctly.

  24. Being a Life Coach, I just recently wrote blog on having no regrets in life.

    I believe that things happen for a reason. Maybe if we had taken another path we wouldn’t have met a certain person or have a situation happen that taught us a life lesson. If I had chosen another career ( I don’t like mine) I wouldn’t have met my husband. My worst boyfriend taught me the BEST lessons about who I was as a person and what I wanted in a partner.

    No regrets, find the lesson.


  25. I never update my phone either haha

    I regret not going into a medical field in college. I chickened out on going to med school, and didn’t really know all the other career options there are. It’s so hard choosing your career at 18!!

  26. Biggest regret is when I lived (rent-free!) in Hawaii for two years I didn’t embrace it and live it up as much as I should have. I missed home and my friends, wasn’t as accepting of how different – and great – it was from the Midwest. I didn’t live in the moment enough and appreciate it as much as I should have.

  27. Wow. I just looked at my boyfriend and said “Omg, it’s a sign” well when I was in college, I didn’t know what a nutritionist was either. I did engineering and worked in that field for the last 4-years. Well in November, our contract ended and I’ve been taking some ‘me’ time ever since. Yesterday, I got my registration letter for the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and am so glad I made the change!!! Reading healthy blogs (your blog was the second I EVER read when I started reading years ago) and changing my lifestyle DEFINITELY switched the direction in life I wanted to take.

    You motivate me, Tina! Thanks for that!

  28. I am an RD and love reading your blog! You would be a great RD – it is a lot of work/school to go back to though!

  29. I love nutritional yeast! So cheesy and delicious. If you ever have the time, my nutrition program at Bauman College offers an 18-30 month distance learning option. It’s totally doable with a lot of other things going in! I was skeptical at first and almost went the traditional RD route, but I’m so glad I didn’t. There are so many things I’ve learned about celiac and autoimmune conditions through my program that are a little outside the box but have made all the difference for me personally.

  30. I add turmeric to my eggs!!! I usually eat all my veggies first and save my meat till last…I set my alarm 30 minutes before I have to get up and press snooze three times to give myself time to wake up!

      1. Well, that’s a fabulously useful masters for the Boston area. Do you think you’ll go back to working at a university after Quinn goes to school full-time? I guess if it’s not your passion though… and this blog and fitness are definitely your passion! I fulfilled my dream job and have accomplished a huge amount since grad school 10 years ago, but now I feel the pull to start something COMPLETELY new! Maybe real estate or a masters in social work. Very different than the arts where I’ve been working. It’s scary to think about starting fresh when you’re older and have a family, but it’s never to late I think! Quinn would only admire you more!

  31. Well I’m happy to see I’m not the only one that would have chosen another career path. It’s such a big decision to make when you are young.

  32. Haha, I am the EXACT same way with technology, and my computer engineer husband always gets mad at me because I’m so horrible about keeping everything up to date and then get mad when they don’t work! I’m glad I’m not alone!

  33. I sleep with earplugs as well! One thing I thought I’d never do again was run a marathon, and here I am 13 marathons later! I am addicted. Sorry to hear that the race might be behind you for good, but I totally understand. We all need to run our own race/distance/do our own sports. Marathons are such a huge time commitment, and they won’t be in my life forever- but for now, I will keep going!

  34. Love the idea of putting your phone on airplane mode at night. I regret not going to the college of my choice initially because I didn’t think I was ready. I think things would’ve been somewhat smoother if I had ha! But live and learn, right?

  35. My biggest regret in life these days is not attending a different college than I did. Do not get my wrong, I have a great job and a great degree from a great college but I never really got the whole college experience and a part of me wishes I would have gotten to experience it more and made a few more college friends. Sorry for the long run on sentence, but I think about it quite often and wonder how things may have turned out. Everything is how it should be, but everyone finds themselves wondering “what if” every now and again.

  36. It’s not a regret, but a “wish I did”thing: had kids earlier. I love them to pieces and wouldn’t change anything. But, i wish I had more energy for them. They love me anyways!

  37. I think about going back to school for nutrition too! It wouldn’t be soon, but I think a few years down the road it may be worth really giving it a try!

  38. I wish that I had gone to medical school after college, like I had always planned. Now, at 33, it’s a lot harder to get the motivation to go back to school! I’m planning to go back now for either PA, PT or medical school (working on deciding…ha). At least I won’t have many prerequisites because my major (and current career) was medical laboratory science.

  39. I would absolutely have majored in Nutrition in college if I knew that was an option. I’ve thought about going back as a second career (was an information systems major and computer programmer back in the day) but i’m going to be 48 years old in May and think i’m too old. I also ran Boston last year, Tina, and totally agree with you – how do you top that experience? For now, my marathon days are over (still love to run though, just not for hours). You look amazing, btw!

  40. Don’t regret too hard about not majoring in nutrition. It wasn’t all thiamine and arginine. There was food service, sanitation license, management, organic chemistry, biochem, government programs, difficult to land unpaid internship, blah blah blah. I tell people that it’s sometimes best just to have nutrition to be a hobby/an interest.

  41. Have you tried taking the online classes from Coursera or Udacity? They are online, from your couch and believe they are mostly free. I know they have some on nutrition. The only catch is they’re not offered all the time.

    I try not to have any regrets (as in, tell myself I don’t have any even though I may) but prefer to call them ‘learning experiences’ and it’s similar to what another reader said: To have tried harder in school to get a better GPA and picked a major more worthwhile. I love my job now but it’s taken me a long time to get where I am. Also would have loved to have done a graduate degree but have determined school is just not for me.

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