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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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This post is brought to you by CuriosityStream.

As you guys probably know, Quinn is obsessed with birds. All kinds. All the time. Well, recently, he’s absolutely loved watching them on CuriosityStream. Like LOVED. Like it was his favorite part of the entire day!

IMG_3985 (1280x1280)

CuriosityStream? I had never heard of it either, but it’s right up our alley. All four three of us (ok, Murphy’s not that interested) are really glad that we discovered it!

IMG_4019 (960x1280)

CuriosityStream is an educational, family-friendly alternative to other streaming services. Their mission is to provide an affordable, ad-free, online destination where the world’s best factual content can be enjoyed on-demand and on any device, including their web app, Roku, Android TV, iOS, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Amazon Kindle, and Apple TV on the way. There are more than 1,500 videos to choose from in the areas of science, technology, civilization, and the human spirit. Quinn especially liked the variety of bird videos, but there are plenty of other nature/animal videos for him to watch too– everything from dinosaurs to elephants and everything in between!


And there’s plenty for the adults too! (FYI: CuriositySteam offers a kid’s mode feature, so you can toggle on/off with your password to keep things kid-friendly.) Mal and I both went straight for the video about Food Science, an area that we’re both especially interested in. Mal actually teaches about food science, franken-food, agri-business, GMOs, and the like, so many of these videos are helpful to his curriculum too. And he’s a huge history buff, so there are tons and tons of titles that caught his attention!


Just to give you an idea, many of the videos we have watched on CuriosityStream remind us of similar food-focused documentaries (i.e. Food, Inc. and Fat Sick & Nearly Dead). The “Genetically Modified Foods” and “Sugar Rush” videos were especially eye-opening!


Ok, back to the birds since Quinn was just enamored with them in these videos.

IMG_3999 (1280x960)

Quite literally! He actually tried to kiss a few of them while watching! Haha!

IMG_4028 (960x1280)

I mean, look at this kid. He’s sooo into the bird videos. They’re high-definition, so they’re appealing to the eye and hold even a toddler’s attention! #pugcreep

IMG_4010 (960x1280)

That little smile kills me. I’m telling ya, he’s a serious bird lover.

IMG_4013 (980x1280)

And the content of these video is really interesting. Quinn and I watched a video called “Bird Brain” that talked all about how birds are able to solve puzzles. (I know, right? Crazy.) The video went into great detail about how they are able to do this and shared a number of examples/experiments. It was fascinating. (I’m pretty sure Quinn is saying “uh oh” to one of the birds in the photo below!)

IMG_4015 (943x1280)

Even though Quinn didn’t comprehend the entirety of the video, he loved watching the birds and seeing them in different environments and new situations. (He was even screeching with delight at times!) The videos are definitely something he can grow into as he gets older and understands more. The nature videos, especially the animals ones, are awesome for toddlers, and I have a feeling they’ll continue to capture Quinn’s attention as he grows older!

IMG_4036 (843x1280)

Does CuriosityStream sound like something your little one would like? If so, you can sign up for a FREE 30-day trial with coupon code cake (and 15% off your first 3 months) when you click here. Be sure to hop on this offer; it’s limited to the first 100 sign ups!

Questions of the Day

How often do you watch educational videos? What are your favorite kinds? What about your kids? How often do they watch and watch are their favorites?




  1. William watches Barney in the morning and that’s it. I’m pretty against screen time but being a single mom, I’ve had to relax a little because it does keep him entertained for a bit so I’m able to get dressed for work. If there is screen time, it must be educational (at this age), so this sounds neat!

  2. What a great concept. Mitch doesn’t watch TV outside of Daniel Tiger’s theme song (his favorite). But he loves animals! This is perfect for the winter months when we can’t visit the zoo!

  3. We watch sesame street in our house right now. My 15 month old seems to get easily bored with it though and is constantly giving me the remote to fast forward to the next segment! I think at this age he’s just more into play than screen time but this looks like something we could get into when he gets older!

  4. im learning about UC in medical school and remembered reading about you and your blog a while back. Id love an update on the remicade!

  5. Such a neat concept! I don’t have kids yet so I’m glad you mentioned there are adult focused programs too. I’m especially interested in any about the effects of sugar since I’m currently trying to significantly cut back on added sugars!

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