How to Get Abs, Bowflex Max Trainer & Changing Macros Based on Activity

Hey, hey! Happy Monday to you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! 🙂

Here’s the most recent episode of Carrots ‘N’ Cake Instagram Live. If you missed the 24 hour replay, it’s shared below for your viewing pleasure. If you have any questions that you’d like for me to answer in the next video, please let me know – either comment below or send me an email or DM on Instagram!


[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”hkw1w0iR” upload-date=”2019-06-13T18:02:27.000Z” name=”How to Get Abs, Bowflex Max Trainer & Changing Macros Based on Activity” description=”How to Get Abs, Bowflex Max Trainer & Changing Macros Based on Activity”]


This week’s Instagram Live covers the following topics:


  1. Hey Tina. I’ve been reading your blog forever and ever and I just wanted to say that I hate that you’ve resorted to just pasting your Instagram live videos into your blog. I’m here to read your blog, not here to sit down and watch a 10 minute video. That’s what Instagram is for, and if I wanted to watch your live video I’d just go watch this exact same video on your insta…..

    Not meant to be malicious or anything, just wanted to give you some feedback. It seems kind of lazy that you have the same exact content on all your platforms now. I’m probably going to take your blog off of my Bloglovin feed soon because your blogging style seems to have changed a lot with mainly Live videos and promoting your macro program, and honestly I miss your old ways!!

    1. Thanks for the feedback about CNC! I’m sorry you’re not a fan of the videos, and I hope you’ll keep reading, but these video posts are the post popular content on CNC (in addition to the Friday 5), so a lot of my readers enjoy them. A lot of people miss the live video on Instagram, and tell me all the time that they appreciate the replay on the blog at their convenience, so it’s not just me being lazy! 😉

      1. I figured you might say that! Makes sense. Can’t make everyone happy I guess. Thanks for the response!

  2. I read the blog posts at work and can’t watch videos at work! I’m so sad to miss this content! Any way to get transcripts? I find myself getting excited over the title of your posts and then bummed out when I can’t want a video to hear about it.

  3. I like that you post the videos. I do an Instagram scroll once (if that) a day. It gives me a chance to come back and watch at my convenience. If it isn’t a good time, I scroll by and there is always next time.

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